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  1. If you say so... I know I didn't mess with the game, and went for the trophies not knowing what was and wasn't available at the time. I'm at least glad that was the only flag I had. So with no real justice in sight I at least could hide it. Not in need of that much recognition really, just don't like the cheat label when I'm not.
  2. Oh well, I guess the just pay for the cheaters in this case. As I said my PS3 was brand new, and never used a USB stick to even just back up my saves until I played Mass Effect 3 and the game crashed while saving, corrupting my 80h game. I even remember my friend's game came with the Key to play online and asking him if I could redeem it because it was about to expire and he agreed, never knowing it would have these consequences 😱 Damn you friend for being a nice person! A person's spotless trophy "career" should amount to something to validate this type of claim.
  3. Well, with no other option I had to hide the game. One more reason to hate MP trophies; they can even cause an unjust flagging Now I finally can see myself at the leader board whose fault was I decided to log in:
  4. This is wrong, I seriously was very new to the trophy ecosystem back then, got the trophy legit. Maybe the game was patched so it worked differently and no longer needed that "feature". But what can you do when you simply "can't be right and there is no way to show a video of you getting it". I hope someday someone is able to prove beyond doubt that maybe when FIFA10 came along the mode was re-enabled for FIFA09 as well.
  5. Thanks! I'll wait and see how the dispute goes, because I really hate being tagged as a cheater when all my trophies are fruit of legit effort.
  6. In that case there should be an option to Remove that trophy from my statics at PSNP. I don't even like FIFA games, I only played it because after buying my PS3 I didn't had money left and a friend lend it to me. I mean if so many ppl are disputing it it means there is some sense to the mode becoming available at some point again. Probably outside the US because I'm from MX. As I said, I tried getting as many of the trophies before I got bored, and when I tried this one the mode was there and didn't even think about being already down at some point. Also, a spotless trophy list should be proof I don't tamper with software/hardware to get trophies, if I can't get them I leave them.
  7. I always wondered why I don't appear at leader boards. I logged to my profile for the first time and saw a flag for "Real World Winner" on FIFA09 because according to the flagger I got it outside the time it was available. Well, when I played the game the mode was available, maybe it worked differently for my region, and at the leader board there is some who got it late as well, so maybe the rule there is wrong. I already placed my dispute. But can't believe that because something as minuscule as that I've been out of the LBs. I hope it gets solved in my favor, looking at all my trophies there is not a single instance of cheating or hacking, always played on unaltered hardware.