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  1. Ty for ur answer, thats exactly who im going to choose.
  2. Hi can anyone tell me if i can start using a dlc character and knock out the rep 5 trophy on my way to the rep 7 trophy?
  3. Hello everyone, i wanted to offer my help with cramped quarters, this isnt as hard as say purewal or alpha omega but can be a little tricky. Just a heads up before the "this is against the rules" people show up, no its not!. There is a topic below mine that my buddy made offering help and it's still up, i just want to give back so feel free to message me here or on psn.
  4. I have done the co-op challenges on both versions of this game numerous times to help ppl and can do the same for anyone willing to help with a few story related trophies on the ps4 and ps3 versions.
  5. Thanks everyone
  6. Hi everyone i just finished the plat and 100 % on the ps3, i was wondering can i do it again on the ps4 for another set of trophies and another plat?
  7. I dont have the time this morning but i would suggest that someone group message all the recent ppl as of last year who earned the trophy and see if one of them is the leader of a team, if so ask if they would be willing to help us and we can create a game session with a time and date to earn the trophy
  8. I lost my og save file and had to play the game from scratch not too long ago when i made that post. Sorry but check out the latest guy to earn that trophy and message him
  9. I no longer have my save data