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  1. llevo mas de 5000 puntos en este juego y no me salgo el trofeo alguna sugerencia?
  2. Thanks
  3. it does not allow me to log in to PSN PROFILES since I have logged in to the forum, it tells me that the account does not exist, some help
  4. yes, I had all the comics, I started to continue with the new game + and in a matter of minutes I got the trophy, thanks for answering
  5. I skip to the minutes after the trophy which is strange to me that the "Scavenger" trophy was obtained before the other collectibles.
  6. I got the "Scavenger" trophy before I got all the artifacts and comics, and now when I got the last comic, I lost my luck and didn't skip the trophy. Any solution? HELPPPP
  7. bug the "Right hand" trophy, only the "Like a boss" trophy appeared. Any solution?
  8. aa ok then trophies are not legitimate, thanks
  9. Traducido por google traductor Is it possible to get 100% before visiting the graves of the fallen? why visit a profile where you get the 100% trophy before others needed to get 100% of the game es posible obtener el 100% antes de visitar las tumbas de los caidos? por que visite un perfil en donde obtiene el trofeo del 100% antes que otros necesarios para obtener el 100% del juego