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  1. If you are talking about ports, then GTA 3 and Vice City allow SOME cheats. But San Andreas disables trophies. Also for the new remaster, cheats are completely blocked off
  2. Ah man, I wanted to use cheats for money. Oh well
  3. I had more than 100 but less than 110 (forgot), and deleted around 10. I wanted to clean up my friends list anyway
  4. I'd just keep going, not like I started trophy hunting because of PSNP or started it with PSNP
  5. Got it! Deleted more friends
  6. That's stupid thankfully they don't disable for Shadow Fall
  7. I had 101 friends, deleted two to make 99 but it still didn't work for me. What should I do? I'm digital btw
  8. What's your in game percentage?
  9. Lmao thanks, I'm gonna try this out
  10. What about PS4?
  11. How the hell do you skip them??
  12. Lucky
  13. Nope even on PS5, shit is shit
  14. Stack I'd stack any GTA game but this one, I heard is unplayable Except GTA IV, the online grind, sheeeeeesh
  15. Nope, underage. Why, have you?