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  1. I'd just keep going, not like I started trophy hunting because of PSNP or started it with PSNP
  2. Got it! Deleted more friends
  3. That's stupid thankfully they don't disable for Shadow Fall
  4. I had 101 friends, deleted two to make 99 but it still didn't work for me. What should I do? I'm digital btw
  5. What's your in game percentage?
  6. Lmao thanks, I'm gonna try this out
  7. What about PS4?
  8. How the hell do you skip them??
  9. Lucky
  10. Nope even on PS5, shit is shit
  11. Stack I'd stack any GTA game but this one, I heard is unplayable Except GTA IV, the online grind, sheeeeeesh
  12. Nope, underage. Why, have you?
  13. I have the PS4 version of this game already and I was wondering should I get the PS3 version? I heard some things about this game being unplayable but did they patch all those issues?
  14. Whenever I try playing the missions Shakespeare in the Park, I am always stuck at a loading screen. I had another PS3 (that one died sadly) and was able to pass that mission and the one after that without it being stuck at a loading screen. I got the game sealed from Walmart and the PS3 doesn't have any issues playing anything else, just this game. What should I do and why does this happen?
  15. Yeah the problem is the bridges and I used the Buzzard Never mind just got it, apparently it's the very buggy one