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  1. Nope, underage. Why, have you?
  2. I have the PS4 version of this game already and I was wondering should I get the PS3 version? I heard some things about this game being unplayable but did they patch all those issues?
  3. Whenever I try playing the missions Shakespeare in the Park, I am always stuck at a loading screen. I had another PS3 (that one died sadly) and was able to pass that mission and the one after that without it being stuck at a loading screen. I got the game sealed from Walmart and the PS3 doesn't have any issues playing anything else, just this game. What should I do and why does this happen?
  4. Yeah the problem is the bridges and I used the Buzzard Never mind just got it, apparently it's the very buggy one
  5. Is the A Close Shave buggy? I finished all the Knife Flights and 49/50 Under the Bridge. I went thru the PowerPyx video three times and I still haven't gotten the last Under the Bridge.
  6. New trophy list? 😏
  7. Yeah and Drake must find a treasure. Kinda like John Wick 2 (I guess)
  8. I agree with you. The gameplay in the new one was okay but it wasn't the God of War I know and love. I just prefer the hack and slash but it does make sense because the new one is more calmer and story driven
  9. Hey man, I just realized that you don't actually recieve the sub with Prime Gaming lol, my bad. A Youtuber said something like that but my friend helped me get the money to buy it
  10. Yesterday I got the Kosatka tho... Weird
  11. How will I know if they respond?
  12. Thank you, do you know if the Kostaka is a property or vehicle?
  13. I tried and it says that I do not own it, even though like I said, yesterday I got it
  14. I linked my Amazon Prime account to my GTA account and it gave me the Kostaka and the $200K yesterday but when I logged on this morning it disappeared. What happened and what should I do?