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  1. A libelous remark! Clearly a man who is envious of OP's imminent easy fighting game platinum and is now spreading calumny in order to prevent him from enjoying the gentle park stroll towards that most facile of honours.
  2. I'd recommend Arcana Heart 3: Love Max, specifically the EU version for the PS3. Check it out! https://psnprofiles.com/session/214236-arcana-heart-3-love-max There's even a guy right there, ready to boost all those easy online trophies with you!! (Who, by the way, has been there for the last 3-4 weeks, searching in vain) Getting these easy online trophies done would allow you to easily obtain the equally easy offline trophies afterwards, thus obtaining your easy fighting game platinum!! When circumstances conspire in such a way to present a fighting game platinum on a silver platter as it were, you owe it to yourself to capitalise upon them!
  3. For anyone still playing this; I recommend unlocking Deathbringer's boss form (I actually can't remember how - maybe beating Arcade on hard mode?), recording his Apocalypse Flame in practice mode, and just practicing the parry like you would a combo trial in another fighting game, it's not that hard compared to the harder trials in even the easier trial games like UMVC3 or SF. Abusing pause or using a metronome or whatever is senseless. Once you get good enough to full parry it somewhat consistently - maybe one out of every five or ten attempts - you're ready to go and should get lucky against him sooner or later since the rest of the battle is relatively straightforward: go full screen and wait for his horse attack, time your jump when he does it and you only have to parry it three times (this should also be practiced a bit in training mode), dash up and grab any time he charges up his Apocalypse Flame to cancel it and only allow him to use it at the end of the battle, use Coyori and air dash over his head if he walks you to the corner since the only way he can potentially damage you (aside from a missed parry on AF) is if he corners you. One of the most overated platinums in my opinion, and the fact that it has so many ultra rare trophies is baffling - YWMTDW!? is a deserved UR, sure, but none of the other trophies are above a 3/10 in difficulty...
  4. FFXIII fails miserably in every respect aside from the graphics, and even while the graphics were technically very impressive for the time, they are quite soulless and sterile in my view. The story follows the usual band of motley misfits trying to stop godlike beings from destroying the world for obscure reasons. The narrative style is severely lacking since a lot of the story is explained through bland text entries that most people (including myself) won't bother to read. I remember being completely uninterested in what was happening during the cutscenes, but still noticed some glaring plotholes that render aspects of the story completely incoherent - maybe they were cleared up in the text entries, but either way it's a failure in the art of storytelling on the part of the writers. The characters on the other hand are far worse than merely bland, derivative or incoherent; they are simply horrid to spend time with and their so called development arcs are the usual cookie cutter after-school-special nonsense that I'm tired to death of. Even by the standards of JRPGs, the dialogue here is dreadful, most of the time the characters cry or complain or speak in overwrought, melodramatic speeches. Snow and Hope are particularly deserving of scorn in this respect. The voice actors didn't have a good script to work with, but they do a poor job nonetheless - except for Sazh whose actor actually had some chops, and Fang whose actor was OK. The above complaints would be forgivable were the gameplay enjoyable, however this in fact was the game's biggest problem. Here we have a game that's stripped away all the satisfying aspects from an RPG, (namely exploration, customising, leveling and collecting) and left behind a shambling husk. Like has been mentioned a million times, the maps are linear; you are running down a ramrod straight corridor for the first 15-20 hours of this game whilst admiring, but of course never interacting with, the background. There are no towns, villages, shops, or people to talk to; all roads lead to the inevitable endless corridor. Thus satisfying aspect number one, exploration, is nonexistent. Meanwhile the combat, while not being the worst aspect of the game, is very poorly designed and only becomes in any way interesting against bosses and the tougher enemies towards the end of the game. To sum it up, doing anything but selecting ''auto battle'' is sub optimal in 99% of cases. You can theoretically select your spells or special attacks to use manually, but this takes too much time and allows the enemies a chance to fight back, so it's much better to simply auto battle and allow the AI (which is quite good) to select the suitable attacks for you - they will use fire attacks against ice enemies and heal if you need healing and so forth. This means that leveling up and obtaining new spells and special abilities is not at all exciting or satisfying, since you never actually use them yourself, rather the AI does, and the animations for all of them look more or less the same. As for the system of leveling itself, it's just as linear and tedious as the corridor that you spend most of the time running through. Each character is assigned 3 classes (paradigms) out of a possible 6, which you must level up manually in the very pretty looking ''Crystarium''. Finally some freedom, right!? Wrong! The Crystarium a prettier but much less interesting or interactive Sphere Grid from FFX. Simply hold X and watch the character power up and learn new skills, you have no freedom to favour one paradigm over another, since the level is capped and you can only progress by passing certain points in the story, and you'll always have enough EXP to reach this cap if you just fight the enemies that you come across naturally. Later in the game all the possible paradigms open up for every character, but again the freedom offered is completely illusory, because the EXP required to power up these secondary paradigms is prohibitively high, so developing them before the primary paradigms would be very suboptimal. Thus our second and third satisfying aspects of 'leveling' and 'customising' fall by the wayside; you have to play the way the developers envisaged, and what they envisaged was very constrictive to the player. The weapon and equipment system in this game is not often mentioned, but I actually think it's one of the game's biggest flaws. Firstly, weapons you pick up in chests or buy in shops are all approximately equal in terms of power; the base equipment that you start with is essentially the same as that which you find in chests towards the end of the game, so there's never any curiosity or anticipation to be felt in opening chests in the hope you'll find a cool new weapon. To access better weapons you must upgrade the base weapons by means of perhaps the most unintelligible upgrade systems I've ever seen in a game. Once you use a guide to explain it, since there's no way you'll ever figure it out on your own, you'll find yourself for some reason adding wolf's teeth, particle accelerators and bull semen to your weapons in order to spiff them up a bit. Where do you get these items? What a stupid question!! You buy them with all that money you grinded for, how exciting! Yet again this mechanic is repetitive and tedious and in no way satisfying. Side missions, superbosses and just the tiniest of scope for exploration were tacked on towards the end, but it's painfully clear that these were an afterthought for the developers: the side missions are simply timed battles, mostly against the regular enemies that you've been encountering throughout the rest of the game, while the superbosses are laughable palette swaps of bosses that you've already fought earlier - don't expect anything cool and original like Ruby Weapon, Ozma, Penance etc. A long post but I won't give a TL;DR, read it if you want to know what it's about you lazy fuck!
  5. I'd definitely recommend Spelunker HD, a great reimagining of a classic! Plus then I'd finally have someone to boost the online with...
  6. One of the main issues with them as I see it is that it isn't clear that a public thread will be created when making the dispute, and a lot of new members to the site who've joined exclusively to appeal against their flags don't seem to realise that their dispute isn't addressed exclusively to mods or cheater removal team. So we have a situation where people create a dispute assuming that everyone who sees it will understand why they've been flagged and what their supposed crime was, and don't bother mentioning why they've been flagged in the OP. It's then impossible for any regular members viewing them to understand the rationale behind the flag, and this leads to pointless and frustrating back and forths. The users who just abuse them to take the moral high ground and post tired memes are also insufferable. Also the line break feature doesn't work properly when making a dispute, leading to so many garbled, barely legible walls of text
  7. The order is fine from what I can tell, and even if a few story trophies were out of order, it still wouldn't necessarily be proof of cheating since this particular game has some of the glitchiest trophy unlocks that I've ever encountered - I remember having to reload my final save and complete the game around 10 times in order to finally unlock the bad ending trophy. It's also worth noting that while people are talking about ultra rare trophies and how this is incongruent with the rest of his list, this game is one of the least troublesome URs out there; it's easy, short, and has no real awkward trophies. I don't really understand why the platinum percentage of this game was so low... Anyway maybe he cheated, maybe he bought it, or maybe he didn't, but what we have here shouldn't really be used as evidence of cheating...
  8. Why should it matter how long ago he did it? He explained why he was doing it, so the time span is irrelevant. To be honest all the accusations in this thread are pretty flimsy and if people were really getting flagged for this back in the day, then those old flags should be looked at. Once the timestamps are possible and there's no other evidence against the person (posting on hacking websites etc), then these flags shouldn't stick. Also it's clear the person who flagged him has an agenda.
  9. Very easily boostable; provided your partner has a copy from the same region you should link up very easily since there's nobody else online. Simply level both characters to 11, then allow one character to win until he's level 14, then win against him. I'm not positive, but I believe it may be faster at this point to start two fresh characters from rank 1 again, and repeat the process again so that the other person gets the trophy. All this takes about 105 matches to do, and since you need to play 100 ranked matches anyway for another trophy, this is the way I'd recommend.
  10. I know it's been already discussed to death, but I'll say it again: This issue needs to be resolved and the flags for these CoD games with hacked lobbies should all be declared null and void. We've known about this problem for years, and yet people are STILL getting flagged and removed from the leaderboard because of something they have no control over. Seriously, what is the rationale here? I can understand neither the mentality behind continuing to punish these people, nor the delay in whitelisting these games...
  11. Yeah I don't see anything wrong here? He got Fly the Coop 7 minutes after Wanted. Now any of the Fly the Coop missions can easily be done in under 5 minutes if you have a really good partner and I remember consistently being around 2:30 on Hangman's Noose when I grinded this all those years ago...
  12. Why is it that so many of these people are listed here but have all their trophies hidden and are not on the main LB? Have they been removed as cheaters or have they simply hidden themselves?
  13. Yep, a new PS3, after having got the 100% on my old one. I already thought of booting up the old one and trying to transfer the data over or simply syncing trophies with it again, but it's unfortunately totally bricked - it doesn't even turn on correctly. Having done a little research on the original LBP, it definitely seems like it used a very unique and rigid save data system that's since been made obsolete, and this is what's causing the problem. So despite the eyesore, I think I'll just ignore it for the time being, since the problem is localised exclusively to my offline PS3, and if ever I change console or whatever it should rectify itself.
  14. I forgot to mention that this particular list seems to be stuck in French - it won't go to German or English or whatever else I set the console language to, even if I delete and reinstall the game data. This is different from any other game as far as I can tell, so I'm thinking my issue may be because of LBP itself, since it seems that the way in which the save data functions is rather peculiar in comparison to most other games. Thanks for the help.
  15. Yeah part of the reason why I posted is because I've never seen or heard of anything like this before; trophies can disappear, but usually synchronising makes them reappear. I'm very curious to see what will happen if I re-earn/superimpose a trophy, I'm fairly confident that it shouldn't mess with the original timestamps, but I have a 9 year old, 100% account so I'm absolutely not going to fuck around with it just to sate my curiosity lol. I might contact Sony if nobody here can help, but there's bound to be someone on here who knows exactly how the system functions - I have faith in the wisdom of the PSNP community!