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  1. how can you import a PS4 save into a PS5 game?
  2. next time don't choose a Supermassive game for speedrun my friend, even though they are my favorite developers, trophy wise it's always a bugfest tbh...
  3. Is there a list of games that will be gone forever after store closure? Like a list of digital only games and digital only DLCs Does such list exists?
  4. I deleted my whole progress (Hitman and Hitman 2) and it does NOT fix the trophy. Full house still bugged. The patch today did not fix it either.
  5. Dartmoor mission stories is bugged here too Does anyone know how to get this trophy to pop?
  6. also note guys: according to IOI: "If a customer purchases a physical copy of Hitman 3 for PS4, they can still upgrade to the PS5 version. While the disc is inserted, access the game library on the PlayStation 5 home dashboard and find Hitman 3. There will be an option to download the PS5 version of the game at no extra cost, but the PS4 disc must still be inserted whenever the game is played." There is NO option to download the PS5 version of the game in the game library currently. They have to fix this.
  7. they said they will announce it on twitter once they fixed the transfer system. Stop trying, obviously it is not working correctly at the moment.
  8. sure I agree. But refreshing the browser and trying every 5 min. won't help, especially when thousands are doing the same. They have some other stuff to work on too, like enabling the promised PS5 version download for PS4 disc owners.... because despite their promise, currently you can't get the PS5 version at all... and they haven't even addressed this issue at all so far
  9. maybe stop overloading the IOI servers guys and let them fix the issue first
  10. thank you, but there is no option in the library to download the PS5 version
  11. I bought the PS4 disc version of the game and I'm playing on PS5. How can I download the PS5 version of the game?