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  1. the flag will stay forever
  2. the order of the trophies isnt correct is impossible obtain perfect knight 2.0 without obtain all the medals of the campaign,ranked challenges and new game plus
  3. All games of batman are completed except batman arkham vr
  4. i have my precious plat of ac origins,my plat 200
  5. @sandra1957a good place for do that trophy is in kibotos arsenal in alexandria
  6. nope,it seems a platinum very easy
  7. for me only exist ac origins
  8. i did these trophy for share play without problems
  9. i have all the platinum of all games minus the batman arkham vr and batman remastered i will do next year
  10. follow this steps and you will be fine,if dont follow this steps your trophies will be flagged
  11. use korvac if you have,is invencible and no one can kill to korvac
  12. Some friends bought it when it was available in the store and they left it, very easy platinum
  13. this trophy pop for me without problems
  14. is strange i dont have any trouble to earn the platinum in ps4,i earn the platinum in september 2016
  15. if you buy this game and you call sony to refund the money in less of 14 days sony give the money of your game