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  1. the walking dead japanese dont have dlc 400 days and i believe that have subs in english
  2. badlands goty is a platinum extremely hard
  3. i believe in ps3 is buy always digital the games of telltale
  4. physical
  5. batman season 1 in ps3 was fine for me and dont find bugs and similars
  6. a glitchy mess is game of thrones ps3 physical,the last chapter was horrific and pure garbage,i recomend you that buy in digital in ps3 and the same advice to play tales from borderlands in ps3,my advice is play that game in ps4 both versions in physical and digital
  7. yes,both batman are fully completed and you can platinum both games
  8. i believe that yes,same that happen with minecraft story mode season 1
  9. back to the future ps3 digital no platinum,in physical ps3 yes and digital ps4 yes both have platinum
  10. do you have progressed in the main story until sequence 3 memory 2
  11. @DarkLordSHTRI have a friend that need your help,can you help him please????
  12. this afternoon I got the platinum of ac rogue remastered, another one for the collection,i am long live the creed
  13. so you are sure that the game is not glitched everything you have to do catch it with character 1 and not with the 2
  14. this trophies pop in the correct moment and dont glitched
  15. is a game very good that you must play yes or yes