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  1. with the gwenpool's bike at first try get the medal gold in this race
  2. the best game of ratalaika and i enjoyed very much
  3. when i see the blackwood crossing in eu region cheap i will buy again for me is an awesome game
  4. for me blackwood crossing is much better
  5. i want now a remastered of ac 1 so i will have all saga ac with platinum and 100%
  6. next week i will go to the cinema for watch avengers endgame woooooooow

    1. CreateToBeGreat


      have fun man, great movie

    2. Rafi_004


      C'mooooon! Probably I will go there on wednesday :)

    3. ee28max


      Good movie. Have fun. :) 

  7. i have 0 crashes while i play that game
  8. today i done the platinum of ac liberation remastered of ps4
  9. no,this trophy isnt story related is very easy loss incredible and got super
  10. there isnt specifics enemys can be whatever enemy that you see in the dlc
  11. is the same action when you recruit the legendary liutenant in the base game
  12. yes better do all mission secondaries and for free the soldiers you can knock out with fists or you can use paralyzing arrows and then near of them press L3 to release them
  13. in the next patch will be fix
  14. the length of the dlc aprox 7 hours and the only missable is conqueror,you have free 8 soldiers of each region of the game
  15. You can also use paralyzing arrows