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  1. once again 100% of the wonderful ac origins
  2. activision and destiny are pure garbage and a lot of shit
  3. i dont find any bug when i play that game
  4. - All Story Missions - All 'Secret Locations' (All Romulus Lairs) - All War Machines (Including that bastard tank mission) - All Templar Agents (Side missions where you assassinate multiplayer characters) - All Mercenary guild missions, Thieves guild missions, and Courtesan guild missions All that, and the Da Vinci DLC missions.
  5. look with attention that all requierements is 100% is sure that something isnt done at 100%
  6. nope,il principe isnt glitched
  7. 100% ac origins again
  8. atacking zegeta 2
  9. the blast shard in infamous 2 are very easy to find with the ability of cole mcgrath
  10. quiet because you can call sony and they will refund the money to you not to spend more than 14 days from the purchase of the game
  11. ea is pure garbage
  12. 4 accounts and 1 controller
  13. yes,i obtain this trophy and i have only one pad of ps4,you only need 4 accounts
  14. no,the rebels are in jails and you have open the door