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  1. I dont understand because people want to sync the trophies very long time,i always sinc my trophies at the moment
  2. Will be amazing and awesome one of the best games of ps plus ever and this game wiil be my next milestone in case that are real
  3. Depends of the game if you play in pc you have advantage with the players of console like overwatch and similar games
  4. My english isnt very good and i see cross buy when is cross play,cross play doesnt matter i play only in ps4 in pc not play
  5. Sorry i read crossbuy and is crossplay
  6. You have advance in the main story and you will see that dlcs
  7. But the trophy pop at least,i do the same that has told in your post and help to my friend and both got the trophy without problem,the most important thing is do in one sitting without turning offthe ps4 and dont travel sanctuary
  8. In spanish store the last dlc now appear as free and i inmediately bought it
  9. In spanish store the last dlc isnt free,appear 14.99 euros
  10. I completed lego marvel avengers in ps4 with dlcs of na version and my account is from spain,my save data dont work in the dlcs but at least completed the game
  11. I have four headset
  12. Street fighter 5
  13. I got both trophies,pandora got 2 days ago and yesterday got promethean,i did alone and in one sitting without turning off ps4 or go to sanctuary
  14. Ten minutes ago i got the trophy of all locations in pandora,i dont travel to sanctuary and i dont close the game and my friend have the trophy too
  15. You can do 4 platinum 2 in disc version Na and Eu and 2 more platinum in digital version Na and Eu