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  1. Fifa 09 is the best videogame ever in the universe
  2. The platinum is obtainable,look in the whole map the little golden point and in someone will find supplies
  3. Just browsing the Far Cry 6 section, noticed you got the Plat and it's also Trophy #20,000!


    Congratulations, impressive ❗

    1. locoporkko


      Thanks like you have look my milestones i like do bigand awesome  games and fc 6 is an awesome game 

  4. At level 14 the trophy will pop
  5. Dont ignore because i ignore an user here and i still see all updates everyday so is false that you can ignore status updates
  6. Story pass is more enough to complete the game and the another two dlc are useless
  7. Yes,works in both ways and for back up you can use a simple memory usb and ps plus cloud
  8. I will buy when cost 9,99 euros or can rent in a videoshop game in my country,at the monent isnt possible rent due to covid 19
  9. All trophies no,many trophies are possible but win in max difficult you need play with more people,i did with randoms in max dificult and got the platinum
  10. Gooooooooottyy
  11. I did 20 manual saves before pop the trophies on ps4 and a save exclusive mission and three or four autosaves and many saves dont use because the trophy pop in ps5
  12. Exactly the same trophies that didnt autopop for me,i have many savedatas and my friend load up in the cloud and one and one did the trophies pop and platinum the game
  13. And for bonus i have got the platinum of ac valhalla in ps5
  14. Yes,will be hackers to sony hackers doesnt care because is more effective this web that sony
  15. I believe that dont count and you must do all locations again,with a guide is very easy