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  1. i am very proud of see me in the long live the creed and be the 1st in the world of obtain the trophy original gamer of ac 3 remastered
  2. i rent lego videogame eu in physical i got the platinum
  3. in ps4 i have too the amulet
  4. i have the amulet if you want add me and i will pass you,i have the amulet in my save cloud you can stay in your inventory for another friends
  5. nope,this trophy is missable if you punch
  6. another level history for my collection awh yeahhhh
  7. with luck,work and the help with my friends i advanced in the platinum of raid ww2 

  8. there are many things that you can do in origins,make secondary missions,main missions and collectables
  9. quick travel locations and batcave and talk to alfred,be patient and you got the trophy because isnt glitched
  10. make exactly that told you aliensteam and you got the trophy
  11. is totally useless buy a turbo controller for obtain that trophy
  12. i have the trophy and i dont have any turbo controller
  13. between 3000-4000 hours
  14. inversion,star ocean last hope international,crypt of the necrodancer and eso tamriel unlimited