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  1. nope,this mission doesnt count for original gamer
  2. the exact dates are not yet known, we will have to wait
  3. yes is very possible
  4. upcoming trophy x3
  5. the update of new firmware is ok i dont have any issue and all was fine
  6. me too,really sucks
  7. the new trophy is live now,the location is in corintia
  8. the best moment of the game was deleted of my hdd after obtain the 100%,a piece of crap like a mountain
  9. finish the story
  10. a solution can be write your configuration in a paper and so you dont forget the distribution of the skill points
  11. that's why do not worry the skill points can be reset when you need or want
  12. 0 euros was a gift of my cousin
  13. 44%,97% and 41% are the porcentage with each character in the game,i have the trophy without problems
  14. for me this game is most dificult than the others games
  15. thanks very much