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  1. ac odyssey here we go,begin the travel with alexios

  2. tomorrow begin my travel to reach the ranking long live the creed,i want begin the 5th or 6th but cant be possible
  3. with friends yes you can play fine but without friends nope,dont try to play
  4. i dont know what the reason for do separate trophy list
  5. yeah in this case the german version are like the na version
  6. lego movie has two plats,one plat in version eu and another in german version
  7. thanks for sharing another list of trophies and is a logical list of trophies for a lego game
  8. i dont remove this game of my ps4 because they added new and free trophies
  9. there are exceptions but usually games triple a have a day patch one
  10. all games have a day patch one
  11. i choose alexios
  12. my platinum 250 th
  13. if you have a friend that have the most wanted bundle you can play with him and so save money and you can obtain the trophies,big score and master plan are necesary for 100%
  14. not easily best with 4 so avoid to enter random