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  1. the option is in the menu of borderlands of ps3,the option is called cross save and is the same for various games like sound shapes,sly cooper thieves in time,motorstorm rc,borderlands 2 and pre sequel
  2. yes but only works in ps4,in ps vita and ps3 dont work
  3. yes mic is must,boosting a game like that is more enjoyable with mic for everything
  4. They'll Neven See It Coming achieved yesterday im very proud after too many tries

  5. the status update like morning or night really sucks,is logic that use this update for something you think you do but not for something like is night or morning
  6. if you play payday you know exactly thay you find in this game and if you play with 3 friends buy the game but you dont have 3 friends avoid the game
  7. yes,is the same is used or new
  8. pes 19 is crap and shit much better detroit become human
  9. this game in ps3 was crap,absolutely crap in episode 4 or 5 i dont remember the game was quite inplayable however in ps4 the game was fine
  10. i dont know in this case warner bros sucks and is crap
  11. square enix is crap and absolutely shit
  12. 27th of this month i will begin raid world war 2,oh jesus christ i dont know if i will survive to this game 😆 i sure with my friends at least platinum the game

  13. down in spain too
  14. only pop trophies of the game that you play,if you choose dont play borderlands 2 you dont have the list of trophies
  15. thanks blindmango the issue with the trophies has gone