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  1. Yes,is a program with two games and allow play like master difficult and you play like npc of the game and the program will win ever,i dont remember the name of the program that i used
  2. With the program computer in ps4 was easy pessy,iam the first in the world in got that trophy
  3. No,isnt possible get a season pass that works
  4. ¿¿¿¿This season pass 2 will have new trophies???? because the answer is no i wont buy
  5. No,all my level history has gone to the trash and my level history actual is a fucking shit
  6. And some dlcs like the missions dlcs of battleborn you cant shared with a friend
  7. No,is not possible share the avatar of your friend
  8. I will not buy any game of plants vs zombies,it isnt much that can i do but these action i can do,dont buy anything of that fucking and stupid company that is the real cancer of the industry
  9. I have the 100% of this absolute masterpiece of game,i buy for 19.99 euros and sell in the same videogame shop for 16 euros
  10. Nobody can obtain trophies in this game of legit form,not even chuck norris
  11. Are hackers
  12. Yes is possible the platinum
  13. No,no and no raid ww2 is the worst of the worst game of all games,a game of ps1 is much better than that fucking shit and a piece of shit
  14. Always abuse of usb,when see the times are correct upload the match at usb is life saver and do it become the two test more easier
  15. I believe that a good work will be combined ps plus more ps now