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  1. Easy peasy all combat rooms can i do with the close eyes,the combat rooms in arkham city are more difficult but in assylum are very easy.My advice is create your combo,do always the same movements and with practice you can do it
  2. Floriiss,Virtualnight,Kratos11911,Hrodfireyeah and Silverpassenger have an awesome profiles
  3. I'll wait to see if they take out a season pass 3 that knowing 2k everything is possible, the fact of taking out the season pass 2 is a joke to consumers and a real theft
  4. Yes,in my city never i see this game,no new or second hand
  5. I play all misions in hardcore and advanced with montana and help me a friend in a few levels that are quite difficult but many levels i did without my friend
  6. Overwatch
  7. That wealth is accesible for second time with the last patch
  8. I have glitched trophies i got the trophy of 6 minutes and then i got the trophy of 10 minutes,dont pop normally the trophy of die with a spike and die with a fragment and the na version of this game for me was fine and the trophies pop normally
  9. Dont play to this game is the worst game ever,avoid like was poison
  10. i deserve long live the creed,yesterday i got the platinum of ac valhalla in 250 hours,my first game was 150 hours and my second game 100 hours
  11. No,i believe that the 2 systems are dead and buried for sony and there arent any sales or deals for both except games of ratalaika that you can play in ps4/ps vita
  12. I am working seriously in the platinum of this game with much sadness i am begin a new match for a bug in a world event that prevent me of the last trophy,so i hope in a 4 days i have my dear platinum and 2 milestones of level and platinum 450
  13. In xtralife is possible buy a season pass for spanish accounts i dont believe that will work in another region accounts
  14. For me the patch 1.04 are fine and i dont have any problem
  15. I do the mission without problems