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  1. No,pvz bfn dont have the shit modes of pvz gw2,so the platinum and 100% is possible
  2. I did the platinum of pvz bfn and i spend 0 euros in dlcs
  3. Lego avengers and dc villains are without doubts my favourite games
  4. The "cristian" games of crapthrough games are without doubts the worst games ever,even the atari games of the last century are better
  5. No,without trophies
  6. No,if you platted the borderlands 2 in ps3 in legit form nobody cant flagged you in borderlands 2 ps4
  7. Ea never free,ea is a real cancer of industry of videogames and one of worst companies in the world
  8. 1st shot with moderna

    1. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      good stuff. i got Pfizer x2

  9. Bullshit this thread is more false than a coin of 3 euros
  10. Just play,play and more play
  11. When you download the dlc the refund is impossible,the refund is possible when you dont download the dlc and been there in 14 days when you buy dlc
  12. No,hives are not the same that drop zones and count every type of drop zones but must be drop zone for the trophy of holding it down and you must choose level 3
  13. Patched when i play to wildlands i play patched and zero problems and i dont have any bugs
  14. Yes is fixed and only i have wait 5 months for fixed
  15. for the bearer standar if you dont get all weaken spot,you can make two weaken spot leave from area until the first section and then come back to standard bearer and again the weaken spot spawnnso is more easy if you fail in enemies