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  1. genji days of blade pure garbage and definitely the worst game ever
  2. try to do this trophy with three friends,not in coop local
  3. child of light and all assassins creed chronicles
  4. valiants hearts
  5. play without doubt is an awesome game,i'll do the same very soon
  6. this game is pure garbage,the best is dont play
  7. easy street of payday the heist done at the first attempt with my three friends,guys are awesome xD

  8. si,siguen abiertos y los trofeos online del ac liberation no son como los otros ac seria mas bien como un online tipo juego de facebook,asi que no juegas con otros jugadores
  9. all dlcs of killing floor 2 are free and you need install the update only and after can play normally
  10. in my case i platinum this awesome game without problems,for me the best game of telltale
  11. far cry 3 is absolutely awesome
  12. the walking dead japanese dont have dlc 400 days and i believe that have subs in english
  13. badlands goty is a platinum extremely hard
  14. i believe in ps3 is buy always digital the games of telltale