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  1. one is in the fortress of oluro and the other is in the fisherman's inlet or castaway cove
  2. the last member of the cult have the axe that you need for the trophy
  3. you have defeat the last cult member
  4. 2,brotherhood and revelations play all games and enjoy them
  5. this map can buy with credit helyx in the store of the game
  6. yes but at the moment no,i believe that with other patch the trophies are available
  7. again 100% ac odyssey,i am Long Live The Creed muahahahahahahahahhahahhaha
  8. yes,i'm wrong is rare this bug in my game was fine without bug and all trophies pop in the correct order
  9. a piece of crap
  10. is necessary finish the epilogue for the trophy
  11. RIP Stan Lee you are the best excelsior
  12. one more trophy of dlc in ac odyssey
  13. this game is the worst of all lego games that i play with difference
  14. my case is the same than octan1979,i buy to evie in the shop but i cant assign in my ship crew
  15. long live the creed