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  1. Make an account in hong kong store and there are many indies sales in many differents sales through the year
  2. knowing where the problem is and having the autosaves that the game does if you see a problem what you have to do is load the oldest autosave and thus solve the problem and also when you know that everything is going well you upload it to the cloud and in the case that you see something wrong you can download it from the cloud and you would start well again There isnt stuff missable with a recent patch,dont worry
  3. Thanks I will make sure that the games of the hdd or ssd are different from the games of the ssd or internal hdd
  4. If you have ps4 and ps5 you can put the same hdd or sdd external in both consoles or you cant do?????
  5. First rank up to level 20 and then make the glitch to rank up to level 30
  6. For me the dlc of krieg are the better of all dlcs only dlc of borderlands 2 tiny tina and the assault on dragon keep is the number one
  7. No,for 100% you need buy two season pass and now is on sale and cost 17.50 euros each one
  8. No,the dlcs are free and both are in the game of psn+
  9. Buy a psn card in vidaplayer,playasia or similar web and assunt resolved,i never put my credit or debit card in psn since the hacking massive years ago
  10. Payo?!
  11. And for the trophy of revive to your buddy need 3 people too
  12. Only you need do a drinking game for got a clue for reveal the identity of a member of the order,the drinking game is located at ledecestrire.
  13. you need buy standard edition plus arkham bundle for all dlcs and batman arkham city goty edition in ps3 dont exist
  14. you can buy psn cards in playasia which is a safe and trust web for buy games that you want so isnt necessary have a credit card japanese
  15. Is due a patch,when i play the game happens the same the stage of last boss was different to others people in vids