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  1. for me the last challenge was raven the more esay than the other two
  2. your ps5 wiil not banned so dont worry for nothing
  3. No,there are any problem with hackers so you can play without worries
  4. i help a quite friends to kill a chubby and only in one time drop a dva infinity and the other 8 or 9 times dont drop anything useful
  5. i did the trophy with a siren at level 2 and only an enemy phase locked 100 times,the trophy pop without problems
  6. in the release of every lego are bugued as hell because that i will play in a few months
  7. yes,vinland,asgard,jotunheim,norway and england are included in the trophy the isle of skye dont
  8. yes,i do the same process in ps4 and work without problem,in ps5 i dont know if work at 3 attempt because i dont have the ps5
  9. no,you can do these trophy in 10 minutes,you kill to objective and you suicide or let the enemies kill you and you do this process two times more and the trophy wiil pop without problems
  10. i will pay 0 euros for this big pile of shit
  11. I have again 100%in ac valhalla on both consoles ps4 and ps5
  12. yes,if you begin match with other character chubby bones spawn with level 12
  13. yes,you can play with your friend i dont know if the trophies will pop for both
  14. yes
  15. yes,you can play whole game without coop but for you need play coop for some trophies