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  1. For those of you who pre-ordered the disc copy in the USA, how did you get your Pre-Udder DLC code? I saw some unboxing videos from overseas and I see they have a little slip in the case that has the DLC code, but my Bestbuy pre-order had no slip with a code inside, nor did they send me any sort e-mail with the DLC code.
  2. Thanks. I managed to get them both in the same playthrough. I put together a spreadsheet of which characters collect which cards in which chapters to make sure that at least one card was collected by someone each chapter. I was able to kill off Jacob underwater in the third chapter by having Abi collect her Chapter 6 card moments before she was killed off.
  3. Is it possible to do Hackett's Quarry Massacre and Hard Pass in the same playthrough? I misunderstood the roadmap and missed the fact that I needed to turn down Eliza at the end of each chapter. I thought Hard Pass was like Forewarned and Forearmed in that I only needed to turn down a reading once, not every single chapter. As I result, my first playthrough keeping everyone alive, killing off all the Hacketts, and doing Decked Out didn't pop Hard Pass when I replayed the last two chapters to get Should've Gone to the Motel and turned down my Chapter 9 reading. As I had been having her tell my future at the end of every chapter since the beginning, I will need to start from the Prologue and play through the entire game from scratch to get Hard Pass. I know that if I am going for Hackett's Quarry Massacre, I will be unable to get Meddling Kids on the same run, so I will have to do Meddling Kids during my Blood Pact playthrough. Therefore, would it be possible to at least combine Hackett's Quarry Massacre with Hard Pass?
  4. I bought this game years ago but hadn't yet popped it in and started playing it. Now that they've given us three days notice that the servers are going down on the 30th, I'm wondering if I have enough time to start the game up and get the online trophies out of the way. The offline ones I can get in the months to come, but I want to make sure I have enough time after work over the next couple of days to manage to get the online ones so I don't lock out my plat on this.
  5. I'm confused then. I thought the online trophies were to level your rank to 30 (what's this about gears?) and to get those tags. If you can do these things during the campaign, why is online a requirement?
  6. My problem is that, after getting home from work, I have about five to six hours per night that I can dedicate to this before I have to get to bed. If I do the campaign first, that won't leave much time to do the online stuff before the server (possibly) goes down. Yet, if I do the online stuff first, then it will almost double the playtime required? Ugh.
  7. I was informed of it via this news article, but whether there is official confirmation or not doesn't change the fact that there is enough talk about it going down to make it a reasonable possibility, and I'd rather be safe than sorry. If I get the trophies now and the servers don't go down, then no harm no foul. But if chalk it up to being just a rumor and don't get them, and then the servers do go down, then I'm out of luck. I would say a merge isn't required as I'm asking a very specific question that is not answered in the other threads. This thread isn't about the server going down, but about how many hours it takes to get the online trophies alone. The other threads mention how long it may take to get the platinum, but gives no definite number on just the online trophies. What is this idle turbo method you speak of?
  8. I hope this applies to the USA physical edition as well.
  9. Simply leave the game before the in-game date change and back up your save to the cloud or USB. Go into the game after the day changes and if it's not the rival you want, don't talk to them, just immediately exit the game via the PS button and it will change to someone else the next time you go in. If somehow you screw it up, restore your save and try again. The fishing guy was the first revenge VS character I faced because I shut down/restarted about a dozen times to get him to appear first. If you face him and are about to lose the match, hold down the PS button and quit the game and the next time you go in, it will be the same VS character because it saved that that is who you are facing that day and will let you start the match over again from scratch.
  10. The course doesn't factor in at all; it's entirely rank and the Condor conditions. It's only a coincidence that they will appear when you unlock Imperial Gardens only because that course just happens to unlock with Special Rank, but the course has nothing to do with the VS characters actually appearing themselves. I unlocked, played against, and defeated Hassan on the Imperial Gardens course before I even unlocked Vortex Valley.
  11. That is exactly what it is. Eve and Melissa won't challenge you until you reach Special (7) Rank. I met the requirements to unlock them before defeating Adam and they didn't appear until after I beat the game and then got one more condor, then they both popped.
  12. Is there a good time of day to play if you're looking to find and copy a glitched character? I ran around the beach, and other places, quite a bit last night looking for one and no dice. Like others, I even tried copying the invisible character from the Hole 1 ranking list, but he stops being glitched once copied.
  13. I haven't tried it myself, but what if you used the PS4's Remote Play ability to remote into your PS5? Technically, you should be able to use a PS4 controller to play a PS5 game by going through the PS4, right?
  14. Anyone else having a problem getting cousins to show up in the game to be rolled up? Like, I'll go to the location where Marcy is supposed to appear on Make A Star 1 and she's not there. She's already hanging out on the mushroom planet with the other cousins, though. But I know I never rolled her up because she's missing from my objects Living Room list. Edit: Of course I find my answer after I post... Apparently you have to complete the game before they'll appear. Been so long since I played the first one on the PS2.