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  1. I added you to the psn just to show you the video of what I'm doing and you tell me please
  2. yes thank you, I tried but do I have to wait until the bus has finished loading to get the trophy, I don't understand?
  3. Do you know how to do it because I watched a video and the trophy does not unlock? Thank you very much.
  4. Wha....
  5. It’s the same
  6. I have unlock the trophy win and lose but the others Can’t unlock ...
  7. Thanks is for my friend : elkerian_v14
  8. Kick a people please i Want to join for the trophy ☺️
  9. Thank you men, i have a Ford mustang ans i dont have This ?
  10. Please What is a trophy swappin i dont understand 😒
  11. I sent an invite un Your crew jaia2442 im eldabloo_v14 I send an invite im eldiabloo_v14 Thank you 😊