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  1. I know the post is old, but I'll leave it registered here what i did: - Finish the Chapter 3 [this will unlock Mission Mode]; - Finish with success one of the missions available in Mission Mode, and this will unlock Cross-Quest Mode.
  2. Thank you very much for the explanation. I didn't realize that the digital version already came with the online pass. Thank you!
  3. As the title suggests: Do I need an online pass to get the platinum of this game? The servers are still running? I was thinking of buying a used copy.
  4. Hitman Absolution [PS3 edition]. Since the servers were shut down, platinum has become impossible.
  5. I took my last ps3 game in early 2019. Lollipop Chainsaw [Asian version].
  6. This can be done with most characters [if not, with all]. For example, let's use Shiryu: With 2 or 3 bars of cosmo already full, Start the simple combo with . At the end of the combo, when the opponent "flies away," press + and your character goes after him and can continue the combo in the air. Keep the combo only with the . Before it finish, press + again to continue. Do this while you have cosmo bars or when you are satisfied with the amount of the combo.
  7. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  8. It worked perfectly with me. NA version of the game. Thanks for the tip! 😃
  9. I used the tips in this video from youtube to get the trophy (solo). Rogue Trooper Redux - Long Haul Stronghold Trophy (solo) Some tips: -The secondary weapon of choice is the mortar to which you can kill / destroy almost anything from one to three hits [use it a lot]; - Friendly fire [OFF]; -You can "push" the GI that you must protect to a corner. -The Stick Grenades only explode in contact with enemies, leave several in their path; -Micro-mines also help. Same strategy as Stick Grenades; -With enemies close by, don't get too close to the Gi you must protect, as it will rain grenades at your position. - In the video example, in the position next to the GI, you will have refills for: mortar, stick grenades, sniper ammo and life. - Watch out for an enemy sniper who appears in a certain position and at a certain time during the match. He can kill the GI with a single shot. I hope this tips can help you guys. 🙂
  10. No, some people do not know that there are walkthroughs on youtube, just saying.
  11. Ever tried searching for walkthroughs on youtube like this one? God of War 3 - Chaos Mode - No Damage - 1/14