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  1. Platinum 100: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End The big 100! I thought a lot about what which game I wanted to be my milestone but going with a true Playstation 4 classic made a lot of sense. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was my first Playstation 3 game in 2010 and even though I've changed accounts since then it was still my first experience with trophies. I've played Uncharted 4 before in 2017 and for some reason it didn't fully impress me. Don't get me wrong I still loved the choices they made in the story and the game was beautiful but the gameplay formula got a bit stale for me. But, after I played Lost Legacy last year which I thoroughly enjoyed (and weirdly is my favorite Uncharted now) I was interested in replaying this game again to see how I feel about it now. Now playing in 2021 I can't believe how much I actually missed these characters. Naughty Dog spends a lot of time to fill in backstories and add additional optional conversations that flesh out the story and the game is better for it. A lot of the set pieces are amazing and the locations are great as always but I still felt that the shooting gameplay and even some of the platforming got stale quick and in this department with the long length the game actually suffers. With Lost Legacy I never lost interest because it's more bite sized and although I do agree that Uncharted 4 needed a longer length to fully tell it's story, I still hope that if they continue the franchise that the installments are more bite sized also. Apart from the length I absolutely enjoyed my time with the game again and it's definitely a game worthy of my 100 platinum milestone.
  2. Platinum 99: Everybody's Gone to the Rapture I already played this in 2016 but the game stayed with me and with the pandemic still going on it was the perfect time to revisit it. The game is still undeniably beatifull and I love the eerie vibe you get when wandering the countryside and desolate homes of people who once lived ordinary lives. Since I already knew the story finding out what happened wasn't my main concern this time but just being in village again still made it worthwhile. I do wish however that they did something about the movement speed, even with the 'sprint' button it's incredibly slow and annoyingly something about how you move made me motion sick wich I almost never have with games. Next platinum is the big 100 but I still haven't decided which game it's gonna be..
  3. Platinum 96: No Man's Sky When I started No Man's Sky I never thought that I would get the platinum. Not because it's hard, survival games just never clicked with me. But this game has always been alluring to me right from the time that they announced it and now with countless updates later it's just terrific. Still you have to set your expectations correctly. Yes the universe is endless but can also be empty and lifeless, untill you find a world that seems made for you. Also small point, you need to get off your first planet. The game actually holds your hand pretty well through the beginning with quests and tutorials to learn you the basics but I still had to Google a lot to advance. The trophies actually help a lot for you to learn further. The trophies have different categories corresponding to activities like speaking to aliens, shooting other ships, earning money and finding fauna which all help to advance your knowledge of the game. By going through the list you might find things you enjoy the most which for me was mining asteroids in space for precious metals and occasionally shooting hostile ships out of orbit. I still haven't gone to the center of the universe, and I might never will, but I really enjoyed my time in it nonetheless. Platinum 97: Telling Lies Great game that I won't tell a lot about because of spoilers but it's a great concept for a game and doesn't over stay it's welcome.
  4. Platinum 91: Concrete Genie Cool game that many will platinum now that it's on Plus. For a studio that previously only did Entwined, Pixelopus certainly did something special. Denska looks amazing and it only gets better as the city opens up and more of your abilities unlock. The final collectible hunt wasn't all that fun but the rest of the trophy list is very creative so I won't hold that against it. Pixelopus as a first party Sony developer isn't mentioned a lot but I'm interested in what they do next since they show a lot of potential. Platinum 92: Afterparty I wanted to pick Afterparty up since it's release but it took a sale for me to finally get it. I liked Oxenfree but it wasn't entirely my vibe but this game is much more my style. Night School Studio once again picked a great art style and the game is genuinely funny at times with a stellar voice cast. It does weirdly has a lot of slow down and long loading times for a game that's not very graphically intensive. Gameplay wise it's off course all about the story but does have some skill based trophies that I had to reply a couple times and a part of a second playthrough is needed. All in all I had a great time with the game.
  5. Nice I just gave feedback. Last few times the Recently Played section just showed random games of my library instead of the recent three titles.
  6. Platinum 90: Horizon Zero Dawn I can gladly say that I'm now also in the camp of people who absolutely enjoy this game. I played and finished the story in the first month of it's release and I enjoyed it but it never really grabbed me. Years later I decided to go back to it and see if my feelings changed and luckily they did. In the beginning I rushed though it since I still knew the story quite well but after awhile I decided to slow down and just take in the beautiful world that Guerilla Games created. The machines are all super well designed and each have a function in the world itself. The last time I didn't have the ability to call a mount anytime and now it was the first one I was going for which made the traversal way easier. I did play a bit of the dlc and it's great so far but I will take a small break for now after the many hours spent this past week. I'm glad that I went back to Horizon and I'm super exited for the sequel: Forbidden West.
  7. Platinum 89: Sly 3 And that concludes the trilogy once again. I completed the Sly HD collection before on a different profile but every few years the mood to play Sly strikes again and I'm back. I took a month break after the first two games and it really helped my enjoyment of the third game. For the first time I might even say that the third is the best in the trilogy. I like always liked the first the most because it's tight and all about collecting bottles and something about the simplicity of only playing as Sly is enjoyable to me. But it's clear that they attempted a lot with the third game and for the most part they succeeded. It has a large cast of characters that are all playable, although the controls can get a bit wonky sometimes. The locations are more varied than 2 and the missions are also better. The coolest thing is how they structure the story and how it builds to one large conclusion in the end. The inclusion of a challenge mode is a bit unnecessary, you need to complete certain sections or bosses with less health or in in a time limit. They are mostly easy but doing these after you just did them in the story adds very little except more play time for a platformer that already was quite long to begin with.
  8. Not dying but in Yakuza 0 there is a missable where you have to get hit by Reina's bottle attack. For that you have to actually miss the qte event that occurs in a boss fight. Games have programmed my brain in such a way that if a quick time event pops up I instantly try to press it so in this instance I missed the trophy for actually doing what you are normally supposed to do.
  9. Platinum 87: Black the Fall Black the Fall is a game that is heavily inspired by Playdead but sadly falls short in comparison. It gave me Inside vibes, mostly because of the visuals, but it doesn't have a lot to say. It is weird cause there are some puzzles in it that work really well especially in the beginning but then it pads out the rest of the game with long walking and platforming sections that are quite boring. It took me about three hours which isn't long but I would say that it would be better if they focused on one hour of solid gameplay and just cut out all the parts that don't add a lot. Platinum: 88: Arcade Game Series: Pac-Man I grew up with the PlayStation 2 which means that I'm not all that familiar with the original arcade games. I'm familiar with the stories but actually playing is different. Although I do have a deep love for Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, I only played the original once on an original cabinet in a museum. This didn't stop me to think that it was gonna be easy.. And well, I had a really hard time with Pac-Man. It's almost laughable how hard at one point I rage quitted and didn't play for three months. The culprit was the trophy Om Nom Nom where you have to eat all ghost for times and two fruits in one single round. Even with using the save exploit it was simply to hard for me. But I decided that it was time to get back to it and instead of using strategies of other people I eventually decided to wing it and it weirdly helped. At first I thought I got the trophy but I forgot to eat one fruit and in almost decided to rage quit again but the try after that everything went right. Now that this is finished I will eventually start the rest of the Arcade Game Series but I can't imagine they will go very smoothly for me.
  10. Kinda went through a time where no game really grabbed me the past two months but I decided to go through some quick experiences to get in the groove again. Platinum 81: Raging Loop Currently my fastest platinum, so no I didn't read through it all of it. It became a weird puzzle for me to unlock the complete timeline of the story with all the different endings. I'm probably gonna go back to this one cause I really liked the style of the game. Platinum 82 & 86: Root Letter and Root Letter Last Answer I did really like these games (otherwise I wouldn't have played the expanded edition) but technically it was really rough. With both games I experienced game breaking bugs that resulted in hours of lost progress. With better save management I got through it but it did hamper my enjoyment of these games quite a bit. Platinum 83 & 84: Steins Gate 0 & Chaos Child & Both excellent visual novels, all I can say is that if you are on the fence then just try them. Platinum 85: Super Night Riders Man this one blew up in my face. I bought it in the sale for cheap and thought that it was a fast platinum, which it would've been if I was actually good at it. It's a simple arcade style game where you are on a bike and have to dodge other drivers. The key is that in the corners the drivers are hard to spot and some stages (a lot of them) are in the dark which makes it even harder. The trick is to actually keep tapping the gas button so you can make the corners more easily but it kept being a challenge. So yes, in the end it took me about 8 hours to complete it which is not fast at all. Although I did enjoyed my time with it and it became addicted for some time but I'm happy that this curse has lifted.
  11. The original creator Michel Ancel left the project (and the entire game industry) last year to work on a wildlife sanctuary. Side tangent, apparently the game Wild was still in development which is weird to think about. I do think that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is still coming out but all we've seen so far are trailers that yes look amazing, but also have shown no gameplay. To me it seems like a project that they like to show to get people exited but they don't show any urgency to complete it.
  12. On Exophase it says that it took 43 hours for me to 100% it. I found Gravity Rush 2 more tedious than the first but after the story was finished it went pretty quick. I do remember watching video guides for a lot of the trophies which made it way quicker, especially for finding people that you need to photograph with your camera. The dlc is great but I also recommend a video guide for the collectibles since they can be easy to miss.
  13. Platinum 73: Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King Great collection of two classic games that I mainly know from speedruns on Games Done Quick. I used the cheat and playback modes to get the trophies (I know: BOOOOH) but I really enjoyed experiencing these titles in a way I hadn’t before. The presentation of the collection itself is superb and to have all the different versions in one package is cool. And on a weird side note, the trophy images are great and since it’s now my fastest platinum this cool image of Rafiki holding Simba will be on my milestones for quite a while. Platinum 74: Night in the Woods It finally happened! I completed Night in the Woods 6 months ago but one trophy where you need to get all the Sticky notes (collectibles) didn’t pop even after hours of replaying certain sections. With the help of a fellow hunter (if you have trouble with this trophy look in the forums of this game and you will see the thread) it unlocked yesterday. Night in the Woods follows Mae who returns to the small town where she grew up after quitting college. You make choices as her and decide with which of your childhood friends you want to spend more time with but for the platinum you need to play the game 2.5 times to see everthing it has to offer. Characters like Bea, Gregg and Angus are all well realized and the the stories this game tells are very captivating. It would have been a pretty standard (but great) walking sim/visual novel type game if it had only the story but they also packed in lots of other features. You can go stargazing, play an entire rogue like, play Guitar (Bass) Hero, help a friend win a poetry contest and lots of other neat activities that help realize the town and the citizens living in it. It took me some time to get into but even after all the trouble I had to get the platinum, I can’t help to conclude that I absolutely adored the time I spent with Night in the Woods.
  14. I have no idea how but I did exactly as you said and it finally popped. It must have been a glitch or something since Im pretty sure I got those sketches multiple times but it worked the both of us now so who knows. Thank you for getting back to me I really appreciate it.
  15. Platinum 71: Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late(cl-r) I got the platinum for the previous version of Under Night and it was time for the the most recent version. The trophy list is completely identical which is a slight bummer but it was cool to see that I went through the list much faster than the last time. The challenges were no problem at all this time and the hardest difficulty was also very doable. When you just start fighting games it's hard to notice that you're improving but there is a large difference between now and even two months ago. Late(cl-r) also brings a new character named Londrekia and he was a joy to play. I didn't play online this time so I don't know how annoying his ice powers are against other players but in the single player it's great. Platinum 72: Skyscrappers Played it because it was part of Playstation Now. The concept is cool: part platformer and part fighting game but ultimately fails to leave a mark.