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  1. I'm honestly stil very exited. I got a lot of it spoiled but im gonna give them the benefit of the doubt and see how it fits together as a whole. I'm okay with not liking the direction personally as long as it thematically fits. I love the gameplay of the first one so as long as that still solid then I'm happy.
  2. I went through the game twice to get the trophies related to Gregg and Bea and after that I did two partial playthroughs to get the remaining heads in Greggs missions and expected Seriously to pop there but it hasn't. I cross checked all the extra activities related to sketches and so far I think I've done all of them. Are there any sketches that are not well known or can glitch if you are not careful? I really came to love this game and would the platinum but I don't know how to continue at this point.
  3. I'm conflicted about, I would love more content but the 100% did take a huge toll already. At this point I would be fine with no trophies until Darkest Dungeon 2.
  4. Kingdoms Hearts Re Chains of Memories. I still need to start it.
  5. Definitely Bioschock, I need to go back into those games.
  6. Thank you so much for your reply, I finally did it! I couldnt havent done it without your virtue tip cause it never seemed to work before I tried it your way. First I tried to do it with Flagelant but I had major trouble with skeletons so eventually I did it with shieldbraker - shieldbraker. My jester got killed around the 200 mark to a terrible shambler fight so it got a bit rough but luckily I survived another 100 kills. Thanks again and I’m so happy to be done with the color of madness. Now onward to the rest of my Stygian run...
  7. I'm currently having a hard time to get to 300 kills. I'm doing very well until the sleeper boss and after that the heart attack parade starts and I can't get past 80 kills. I believe I need to get all my characters virtues before the sleeper boss but how exactly do I do this? I have the tentacle idol for the virtue buff and I'm going for the hero ring but beyond that I'm lost, I've only managed to get one virtues so far. My current party is alternating between Vestal - Jester - Shieldbraker - Leper and Vestel - Jester - Shieldbraker - Shieldbraker. Your help is greatly appreciated.