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  1. Hi all, My deepest apologize on my absence. Sometime in the first week or 2 of June, my personal life took a wild flip upside down. I had some family member who decided to spread a nasty lie about me to other family and personal friends. They even went so far as to take down some of my co-workers on linked in and spread the hate around my work as well. It had gotten so bad that even though I had the proof that the actions I was being accused of were false, it was just easier for people to run with the crowd so to speak and believe the lies then to listen to me or my wife. All of this hurt me pretty bad and put me in a very dark place. I was never one to let what others thought of me get to me in any, some how this all did. It might have been the complete ostracizing from my family and friends that let me to a place I didn't want to be, but I was there and it took a long time to climb my way out of it. I don't think I am still out of it yet, though I am trying and working on it everyday. I haven't even felt like gaming in a long time, the most I would do is turn on my PS4 to veg in the dark to anime, netflix and you tube. Now please note I am not telling you all this as I am looking for sympathy or validation of any kind. I just wanted to be honest with you all about my absence and thanks to help of one my few friends who stuck by myside though out all it, he helped me realize it time to talk about it and to stop blaming myself for letting it happen. Though out all of this I had did not let @Arethien know about my absence and for this I am deeply sorry and I hope you will accept my apology @Arethien. Part of being a partner hosting any event is good communication and I failed on that part. Some people in other events who know my usual level of activity on the forums and then sudden lack of it had reached out to me, and please understand no one should feel in anyway obligated to reach out someone they only really know on an online forum. That being said this community (psnprofile forums) has a lot of great people who strive every year to bring understand and awareness to both mental and social issues. Many of them are very approachable and if anyone has concern about someone they talk to on here disappearing or mentioning things I know that they would prefer that if you are too weary or don't think it is your place to reach out to another forum member, can ask them for help. Most will reach out in your place and just check in with a private message if that is something you feel uncomfortable doing yourself. Again no one should feel obligated to do anything, or reach out to anyone unless you feel comfortable doing so. Thanks all for your time and hopefully your understanding, I am going to try to be more active on here or at least check in every few days or so. Not sure if I will very game active though I still don't know if I am ready to jump back into life as if nothing happened or at least as if what happened doesn't bother me. I hope all is well with everyone else and I look forward to ready your gaming updates. Thanks, Spinacheq
  2. Going to do a personal update for myself as I realized I haven't on here in awhile. Life is Strange - PS4 - Completed and Platinum - This was a better game then I initially excepted it to be. I had heard mixed reviews going into it and while the story was good, and the ability to replay your choices right away to see the immediate differences/ outcomes is nice, I found out pretty fast that ultimately those choices you made didn't effect the main story all that much. Which I found a little sad, I was hoping for replay value of super good or super evil (jerk) character. Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout - PS4 - Completed and Platinum - This was a fun laid back rpg that basically took me the last 2 weeks of april and the first two-ish of May to complete. I could have done it faster, just wasn't into speed running it. It was nice to have a laid back can't really miss any trophies and still enjoy the story game. The music was nice, the story not bad, I could kinda see where they were taking it about halfway through which wasn't bad. Dragon Fantasy Book 2: PS3 - Completed and platinum - This was not on my list like the other 2, I needed a another rpg that was a uncommon level platinum for another event. And since I had played the first one a year or 2 ago I decided to go to this one. Fun, retro style (snes level 16 bit graphics), with old school music and just a good time reliving my old snes rpg days, with out having to actually having to get the snes out and hook it up to my CRT from college. If you can find the series on sale I recommend giving it a try if you are an old school gamer like me. Now those 3 are the only ones I am turning in for points as I did play a few other things but none of them were long enough to even come close to qualifying for points. Stories Untold - ps4 - completed - very short 4 episode horrorish game. The idea was good, and solid but I think it needed a little more work, it was an indie studio so I don't feel cheated on how much I spent (not much got it on halloween sale last year). The real let down was the controls weren't the greatest in the episode were it wasn't text based adventure. The story decent but way to predictable if you paid attention. This game had no platinum and whole thing only took me 2.5 hours to fully complete even with missable trophies. Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire Green and Blue versions - PS4 - both complete and platinumed - These were games I picked up cheap for easy platinums and gold trophies for another event. Not hard games kinda boring and like I said needed them for another event. Each one didn't take me long in total to complete though it looks like longer on my profile since they were easy to pick up and put down when I only had 30 or minutes to play inbetween meetings or projects for work. Burnout Paradise - PS3 - FInished off the remaining trophies in the DLC that I could possibly get without cheating and with the servers being shut down. Only 1 of the DLC was able to be completed fully the party pack DLC for which I had to buy a German copy of the Ultimate box of the game to get it. No story just playing as a party of people locally. Once I got the disc took less than 3 hours to complete it. I was luck enough that the Original copy bare bones disc I still had allowed me to order the big island DLC from in game, something GoTY edition one I picked up for 5 bucks to see what DLC it had available, and the Ultimate Box wouldn't allow even after I made a german PSN account. Cost me probably 24 to 30 bucks but I was able to get all but 1 trophy and that one required online play. It also unlocked some toy cars by doing certain challenges that allowed me to get couple of toy DLC trophies. I think now there are only 3 or 4 trophies that technically can still be unlocked but since I don't have the DLC cars you had to buy and don't know anyone who bought them for there profiles before the servers went down I doubt I will be getting those. I saw a few people who got them recently who never even started the game before the servers went down and since none of them have gotten back to me with legit means to still get them I am assuming they cheated as there is away to trick your profile save into thinking you have all the paid dlc cars. but I won't go that route. Currently I working on both Sakura wars and Trails of Cold Steel 4. I started sakura wars and then when I bet the those fluff mahjong games I was sitting at 99 plats and since I wanted to make Cold steel 4 my 100th, Sakura wars got bumped for the time being for it. I haven't been too focused on playing games though lately like I said in my earlier post life has been a bit challenging to say the least so gaming wasn't always my top choice or something I had enough time for. Take care all and happy gaming, I look forward to see all your posts and I will try to update more often.
  3. My apologizes for the long period between updates. Life has been crazy and I believe it is settling down a little. @JourneySilvers Congrats on the 2 completions. I got them both in the spreadsheet, I couldn't give any story points for Unpacking though as it was way to short to qualify. I did give points for platinum on it though . @cjninja125 Great job. I added 3 of the 4 games you turned in. With Watch dogs being the only one as I wanted to offer you a choice before I did. I noticed you started the ps4 version more recently and I want to see if you want to hold off on me adding the ps3 version since you completed the story for the ps3 version prior to the event starting I can't give you any story points and if I give you points for the plat on ps3 then you wouldn't be able to get any points at all for the ps4 version since we don't allow version stacks. It is your choice though so let me know, I just want to be as fair as possible. @Tenzai1980 Congrats! I have your 3 games added to the spreadsheet. And no worries I think most of us go outside our lists for our games hehe. @sindrics Great Work, on remembering all those hehe. That retro site looks great, I will have to check it out in more detail later. I have you all added in. Just a heads up for the retro pokemon games, I will go by generations for counting for points Looks great, not that I need more games to play for achievements hehe. Keep up the great work everyone.
  4. are we counting ps2 and ps1 backlog.... oh wait I just realized I still have snes and nes games to start lol. Welcome Aboard @Yuna
  5. Update Time: New games: Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire Green (Common) - Played this for the easy gold trophies to clean up set 1's gold trophy quest Stories Untold - nonplatinum but common level difficulty Dragon Fantasy Book II (uncommon) - applying trophies to set 2 of quests Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire Blue (Common) - This one was to get my 99th platinum done super fast so I can get to LOH:cold steel 4 which I want for my 100th platinum going to apply this games trophies to set 3 since it had a lot of gold trophies and I tend to not get many of them hehe. *Note: only listing where I am applying the trophies as a personal note to myself so I don't forget later. Common Level - Done (7/5) Uncommon Level - Done (4/5) Quests Set 1 Acquire 50 Trophies Any Type - Done Acquire 50 Bronze Trophies - Done Acquire 50 Silver Trophies - Done Acquire 50 Gold Trophies - Done Quests Set 2 Acquire 75 Trophies Any Type - Done Acquire 50 Common Trophies - 43/50 Acquire 50 Uncommon Trophies - Done Acquire 50 Rare Trophies - 0/50 Wordle (Games) 50 Trophies - 39/50 Quests Set 3 Acquire 100 Trophies Any Type - 19/100 Acquire 75 Bronze Trophies - 3/75 Acquire 75 Silver Trophies - 5/75 Acquire 75 Gold Trophies - 11/75 Side Quest: Complete 5 DLC packs - 1/5 Happy gaming all.
  6. Update #2: Dragon Fantasy Book II (100 + 16 + 16 + 36 - 10) = 158 Fun Retro SNES style throwback. I enjoyed it.
  7. Hi all, Long time no update form me. Been busy still been playing a bit just not as much as I would like, but that's life am I right? Going to do a quick update today since I have a few weeks to cover. I believe ended off on week 13. week 13 -> 14 85.29% -> 85.38% (0.09%) week 14 -> 15 85.38% -> 84.92% (0.46%) week 15 -> 16 84.92% -> 84.95% (0.03%) week 16 -> 17 84.95% -> 85.08% (0.13%) week 17 -> 18 85.08% -> 85.73% (0.65%) week 18 -> 19 85.73% -> 85.34% (0.39%) week 19 -> 20 85.34% -> 85.07% (0.27%) week 20 -> 21 85.07% -> 85.56% (0.49%) Games: Life is Strange (PS4) - funish game with an interesting story. I enjoyed it for the free PS+ game it was. (Week 14) Atelier Ryza 1 (PS4) - Very fun chill rpg. story was decent. Taking a small break before I go into the sequel (Week 15 - 18). Burnout Paradise (PS3) - 1 DLC finished - So I went back and cleaned up as much of the DLC trophies as I could for this game between which meant, I had to buy Big Surf Island, thankfully this was available to buy through the in game store still, couldn't get all of the trophies for that one though, but it did unlock some toy cars which let me get 2 of the 3 toy cars DLC trophies. And then buying a German copy of the ultimate box version of the game gave me access to the party pack DLC, which was the only DLC felt I could get 100% of the trophies as it is completely offline. Technically there are 4 more trophies I could possibly get if I can figure out how to get 3 of the 4 legendary cars (toy versions don't count) and the extreme hot rod from the boost dlc. Most likely will not be able too so I will have to call it at 80/98 total trophies. (Week 15 - 18) Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire (Green) (PS4) - Picked up both green and blue on the sale and am using them for easy gold trophies for another event. (Week 19) Sakura Wars (PS4) - Started this one on week 19 as well but put it on hold as I was getting close to 100 platinums and I want LOH:Cold Steel 4 to be 100. Stories Untold (PS4) - Picked this one up last year for cheap on sale, and since it didn't have platinum tied to it thought why not it isn't a long game and it sounded interesting. The story wasn't my cup of tea but it was bad either. The controls were a little hard to use at times, but I don't believe the developer has more than 2 or 3 games out on playstation so I can let it slide. (Week 20) Dragon Fantasy Book II (PS3) - This is an old one I forgot I had and since I feeling like playing something retroish I decided to go with this one instead of finishing up Sakura wars, maybe it is the creepy eyes of all the female characters in Sakura Wars that is putting me off.... Fun continuation to the first game, loved the snes style graphics. (week 20 - 21) Pretty Girls Mahjong Solitaire (Blue) (PS4) - This was the other one I needed some quick gold trophies from and it got me to 99 plats so I can start LOH: cold steel 4 tomorrow. (Week 21) So there we go I believe that fully catches me up and next week I will try to return my normal update style. Though I since I am starting a new game tomorrow, I can count on my progress for the month to take a dive since we are very close to the end of the month. lol oh well.
  8. Time for my first turn in, and please forgive me if I get the math wrong, I majored in CS not math. Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout (100 + 70 - 35.71 - 0 ) = 134.29 Thank you for not picking Tales of Zestiria @Psy-Tychist Just a quick question about the series bonus. What exactly determines the series? I.E. I know all the god of war games would be a series, and I saw the example for kingdom hearts. I was curious though about games like Atelier ones. The site calls all the Atelier part of the Atelier Series, so I was unsure if completing one that isn't a Atelier Ryza would count? I currently don't own any others outside of the 2 Ryza's but I did have fun with it so I might pick up more.
  9. Hi all, Long time no post for me, been a busy last few weeks...month, I guess I haven't updated here since end of March wow. I am bad this year. Well 2 games down and at least 1 full DLC, since I went back and played some Burnout Paradise on PS3, I already had the plat for it but never did much of the DLC, Luckily I was still able to buy the Big Surf Island DLC and get my hands on a German copy of the Ultimate Box so I could have access to the Party DLC which is the only one I could full complete as it had no trophies that required the shutdown online part. My 2 new games are: Life is Strange - PS4 - April 11th 2022 Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkeness & the Secret Hideout - PS4 - May 9th 2022 and I completed the Burnout Paradise Party Pack DLC - PS3 - May 6th 2022 Common Level - Done (5/5) Uncommon Level - Done (3/5) Quests Set 1 Acquire 50 Trophies Any Type - Done Acquire 50 Bronze Trophies - Done Acquire 50 Silver Trophies - Done Acquire 50 Gold Trophies - 41/50 Quests Set 2 Acquire 75 Trophies Any Type - Done Acquire 50 Common Trophies - 29/50 Acquire 50 Uncommon Trophies - Done Acquire 50 Rare Trophies - 0/50 Wordle (Games) 50 Trophies - 31/50 Quests Set 3 Acquire 100 Trophies Any Type - 7/100 Acquire 75 Bronze Trophies - 3/75 Acquire 75 Silver Trophies - 4/75 Acquire 75 Gold Trophies - 0/75 Side Quest: Complete 5 DLC packs - 1/5
  10. @willythom88 Got you in for the story clear of Legends of Mana, glad to hear you liked it. Let me know when you get around to Army of 2: 40th Day. I recently picked up another copy of it to finish off the trophies I am missing and I might be able to help with some of the MP ones if you still need them. @Gretchen27 Nice, got you the game added for you, what did you think of it? I have heard mixed reviews so I am always curious on a horror style game. And glad to hear your journey on Summon Night 6 is almost finished, I have that game haunting me from the shelf waiting to be played, though after hearing your "fun" with all the after story grinding it might just stay on the shelf for awhile longer. @FFATMA Welcome to the event, I was wondering if you were going to join us. I have you added to the spreadsheet, feel free to look it over. If I can ask one thing please list out which systems you intend for your games on your list. It is hard to tell when most have multiple systems they came out from and since we except games from all consoles and PC it will really help us. Thanks. @milk-aholic First off, Congrats glad to hear you got a nice promotion. I guess with your busy work life that gives the rest of us time to catch up now . I got your new list added, please feel free to double check it and make sure I didn't mess something up.
  11. HI all, Sorry I have been a bit absent the last couple of weeks from here. Life got busy and fast. A couple of customers at work decided to move their software upgrades up and a process that normally takes 6 months was pushed into 2 month cycle with my part as a DBA (Database Administrator) usually being in the last month was shorten to only 2 weeks of time. Then my Father and step mom came for a visit which was great, they wanted to see are place in Wyoming. The senior DBA has been in Germany all week for his birthday and once he got there he learned his dad passed so once he is back on monday he gets to go help take care of estate and funeral stuff. So just been busy, had to decide to sit in front of computer more or play a little of atelier Ryza. and of course I choose the game hehe. Think I will have some time this weekend to catch up on here and go through the million forum posts I need to catch up on across all the events I am help/participating in. Thanks @Arethien for holding the fort down.
  12. @StewartBros is my fault, I didn't see the reply so I never entered the list. If I miss something like this someone, any one feel free to call me out and make sure I notice it. @StewartBros let me know if you are still interested in the event. I will count your reply as active start date since your list not getting entered in a timely fashion was my mistake, that meaning any games you completed in that list or out of list since then I am willing to count. @Phantochi I knew I hadn't entered into the list since I never did hear back from them. I am fine with moving forward with the list as is.
  13. Congrats, you monster lol
  14. We will miss you here, Good Luck on the Relic weapons. 👍
  15. @cjninja125 congrats on all the games you finished. I got your entries on the list. I noticed that you got the plat for uncharted 3 after your post so I updated the list to reflect that as well. I believe as of now all submissions are entered, if I missed anything please let me know. Also if possible when you post a game completion please try to list if it was out of list or not. Just saves me and @Arethien time having to double check them against the submitted list. I know it doesn't sound like a lot of work, it is more of a flow and data entry thing, having to switch between tabs can slow at least me down. Not going to harp on it, just a gentle reminder initially missing the Competent negotiator trophy in the first and second dungeon and trying to get grind it in the 3rd dungeon is what frustrated me when I first played the game so I put it down for a bit and haven't come back to it yet. I really do need to though and no more postponing it this time I hope