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  1. Yeah are zombie pigmen in the nether in the version I played, I know in ps4 and java there are live ones as well. I was going under the idea that they are monsterous humaniods style creatures like goblins, trolls, bugbears, kolbolds, and such. I didn't think that also being a zombie form would disqualify them as a goblinoid since zombie to me is a modifier of there true nature, and in the sense of fun for the game I figured a monster could be both types and not just one. I.E. if you played a game with cult of werewolfs and two people in the group played the same game, one could count it as hybrid humans, and the other as psycho catergory.
  2. Turning in another bounty for Mystery Inc. as well. Mythilogical Monsters - Goblinoids Minecraft (PS3) - Platinum - For the Pigmen in the neither that are so fun to farm gold from
  3. Turning in my third Bounty for Mystery Inc. Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning (OG PS3) DLC - for Giant Animals. - There are Pteryx - Giant Birds in the the DLC, as well as Giant bears and Rats and other giant animals.
  4. The teal looks awesome. I personally love it and gives a little more individualism to our teams score card. Thanks.
  5. Love the haiku's where do I put in my order for one for my turn ins? 😀 Looks great you put a lot of effort into this and I hope it is ok when I say We all, Participants, appreciate it the work and effort of you and the alliance. Just curious about the background color since you mentioned it, and I don't speak for my team here, is it possible to get the green color of the van from the show for ours? Personally I think it would tie it in to our team. Just a thought, thanks. Keep up the great work all.
  6. Turning in a bounty for Mystery Inc. for a game I finished last night but just wanted to go to bed afterwards lol. Created Monsters - Human-Like Spinacheq - Akiba's Trip (PS4 version) - Platinum -The synthisters are humans turned into a vampire like creature through science and not true vampires in the game. There are 3 true vampires in the game but 2 are suppose to be your friends and the other is helping to turn humans into synthisters. Akiba's trip not a bad game, if you don't have to play it 4 times for each ending and all difficulties and then a 5th time cause missed one little flag and it ruined a run.... now I remember why I stopped playing it before lol. Not sure how I ever convinced myself to play the ps4 version a few years after the ps3.... bargin bin pick ups, they will be the death of me. Now on to a nice relaxing game of God of War
  7. Do we all get stylized lettering for our team names? or is that just for Van Helsing Alliance? lol
  8. Submitting a Bounty for Mystery Incorporated: Sci-fi Monsters: Giant Insects - Adventures of Mana - Platinum Trophy. (Both the Boss monsters Ankheg, really a centepede, and the Mantis Ant fit this Bounty.)
  9. With less than 5 mins to start time, just wanted to wish all Good Luck and lots of fun.
  10. Thanks for the quick response. Like I said I was probably over thinking it, as I was looking at rules and trying to decide if I had a game or two I could dive into until the event started, since I don't play a lot of sport games I was going to use the clarification to see if I had too many EZPZ games and i could just play one of those hehe. Thanks, again.
  11. @spacey_dweeb Question, just to clarify my mental thought processing, and I may be over thinking it completely. For the determination of EZPZ you use the formula below: My question is about the plat difficulty. On the guides it is listed as a number out of 10. for example monster monipiece, using this as I have already finished it, 3/10 with 25 hours. Does this mean for the calculation 3 x 25 = 75 points so not EZPZ. or is it (3/10) x 25 = 7.5 so counts as a EZPZ since it is under 18. Like I said I might be overthinking it when I was rereading the rules. thanks in advance for the answer. 😄
  12. my newest psvita games Mega Tagmension Blanc + neptune vs zombies and Monster monipiece (already plat'd)
  13. Sounds fun, sign me up pls, Mystery Inc if it is available if not, Claymores. Just looking to have a good time and clean up some backlog.
  14. Please add me at spartan rank, i have plats in GoW 1, 2, and 3. Thanks.