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  1. Managed this today. In total it took 7 tries (1 on first play-through & 6 chapter restarts).
  2. Seems this was a bug. Since the patch the door no longer wants a key.
  3. Yep. I’ve completed the final two trophies & got the plat.
  4. Patch is now live on the PS store.
  5. There’s a locked door to the right just as you enter the kitchen. If you click on it the inventory opens but I cannot find the key & I’ve searched everywhere. Can this door be opened? Tia.
  6. I would reset the controller as mentioned above. On one occasion I threw my DS4 controller on the floor which then promptly bounced out of the window (I was upstairs) & landed in the garden below. To my surprise it still worked. 😆
  7. I had to redo about 70% of my RE7 trophies. With RE8 it was about 50% & I lost the S ranks on several of the Mercenaries runs.
  8. Re 2 & RE 3 auto-popped every trophy I’d completed but RE 7 hasn’t, I now have to Plat the main game again.
  9. I’d platinum’d the main game but after the upgrade I now have to re-do several trophies. Getting all the coins in Madhouse mode will be the worst - the Mia fight at the beginning mainly.
  10. The game warns you at the second Museum visit that this is the point of no return.
  11. Yes, I found when I connected the external HDD which I used with my PS4 to my PS5 I didn’t need to redownload them or reconnect them in any way. They are immediately playable.
  12. I store mine on PS+ cloud & the PS5.
  13. As it’s only happening with fifa then it’s EA’s problem imo. Other users have been complaining of the same with that game.
  14. As @Helyx says some games have an option to download a PS4 save to the PS5 version. RE: Village has this.
  15. When I played the PS4 version of RE8 the baby blows a raspberry noise in the bedroom but in the PS5 version this is missing.Has anyone else noticed this? Do I need to turn off/on any audio settings?