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  1. The game warns you at the second Museum visit that this is the point of no return.
  2. Yes, I found when I connected the external HDD which I used with my PS4 to my PS5 I didn’t need to redownload them or reconnect them in any way. They are immediately playable.
  3. I store mine on PS+ cloud & the PS5.
  4. As it’s only happening with fifa then it’s EA’s problem imo. Other users have been complaining of the same with that game.
  5. As @Helyx says some games have an option to download a PS4 save to the PS5 version. RE: Village has this.
  6. When I played the PS4 version of RE8 the baby blows a raspberry noise in the bedroom but in the PS5 version this is missing.Has anyone else noticed this? Do I need to turn off/on any audio settings?
  7. Going for RE8 Village of Shadows on PS5. Got this on PS4

  8. I’m in the same boat as several users who’ve completed or neared completion of the trophies but found they haven’t synced with the PS5 version. My problem was with the Files trophy not unlocking even after going through the game again, the customise 1 & all weapons & the knife only achievements. As others have mentioned you have to start a full new game (not a NG+) & I unlocked the read all files with my first found file & unlocked both customise when I found the first custom part & fitted it. I can re-do the knife only & the VoS which will leave me the same as I am with the PS4 version - S rank on 5-8 with Mercenaries mode.
  9. Sheer luck. received stock & I joined their queuing system on the morning the stock went on sale. I chose the disc console only & my second choice of this + the Ratchet & Clank game. I reached the end of the queue but both were listed as ‘sold out’. I then checked their other listings & I noticed the disc version + R & C + an extra controller were still available so purchased this.