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  1. I've played more than 4 Ateliers. I've played multiple ones via free trials with things like PS Now and Gamefly, including free trial on a former friend's account some years back since I had used mine in the past and he didn't care about it. Granted I have not played them all, but I've played and "seen" enough to form a valid opinion, including PS2 ones. The ones I haven't played (but plan to), I have watched others play. With my Gamefly trial I started Rorona, but I also played Rorona Plus during a PS Now trial sometime after that which I got a good ways in despite a game over and starting again. I started Ayesha during a trial, though don't remember where. Was not that far in though. Played Shallie and Escha & Logy via PS Now trials on friend account. The Mysterious trilogy was the first I bought as the Plus versions of Arland and Dusk trilogies I could not get for console and the non-Plus versions no longer available brand new, though Arland is now in DX collection which glad they released it here. So I own Sophie, Firis, and L&S. Totori, Meruru, Lydie & Suelle, and the spinoff Nelke are the only post-PS2 Ateliers I have never played, but I have watched Youtubers play. Nelke is on the way, and I plan to buy the Arland DX trilogy once I have an opening with fewer new physical games to get. So that's my background. Yesterday I noticed Lulua was not in your profile. I didn't call you out on it though since you could of hidden it, or you watched others play it, or played elsewhere. Your statement about the alchemy is true and false. The alchemy in Lulua takes the best aspects from pre-Mysterious alchemy and Mysterious alchemy while getting rid of the less liked aspects like the grid in Mysterious trilogy, while adding new aspects. The new stuff is the biggest reason why the alchemy is so good in Lulua, especially awakened effects. Lulua is literally a "learned from what fans loved vs what was widely disliked" entry. No time limit is more commonly desired than a time limit among all fans. If we're only going by old school fans, a larger majority don't care if there's a time limit or not with no preference to one or the other, while a smaller portion prefers one or the other. I know which Youtubers and forum users are oldschool fans since they often say how long they've been playing. Some of the fans that have reviewed Lulua, calling it the best in the series, have played since the PS2 ones. The story/lore is the only thing I can see coming across as a cash grab. I can agree on that, which is why I pointed it out in last post. But regardless of opinion, the Arland trilogy is no longer a trilogy. It's now a quadrilogy, and Lulua is an Atelier. I personally don't play Atelier for the story, though I do love the character interactions and come to love certain characters and their individual story arcs, but gameplay takes priority for me and Lulua excels at that. The art style and gameplay are the 2 main reasons I love the series. As for reception, you claim that every game in the Mysterious trilogy was well received. That's just not true. Sophie is widely considered a weak entry, Firis is mixed, with Lydie & Suelle the best received of the 3. You can see it in polls and general word of mouth, so not sure where you got the idea that every game in Mysterious trilogy got a good reception. Sophie is considered a good starting point for beginners due to it being easier, but aside from that is considered the weakest modern Atelier. One of the most confusing things in your reply is saying that Gust has turned the Atelier series into an ordinary jrpg you can find anywhere. This is far from a true statement. Getting bored with the usual jrpg (though I've recently gotten into the usual kind again) is part of the reason Atelier is one of my favorite series. It doesn't have the usual save the world from an evil villain plot, and it has the deepest/best crafting systems ever conceived in a video game, and even the way the game flows is different from the jrpg norm. How can you possibly say it's now the same as any ordinary jrpg you can find anywhere? JRPGs are one of my favorite genres. Atelier was and still is one, of the very few, more unique and non-typical jrpgs out there. Sry, but some of the things you say are baffling, and it saddens me if you plan to not get Lulua since the series needs all the support it can get so they continue to localize the series. But I suppose if you only play for story/lore and only like time limits, then I could see why you'd want to skip it. It's just awful you won't get to experience the best alchemy system in the series. EDIT: Sry if I sound so confrontational. It's just Lulua doesn't deserve that kind of scorn to the point of calling it a joke and refusing to even try it. I'm not saying your opinion to not like it is wrong, just that some of the statements aren't true.
  2. Are you serious? Lulua is easily one of the best and most refined titles in the series, and without a doubt has the best alchemy/crafting system in the entire series. I'm only midway through, but I've been seeing the positive reception for it everywhere, plus I've played enough of it for a solid opinion. You're the first I've heard dislike it. Must be a story/lore issue you have, or you hate that there's no time limit, because everything else is incredibly good. I don't consider no time limit a bad thing, but I know a small portion of fans prefer it.
  3. The updates on the main page confused me. I read that the site retroactively updates old name to new name when you login, but apparently I misread it since I now noticed it's talking about forum login, but even then my forum name is still the old name. Going to read it again as I probably overlooked a step.
  4. So I just signed in with my old PSN ID, but nothing carried over, and name is still the old name. When I clicked update profile, all my trophies disappeared and instead of lv29, it shows me back at lv1.
  5. I never heard of this until now. I love simulation games and RPG games, so this looks right up my alley. This looks like a cross between Little Dragons Cafe and the Atelier series. Ultimately it looks like what Little Dragons Cafe should of been, except keep the graphical/visual style of LDC since those parts were fine. This is going on my list for sure.
  6. Has no one here played RPG Maker FES on the 3DS? Even though MV is a port of a PC game, it is suppose to control similarly to how FES did on the 3DS. To answer your concerns, it will control just fine on console. This is a very easy platinum. All trophies aside from play time ones can be done in 2 to 3 hours. The play time trophies should come quickly considering that anyone that is buying this for the purpose of creating games will spend hundreds to thousands of hours with it. Like RPG Maker FES on the 3DS, there is suppose to be a free downloadable RPG Maker MV Player, which anyone can download even if they don't own RPG Maker MV. That is how you play the games others make. Of course there is still the option to download other players' creations from within the game, but the player allows anyone to play them.
  7. The trophy icons are beautiful. I like icons that are colorful/vibrant, AND have a nice frame, AND non-lazy trophy names. This basically has the full package. Can't wait to play through these again with the modern makeover. Haven't played them since they came out on PS1.
  8. I agree. They could of done so much more like allowing us to upgrade and/or customize things with both the cafe and our characters, but everything stays the same except the dragon and mild scripted cafe changes. I'm not too far in, but have been playing other games as Little Dragon's Cafe was boring me. I could only play 1 hour at a time if even that. I think it's ok in short bursts. It's mostly been a good year for simulation games on PS4, but I'd place Little Dragon's Cafe as a low point. Still looking forward to My Time at Portia coming to PS4 this year. If you guy like Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, and/or Studio Ghibli style sim games look it up.
  9. I know this is a more linear and streamlined version of FFXV, but I also know it includes optional quests and goals. Does any of it include a superboss? If not I might pass.
  10. Okay thanks guys. That's good news.
  11. I was hoping someone could answer this since some people have already got platinum. Multiple trophies look missable, but not sure. I've never played the original, but the art style and more compact design of this version has me actually caring about this entry. Like most, I hate missable trophies though.
  12. Sounds simulation heavy to me. All sim games of this type involve exploring and gathering/growing ingredients and resources while doing requests for people, or having others do requests for you such as in Fallout Shelter, but in Fallout Shelter your role is more restricted. Yonder: Cloud Catcher Chronicles is almost pure exploration where you gather ingredients and do requests for people. You can have your own farm as well, but the farm elements are light. You might be thinking of a simulator game, which is a sub-genre of simulation games that are hyper realistic where your role is more refined and restricted, such as Jurassic World Evolution, Cities: Skylines, Farming Simulator, Theme Hospital, Birthdays the Beginning, Flight Simulator, etc. I don't think anyone is going into this expecting it to play like Diner Dash where your role is more restricted and plays like an arcade sim, which means it's more of a strategy mini-game than an actual sim heavy game like Little Dragons Cafe and Harvest Moon. Basically, Diner Dash is sim light in comparison even though it does have a more restricted role like the simulator types.
  13. This has been a great year for simulation games on the PS4. I just started Slime Rancher and Harvest Moon: Light of Hope after finishing everything in Castaway Paradise except for the last 2 trophies which is a waiting game, all while working on Fallout Shelter here and there. This comes out in just 3 days and have been looking forward to it for a while. My Time at Portia is another one that's suppose to come out on PS4 later this year that I'm interested in. Even Ni No Kuni II has a sim game aspect I enjoy with the kingdom building, and still want to finish that. I'm just bombarded with sim games left and right this year. As for the trophy list, it looks easy assuming none of the collect all trophies are missable, such as missable recipes. Hopefully not.
  14. I was insanely addicted to this game before I finished everything except last few trophies which require waiting and rng, but now I'm locked out of 1 trophy until developers patch a serious bug I'll explain below. I still plan to login daily beyond platinum to complete my catalogue and begin work on creating my dream island once I have a lot more stuff I'm wanting, but I may not be able to get platinum until major bug is patched. I've reported them all to Stolen Couch Games Twitter. The first one I reported they replied saying they will look into it. No reply for the others, but I assume they will look into them as well, or at least I hope as I love this game so much. Easily scratches that Animal Crossing/life simulation itch. Throughout my time playing the game I have stumbled upon multiple bugs. 1. The first was the water and timer icons on plants and trees either not disappearing when they should, or overlapping each other. 2. There's a bug where your character will refuse to interact with certain trees. The only fix is to move around the tree trying to interact at certain points until you find a specific spot where it will let you interact. 3. There's a bug where you will go to talk to an NPC and view will zoom in a bit like it does any time you talk to an NPC, but no dialogue options will appear. You'll be stuck like this and cannot back out. You can still open menu though. Only fix is to close game and restart game. 4. Another bug happened once I hit level 25. All of the fish vanished. They were gone the rest of the day, but the daily reset fixed it and the fish re-appeared. Haven't had it happen since and I'm level 35 now. 5. Now for the big one: Yesterday my daily challenges completely vanished and the 24h daily reset time shows 0 instead of a timer counting down. Despite this the daily login reward is still given and the island repopulates with junk, rocks, weeds, shells, and cobwebs as usual. The 3 daily progress rewards still show and change at the daily reset, but no longer change every 2 hours, which brings me to another point. I always found it odd that the challenges and progress rewards change every 2 hours even though there's a 24h timer below the challenges. Even more strange is that the 3 progress rewards only change every 2 hours if you're on the game. If you're off the game during the 2 hour reset or daily reset, only the challenge list changes, but not the progress rewards. This is the only way to get the 3rd progress reward since 1 complete challenge list will not get you the 250 points needed to redeem the 3rd reward. With this bug the reset occurs once a day, but without challenges it doesn't matter since you can't earn the points needed to redeem the rewards without challenges. This means I can no longer get the trophy for donating all collectibles, which requires donating all the badges, which you can only get from the daily challenge progress rewards. EDIT: The issue with the daily challenge list vanishing and timer showing 0 has fixed itself after going away from game for 2 days.
  15. Same thing happened to me. Just started this yesterday. Downloaded from the US PSN store. I do know that I timed out during one part of the tutorial and when I came back it was on title screen. I had to do tutorial over, yet the experience and stuff I gained while doing it the first time I still had. Really strange. Wonder if that had anything to do with it.