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  1. Are you sure? Some techniques cannot be mastered but this is completely normal. Be sure to use a weapon and a technique that can do it. Use any guide for this
  2. the devs finally spoke yesterday and they're on it. This is part of a future content! Clik in the image bellow
  3. Only update after obtaining both the shardmaster and item collector trophies, as optinoob said, cause this is not only one shard missing but also 3 items. the devs finally spoke yesterday and they're on it. This is part of a future content!
  4. I am not here to create a debate. Everyone does what they want and i'm sure there’s already a lot of threads on the subject. Apart from that i like your profile and if you want to keep talking about it let's do it on psn
  5. Hi everyone, I am looking for people who like to complete their games 100% and who have either never made small games with easy trophies (ratalaika & co ...) or wish to stop making them and only want to hunt real games. I want to clarify that i got nothing against players who hunt only these small titles to boost their level but let's just say, that after spending two years myself on it, i feel the need to do things differently. Observe, discuss and share with players who share my point of view is a great source of motivation and we pushes each other up. If you feel the same way feel free to add me. Just mention that you are from PSNP. Cheers PSN ID: ObAck_-BarAma
  6. Ok so completing the item list is impossible as well. Don’t know what is planned but they have a lot of work to do here
  7. Hello everyone, since the 1.15 update available on July 2 the game is considering the existence of an extra "directional" shard (purple shards) but this shard just don’t exist. It results to get stuck at 99%. Usually the purple shard list is supposed to finish at the 8-bit fire ball for 100% but since the update there’s an extra ?????????? line just above and believe me this it’s just a bug cause i get all the shards dropped on my demon list and i checked all the guides, all the websites and this line is nowhere. So be careful guys, if you not already made the 1.15 update just don’t do it and stay in 1.10. I already send a message to the "505 games" support. I wish they gonna patch it