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  1. Hi , the lucky wheel appear randomly in the game ?Because i have do all other trophy and i have never see the wheel.
  2. HK Version
  3. no need to be defended, this flag is just ridiculous
  4. Hk
  5. Yes i need to delete my save I start a new version and the trophy pop at the 39 skill point Maybe some thing gonne wrong when i download the maj 😲
  6. I finish this level , i try to finish more level , now i have 68 skill point and no trophy , very bad luck for me 😰
  7. Hi ,I have 51 skill points and the trophy didn 't pop , one more trophy ghlitch ? (i have the last maj)
  8. When i finish the level37 with all mushrooms i have the end with the trophy beat the boss without fight the boss. I have all trophies but the 5000 Trophy don't pop even if i replay the level because the level was bugged. So if you are in the same situation close the game and replay the level 37 with only 2 mushroom and every thing gonna be okay.
  9. This is EU version This is US version
  10. Yes ,it avoids the farming of 1000 boost
  11. no you have to redo the 1000 in classic and and bird difficulty
  12. Hi , this game has global statistics online so if you make the game once you can unlock the trophy for boosts, chops and birds rescued replaying one game in each mode on the second version
  13. This is Japanese PS4 This is Japanese Vita This is EU PS4 maybe US too but i bought the Eu so i can't confirm
  14. After closing the application to check my trophy I discovered that my save had been deleted by relaunching the game .So try to do the game without closing the application and make a backup save wihout closing the game
  15. Hi the vita EU and AS versions are reverse on the site , this is the AS vita version .