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  1. wolfenstein 😵
  2. Yeah, they are yo again
  3. Resistance 3 you can still obtain the plat in offline mode
  4. Nah its fine, close if you want the dispute. I know that it is my word against what the trophies date shows, that I honestly do not remember (more than 5 years) or that they all jumped me together or why. I will keep my flag for now since it took me more than 1 year to get the platinum out of this game and I enjoyed it a lot at the time. Thanks for your time
  5. look, I understand that they deal with cheaters all the time and that they must surely think that I am another one wanting to justify themselves, but the truth is that as the history says I took them out in 2014 and I do not remember the moment that those trophies have skipped at the same time That is why I can only think that it has something to do with synchronization or the internet i dont know. It is the only game that I have this problem against more than 73 plats and a lot of games without problems, I would not cheat for a specific game. and the tool thing did not say it in an ironic or bad way
  6. Yes, i looked at the times and the class B and A jumped at the same time, but I don't remember or have any idea how it happened. I don't know if they will have synchronized later when I skip class A because B didn't jump before. You have tools to check if it is a cheat or not. also it would not make sense to do something illegal only for those 2 classes and not do it directly until you reach class S
  7. I do not know, I did nothing illegally, I spent a lot of hours in that game, the only trophy for which I understand that I have been flagged must be by Yokozuna who beat only 1 record of the mirror mode. But as I said before it is a glitch of the game, it is not any other type of intervention. All other trophies take them out playing normally and for the card I have no idea why I jump in a short period of time, many years ago I got those trophies and I don't remember what circumstances it could have been. But I would never do anything out of the legal
  8. akdkiller Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Hello, it does not seen favor to be flagged by a trophy that Is glitched by the game, do not use any type of Jack to obtain ir, moreover, other people from the same forum Tell how to obtain the Yokozuna trophy throught that glitch.<br /> Thank you
  9. yes, i need boost the online match i give you mi ID if you are interested: akdkiller