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  1. You need 4 people, you included.
  2. Super Helpfull info...Thanx Ea 🙄
  3. It's ironic that you write to everyone that you had 10 years to get the trophies when you made the Dlc right during the server closure announcement date. Oh what happened? you had many years to do it before. It is seen that if you have the time to do it because you are at home all day, Guerrilla was good.
  4. I'm still using it. But i miss the AA Games that this console have. In PS4 and ps5 too much indie and AAA Games.
  5. Well, i think all the people expecting for the far cry 2 servers fix. need to start forgetting.
  6. A lot of games in this sales are really expensive if you compare with previous sales. Like for example Soul Calibur 6 deluxe edition.
  7. After a good month we have this....well ill continue playing P5 strikers, Dirt and deep rock.
  8. You can get all the multiplayer trophies with 2 controllers
  9. You have to restart the level and only pick up the collectible you missed it.
  10. Great graphics.... Thats it. Repetive game, a lot of qte and sooo short.
  11. This. Part of why i think the ps3 generation was better is for this subject. Im really tired of open world, Generic FPS, or only sequels or remastered. Ok there is a group of good indie games with new and good ideas, but its not like the AA games from the ps3/360 generation.
  13. With the updated list on their page and months of silence. I think nothing can be done now. I'm surprised that with the mistake they made they didn't want to fix it. For those who already have the 4 person trophy, I suggest you invite a friend to your house to make the trophies in echelon mode. I could pass 2 levels in that way.
  14. I know this is a better month than the others...but none of those are my type of game.