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  1. Since last Tuesday the EA ORIGINS account when trying to connect throws you an error. At the moment it has not been solved. I tried to contact EA support but they did not give me a satisfactory answer. Just some excuses. If you can help by making a claim to your customer service it would be of great help to solve it.
  2. Well...i think its over: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Other-EA-Games/FUSE-ERROR-EA-ORGINS-SERVERS/m-p/10405827#M59521
  3. When you speak with that "support" they always say different things like "we dont know" "try restart the console", "its insomniac fault" ... So thats my only hope, but a servers closure could be sadly possible.
  4. DLC

    The shitty thing its waiting since 2016 to now for a discount...a nothing. I cant pay 6$ for a bronce trophy.
  5. Insomniac Games (Insomniac Games Support) Jun 10, 2021, 12:00 PM PDT Hi, sorry to hear you are having an issue. EA hosts the servers. Please also contact EA support as they can provide more direct assistance and information than we can. Insomniac Games So....only keeps put faith on EA...yikes...
  6. Yeah of course, it seems a EA issue with the servers. Always had trouble to connect it, but this time we are trying every day several times and nothing. Only keep continue seending them tickets and wait.
  7. Yes, this is a Servers Issue since last week, me and a couple of people who also wants to bost this game are sending tickets to EA and Insomniac to fix it, but no luck. They didnt annouce a servers clousure for this game.
  8. No, sadly on echelon only IA get all the levels you already got. But your guest start in level 1 or the level already got. Speaking of that i cant connect to EA servers since yesterdat.
  9. Binary Domain...it took me more than a month doing all the online challenges + waves)
  10. Please, dont be a xbox exclusive
  11. You can start a match on home run with 4 people, but you need to be aware of random killing you. And for the trophy "apache" you cant do it on home run mode, you need to do it in biggers maps with more people. So you can boost everyhing with 4 consoles except the call the apache trophy.
  12. If they stop syncing trophies I officially quit Sony. Xbox in my country (Argentina) is much cheaper. The only reason I continue with this brand is for the leisure of collecting trophies.
  13. Try to enter to Ubisoft club or something like that (i dont remember the name) in the menu, and when the game restart it. Try to go online again and it should work. I did it that way and it worked
  14. Its a glitch, you need to restar from chapter 1 and maybe fix it like i did ,or you just can skip it and continue to chapter 3.
  15. And Cod black ops 3 brings DLC zombies
  16. Every trophy hunter without mayos, ratalaikas or the same game x200 in others regions.
  17. Yes, servers working
  18. Of course i enjoyed and enjoy nowadays way better with ps3 than ps4
  19. Have you tried changing the difficuly?
  20. So its posible now to bost reach div 4 with other player with 4 wins and 1 draw? Pd: Im from Argentina too lol
  21. Yes, the servers are not working anymore but still you can do it offline with npc. The trophies are very easy
  22. I think you dont need ps plus anymore, its a free to play game
  23. I generally always want a game and its developer to do well. But the truth is that the fall guys did everything so that this time it doesn't happen. a horrible season 2, with few games and news, a horrible connection that falls in the middle of the game and on top of that the only updates are to make this trophy difficult for you, already super difficult and unfair
  24. I can confirm too that Scorch its fixed, so you can change the name of the topic now lol