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  1. I think I found a helpful exploit in arcade mode. Credits seem to carry over to your next run if you die. I was able to sell all of my upgrades at the end of Level 1 over and over again until I had 30000 credits, then finally purchased a majority of the upgrades and went through arcade mode no problem. Hopefully this works for anyone having trouble.
  2. CCP Games recently announced via twitter that servers for Eve: Valkyrie will be shutting down on August 5th. As far as I'm aware, trophies related to winning matches and leveling up are tied to multiplayer matches, making those trophies as well as the platinum unobtainable. Earning the platinum for this game is a real grind, so if anyone has begun and wants to get it done, I would suggest starting cleanup quickly.
  3. Agreed. There's no telling if and when the servers will go down again, so finish it as fast as you can.
  4. Hardware: Rivals servers are back online!!! I just got into a game today!
  5. Tiricy, you are seriously dedicated to getting these servers back online. I hope everything works out for you.
  6. I've heard of games like Bulletstorm having their online servers brought back by fans. Is it possible to do this for a game on the PS4 like Hardware: Rivals?
  7. There is currently a discord server for boosting. Here's the link for it:
  8. The servers have not been pulled, they are just inaccessible to us. When you open the game, if you quickly scroll down to the bottom of the server shutdown announcement, you can get to the main menu screen before the game relays the message that it's down for maintenance. After pressing X you are taken to a loading screen which displays your stats (Kills, Deaths, etc.). This information is stored server-side, not on the console itself. The game is still able to recognize your account and save your progress, it is just stuck in a maintenance loop.
  9. Unfortunately, the only programmer for Hardware Rivals currently working on any project is Martin Wong, for Hutch Games. I'm not sure how you would get a hold of him or if he can help at all, since it doesn't seem like he's working on the game anymore. I think the servers will come back up eventually. Veteran players I've spoken to have said that sometimes the game can get stuck in a maintenance loop that lasts 1-2 weeks before coming back up again, and a team bothered to update the game to display the shutdown message, so the lights are still on.
  10. Tiricy, I contacted Sony support and they said they didn't have any information on the game. They guessed that if we give it some time the servers will come back online. What do you mean by we only have a week? The servers are set to shut down on December 8th, what happens if a week goes by?
  11. "Mars King", the platinum trophy from Mars: Chaos Menace, with only 4 achievers in total. It's not terribly difficult, just a ridiculously long grind, especially with the game only having 8 or 10 levels if I recall correctly.
  12. I'll send in another support request on my alternate account.
  13. Stardew Valley! It used to be a lot more difficult, but recent patches have made it much more manageable. Now it's just a time-consuming platinum trophy, but the game has a great deal of variety, so it's not really tedious.
  14. I wouldn't lose hope yet. There have been reports of this game being down for maintenance in the past for several days before coming back online. I just hope that it comes back online soon, and that the shutdown occurs on the 8th as promised, not before then.
  15. The game currently says it's down for maintenance. I hope it comes back online soon.