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  1. Destiny 2 has normal and "prestige" mode for most raids, WoW has different difficulty tiers as well for the raids. I won't say that it's not typical to have different difficulties for raids.
  2. I achieved the first char rank 20 in like 10-11 hours. Your estimation is a bit off.
  3. Guys, it's NOT that grindy to reach 4x lvl 20! The DLC was released yesterday and I'm already close to level 20 (18) with one char. I played like 8 hours so far. I also cleared silver survival 5 times now. Gold can't be THAT hard in comparison, but I still don't know what the "don't die" requirement on gold exactly means. My current estimate is that everything trophywise can be done in around 50 hours but it depends on the difficulty of the upcoming raid.
  4. Indeed, that's the only gold trophy.
  5. trophies online! 2 DLC categories Legends: - Complete all 3 raid encounters - Level all chars to lvl 20 - Complete last survival wave on Gold - Complete all stories (2 player missions?) NG+ - Buy something from the new merchant - Complete NG+
  6. You're right. I read your post again and must admit that i just repeated it. Sorry, i misunderstood it - my fault.
  7. Yes. You can get a relic for a level in inverted or normal version but it's still the same relic and you can't get two for the same level. There are exactly 38 levels, not 76. 76 includes the inverted versions.
  8. My percentages only changed when i finished ALL relics of a type. It is probably normal. I got 2% for finishing the flashbacks which is probably the same for all relics (2+2+2 %).
  9. Yeah, until you find out that the next 30% are at least triple as hard and will take triple the amount of time than the first 70%
  10. Yes. For example the Listen Mode upgrades, because that mode is not available on Grounded (without using accessibility options). But if you upgrade those before going into the Grounded playthrough, you'll be fine.
  11. Don’t be confused. It works in all three phases of that encounter. Even in the first one. But when you go prone while „she“ sees you, she will start shooting the last known position and you die. Hide before going prone in all three phases, it will work.
  12. "Invisible while prone" works in that encounter! You just have to hide initially and then go prone.
  13. I feel you, mate :=) Game is too long... Finished it three times in a row. OFC you can skip the cutscenes, but damn those loading screens... I want a PS5 SSD so badly.
  14. When the N.Sane Trilogy came out basically everyone on the internet compared it to Dark Souls. "This is the Dark Souls of platformers", they said. But in 2020 it seems like that isn't a thing anymore. Probably because some games came out that are harder than Soulsborne. People are getting used to that level of difficulty. FromSoftware itself brought us Sekiro, which was IMO harder than Dark Souls and people immediately stopped complaining about Dark Souls because there was something else to put their blame on. It's the same for the Crash games. The trilogy was hard, most people will admit. At least a lot harder than most people expected it to be. Now we have a new Crash game that is IMO harder than Crash 1-3 and no one seems to blame the trilogy anymore. Now people say it was a challenge but the difficulty level was fine, because there is something harder to put their blame on. It is a cycle that will continue as long as developers dare to make "hard" games. If Crash 5 came out next week and it was harder than Crash 4, everyone would immediately stop to say that Crash 4 is a hard game. It would be remembered as a challenging game, but the difficulty was totally fine. "But F*** Crash 5, it's so damn hard!!!!" ;=)
  15. You get Triple Spin. That makes you a bit faster. No shoes.