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  1. You were actually right. You don't have to kick over 10 enemies at the same time or with the same enemy. You can do it 10 times with 10 different enemies (in pairs) and the trophy will pop.
  2. The best area to do this is in the locked temple immediately after you obtained the golden bow. But that section can only be accessed once per playthrough (missable). If you are already through that section the only area with more than one enemy that you can repeatedly visit by resetting the loop is
  3. I figured out the following reliable methods to trigger those two: Callous - Do not accept her quest at all. Turn her down immediately and do not offer any help. This will make her run into the temple to die and pop the trophy. If you accept her quest first and then tell her to go into the temple, the trophy won't pop. Trickster - The trophy will pop when you talk to her later on after you saved her life and killed the assassin. She will confront you and ask if you knew the assassin was going to die. You have to lie to her and say "no" otherwise you'll trigger the golden rule!!! The trophy should pop during the dialogue with her.
  4. Thx. I was missing the guy on the wheel, but stumbled upon him by accident and the trophy popped. I finally figured it out. He didn't talk to me about his secret love even after many, many loop resets. You have to use the first zipline after coming out of the portal while he is close enough to see you using it to trigger that dialogue. He will tell you that he is too scared to use the zipline and asks you instead to get the flower for him. Allergic and Italian Plumber are very likely missable and can only be popped if you do those on the first chance. Got both on another playthrough. Thanks for the tips. I managed to get platinum today. Hopefully this will help others get the plat as well.
  5. The only difficult part/trophy are the speedrun challenges. That's probably too hard for a 7 years old child. The rest of the game isn't really difficult and can be played in co-op to make it more fun and give assistance if necessary. I'd say give it a go.
  6. So, i finished all endings of the game and my quest log shows no incomplete quests except for the endings themselves. I couldn't find a single guide for this game and it seems like I'm too stupid to figure some trophies out on my own. Help would be very appreciated. No idea: Underworld Explorer: I have no clue what to do here. I'm confident that I explored most, if not all, of the map. What am I supposed to do? Match-maker: I tried talking to both many times in different "states" of the loop, but there isn't a single dialogue option regarding their relationship. Nimble: I never encountered moving/falling boulders in this game. How do i trigger that? Dead Shot: Which captive and which captor? I think this is related to the captive , but I never have the possibility to shoot the captor before story events automatically start. Silver tongue: What exactly are the "possible confrontations" mentioned in the trophy requirements and how do I know which ones are left? I exhausted pretty much all dialogue with all characters in this game, but it didn't pop. Missable? Allergic: Is there a way to enter the temple with the hornets after you completed the quest Or do I have to do it again in a new game? Italian Plumber: I accessed the upper cistern first time using the key you'll eventually get following the main quests. Later on, . But the trophy didn't pop. Do i have to do it in a new save file before accessing the area with the key? EDIT: Allergic and Italian Plumber are probably missable. I got both in a new playthrough.
  7. The game tells you that deleting a structure would also erase it from other players' worlds when you attempt it. But reality is no one knows how the servers / algorithms work and if that is really true. You shouldn't care too much about other players. Chiral bandwidth is sparse and you will have to delete something from time to time to build a working zipline network.
  8. The devs didn't implement the activity card / trophy tracker in this way. They could have implemented it with a 0/6 tracker, but didn't. Maybe they decided to do so because they considered it a spoiler. Who knows? Thanks I started the game after patch 1.4 came out and i strongly believe they drastically reduced the amount of collectible grinding due to increased spawn rates. A few friends and me all finished the game in <40h IGT. Once you have a really good run with a strong build, you can basically finish the game from start to end in one run without too much hassle. EDIT: @The-Ricksterr literally did that and achieved the fastest time on the leaderboard: . He (intentionally) died for the first time after killing the last boss. Congrats!
  9. The sequences are locked behind story progression. Don’t think about them too much and continue with the story. The house segments only show up randomly in biomes 1 and 4 iirc (the act 1+2 starting biomes). You can go back to act 1 after finishing act 2. The house sequences aren’t missable. Edit: You may stumble upon the house and won’t be able to access it (lights are turned off). That means that you didn’t fulfill the requirements to see the next sequence yet (e.g. story progress).
  10. Thanks for checking.
  11. Does it recognize save games from the digital version? Or do you start at 0?
  12. Can save games from the digital release be transferred? Autopop?
  13. Most biomes came rather naturally while playing through acts 1-3. I'd say i did 7 runs each exploring and collecting everything. Biome 2 was a different thing, though. I had to do like 10 additional speedruns to get the survey done. I can't recommend enough to always do a "full" run to the top of the mountain. I saw some guides where they adviced to only do the desert section and hope for very rare rooms to spawn. But i strongly believe they added additional spawn locations for some collectibles. I have never seen some of the rooms shown in video guides.
  14. This. Thx for the tip.
  15. The challenge difficulty doesn't change but you will do more damage due to leveling. I did it in the hard playthrough as well and it seemed a bit easier.