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  1. They only made three portable games in the last 15 years before Days Gone. Two of them based on an established IP of a different studio. How could anyone assume that their new IP was worth a 60$ price tag on launch with mediocre reviews and a long list of bugs?
  2. I had the same issue. Thanks a lot for posting your solution. Worked like a charm.
  3. I definitely recommend this video to anyone looking for a strong but easy to farm build. Everything is explained well and it's not outdated or restricted to endgame only. I used it to clean the main game up until DotN while constantly being 100 levels below the recommended level, farmed the underworld for an hour and beat the DLCs on DotD with level 400 and +40 ethereal gear. This build is very tanky due to the amrita life absorption and you'll stop dying. As long as you don't stop attacking and applying confusion, you're pretty much immortal.
  4. That one was the best. Thanks a lot for your post. Made my day :=)
  5. I just checked a few guys in the "fastest achievers" list and it really seems strange. Like half of the people I checked popped all the "earn any..." and "earn all..." trophies at the same time.
  6. We played all three games on PC and PS4. The Walkie Talkie NEVER worked for us in any game on any platform.
  7. Suggested improvements: 1) Search for Word1 AND Word2 by default instead of Word1 OR Word2. Adding search terms should actually reduce the amount of results instead of increasing it. 2) Use full word lookup. Searching for "rain" should not give "train" as a result. I totally understand that the search functionality on a relatively small website like this can't be implemented on a Google level. But implementing those two improvements could be done in like 1 hour and would make the search significantly better IMHO.
  8. It's a bug. It happened to us in other chapters as well. Sometimes the chapters don't load the puzzles correctly. Simply reload the chapter until it works for both players.
  9. Every game in the series is a bit longer than the predecessor, but not significantly. You can expect 30-60 additional minutes of gameplay in each entry when you play without a guide.
  10. Hi, there are several bugs in the last trial of the DLC (Trial of Zeus) preventing players from finishing it: Yesterday's update made it even worse and introduced a new bug instead of fixing the original one. Has someone else also encountered this and found a way to get around those? The related trophy seems to unlock for a lot of people.
  11. I found it by accident while searching for a video with a decent "route" to tackle that challenge and thought I'd share it. There are still 11 more challenges you'd have to do legit and they are objectively NOT easy. Most people don't care about the challenges at all and simply want the 100% and this will help them get one of them easier.
  12. There is another roof glitch that is NOT patched. For anyone still struggling with that gold medal... Credits go to the russian guy who found it: It may take a couple tries but it's definitely doable. Keep up the multiplier when going crazy with explodables and stuff. And try to stick to the right side of the roof... You can fall down while aiming on the left side.
  13. I looked up the price history for Italy as well. The prices are basically the same in Germany and Italy: 30 € for both titles on sale.
  14. You're right. I checked the price history on a 3rd party website for both titles. They are regularly on sale for what you said. That's affordable, I'd say. At least in comparison to the standard prices...
  15. Thanks for the summary. I just looked up the required content in the german PS store. If you don't own any Hitman game, you will need the following for 100%: 1. Hitman 3 Standard Edition (70 EUR) 2. Hitman 2 Gold Edition (100 EUR) 3. Hitman 1 GOTY (60 EUR) Conclusion: 230 EUR (280 $) is way too much just to get 100% in one game... And this doesn't include any possibly upcoming DLC for Hitman 3.