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  1. "We’re so excited for Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Biosyn Expansion and we can’t wait for you to play it, whether you’re diving into the new campaign mode tying into Jurassic World Dominion, immersing yourself in a new Chaos Theory stage focusing on a key event in the upcoming film, introducing new species, skins and variants into your parks, or playing with exciting new gameplay mechanics. Jurassic World Evolution 2: Dominion Biosyn Expansion launches June 14 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4." I'm really looking forward to this :=) The DLC will probably spoil parts of the movie, so anyone interested should watch that first before diving into the DLC. What are your thoughts?
  2. Just keep dying until all the dialogue queues for the NPCs are empty and there will be no "grind" at all. It's only a grind if you try to reach the final boss each time you want to talk to someone.
  3. Haven’t finished all trophies but the no death, speedrun and misc trophies popped without issues for both players in the first 5 or so levels.
  4. Just to debunk some myths I've seen in the last few days: - Pausing is OK - Restart cycle is OK - Quit to main menu is OK - Loading screens are OK - Actually playing the game is OK I did all of that yesterday and the trophy still popped after 23 hours. Just don't close the game.
  5. Thanks for the feedback.
  6. Hi, I'm planning to do the platinum of this game a second time on my old PS4. I would let the game run for 24h to pop "Commitment" on PS4 while playing a different game on my PS5 (potentially popping trophies). According to the guidelines of this website, playing two games on two consoles simultaneously is allowed: Playing Multiple Consoles* - Playing on multiple different consoles at the same time, as long as they’re different games, is allowed (e.g. you can play a PS4 game and Vita game simultaneously). “Trophy teams” working together in this manner are also allowed. However, if someone would look at my trophies and order them by date, they could look suspicious due to the requirement of "Commitment" to not play another game in the entire duration of a day. So is this flaggble because the trophies would seem to be earned "too close together" or "in impossible order"?
  7. The completion time on this website tracks the time between the first and the last trophy popped. If "Commitment" is your first trophy, you can easily achieve a sub one hour completion time. That's what @DrBloodmoney explained in more detail.
  8. Do not confuse platinum medals with platinum awards, there are trophies for both. Since you said "30", you are probably referring to the awards. You can see all available awards in the pause menu -> statistics -> awards. "Simply" earn 30 platinum awards and the trophy is yours. You can choose whichever awards seem to be the easiest to obtain. Although playing heists is not required at all to obtain 30 awards, some of the easiest awards can be obtained by simply playing and completing heists.
  9. You did the Catherine plat three times. I bow to your highness. Hail to the king of Canada!
  10. Is it a 100% Puzzle Game? 50% puzzles, 50% story and cutscenes, I'd say Does it require much backtracking? There's no going back, when you mess something up you'd need to reload a save or start from scratch. Are you forced to start a new game many times? It is technically doable in 4 playthroughs with strategic saves, but doing more is actually beneficial. When you play the different stages via replay mode using your in game phone, you can't save between levels of the same stage. So you can't play half of a stage and close the game when using replay. BUT subsequent playthroughs for endings or clearing stages can be sped up by a lot: - When you've got a gold prize in a specific difficulty and mode combination before, you can just skip the entire level and don't have to play it again - All Cutscenes can be skipped and if you're going for the endings there's no need to watch every cutscene before the ending again. Most cutscenes are the same across playthroughs and story/cutscenes deviate more at the end of a playthrough. Do you obtain different throphies based on your dialogue? Yes, all endings and all "save character x" trophies depend on your dialogue choices. You should use a guide to save time (after a first blind playthrough). It is almost impossible to save all characters without looking up the answers in a guide. How many difficulty modes do you have to beat? Six. Classic levels on Easy, Normal, Hard and Remix on Easy, Normal, Hard. My review and advice: You don't have to be really good a puzzle games. I'm probably average or below average as well. You can use guides for 95% of the game although there's also a bit of randomness outside of Babel mode. Video guides can be found in the trophy guide on this site. They cover everything. It is a hard game. Everyone who finished the game said that. But it is definitely doable with persistency, discipline and video guides. The trophy list will take around 70 hours to complete. This is a lot and especially going for all difficulty and mode combinations will test your patience. Babel in pairs mode wasn't that bad after going through all levels on hard and took only 3-4 hours. I finished them in pairs mode with my girlfriend who barely played 15 games in her entire life. But the gold prizes will take around 30 hours of playtime. If you don't follow guides for hard levels, Rapunzel, dialogue choices and strategic saves, you can easily add 30-50 hours depending on your puzzle skills. This is what you can expect from your platinum journey: 4-10 playthroughs with skips and/or partial replays 192 gold prizes to earn (32 levels x 6) 128 Rapunzel levels (no time limit, but hard puzzles to solve without a guide) 4x 100-200 steps to climb without a guide in Babel. Do yourself a favor and complete them in pairs mode. Overall, it was a very rewarding plat, but it took ages to finish and was pretty hard sometimes. You decide if you want to go for it :=)
  11. "Masterminds" - GTA V
  12. This game is as easy or as difficult as you want it to be. If you rush the main story, ignore optional side content, play a melee build and stay away from power leveling, co-op and OP mechanics, it's 8-9/10. If you do the exact opposite of that, it's a 2-3/10.
  13. In the GER store it's one purchase for PS4+PS5 combined. Weird +1.
  14. Or call Lester to get rid of the cops immediately after you unlocked that ability.
  15. I recently returned to the game after a 3 years break and finished it today. I had forgotten everything of the game and had to relearn the mechanics, monsters and all quality of life stuff. Your post was really helpful and every new or returning player should read it to save themselves hours of time. Thanks for writing this up.