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  1. Thank you very much. Just checked the last video. You can see at 12:12:40 when he saves his game just before the final boss that all save games say "hard" and at 12:25:33 the untouchable trophy pops. The glitch has now been confirmed by several people including video proof, so it can be assumed that it definitely works.
  2. Do you have any source? Don't get me wrong, i want to believe. But playing through the game again without the trophy popping at the end would be a huge waste of time, if it turned out not to work 100%.
  3. Autosave feature. And no more having to backup your save file to the cloud. If it really works, obviously. I'd say we need at least one more confirmation to be sure that it actually can be reproduced.
  4. Well designed trophy lists enhance the experience of the player. They push you to explore more content, make you replay the game (in different, fun ways), add challenges to overcome, let you enjoy side content and secrets you certainly would have skipped, ... If the devs don't put any thoughts into the trophy list, they can absolutely narrow down your experience or even make you hate the game. Especially when the devs made a huge copy paste game with hundreds of boring collectibles or endless repeating content like Ubisoft typically does nowadays and then want you to complete 100% of that for a trophy.
  5. Some people said that trophies won't unlock, if you're playing offline. I've never tested it myself to confirm, but try to go online again in the options menu. PS5 rest mode seems do be kinda problematic.
  6. Sounds like the infamous PS5 trophy bug: If that's the case, the trophy will show up eventually.
  7. This is the way to go. It's bugged in the current patch.
  8. - A console is much cheaper than a comparable gaming PC - Easy setup, it just works - PC achievements can be cheated easily, there's no valua to them (e.g. Steam Achievement Manager) - More hackers on PC - The current resolution standard on console is 4K compared to 1440p on PC - Most "PC master race" features like Ray Tracing only became relevant when the big publishers implemented them for consoles. The consoles set the standard. I used to be a PC gamer, but switched to PlayStation 5 years ago and i don't regret it.
  9. Contact Bandai Namco support and upload your invoice. They'll give you a code. You can't access it without a code, trust me.
  10. You could also open a boosting session here. You don't have to know someone else who has the game. But yeah, I also dislike that a pre-order or shared story is necessary to get the plat.
  11. Crash Bandicoot + SoulsBorneSekiroRing + Resident Evil
  12. I opened a support case at Bandai Namco, uploaded my Amazon invoice and received a code from them in a couple of hours. Curator's Cut was successfully unlocked with that code!
  13. I opened a support case at Bandai Namco, uploaded my Amazon invoice and received a code from them in a couple of hours. Curator's Cut was successfully unlocked with that code!
  14. I can only see exactly one Curator's Cut in Manage Game Content and it doesn't provide any further information to which game it belongs. But even after installing it i can't access the CC, no matter what i do in the game's menu.
  15. A little off topic: The VRR performance mode doesn't support dynamic resolution scaling. It's fixed 1440p internal resolution with upscaled 4K output. That's why I ended up playing without the high frame rate mode enabled even though my setup supports it, because i wanted 4K DRS with 60 FPS (best trade off IMO). But i have to admit that the game still looks fantastic with upscaled 4K. The fact that i have so many graphics options to choose from alone makes the PS5 version superior to the PS4 version. If i have to choose between both versions, I'll always pick PS5 for the best experience.