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  1. That's honestly really depressing. Like it had no issue registering in UPlay that I got all those things, but won't give me the trophy popups. Makes me wish there was a way to message Sony/Ubisoft to get the trophies manually added in somehow.
  2. So I been playing through the game without really looking at the trophies for a while, and noticed I have a lot of "unmissable" trophies still locked way after having done the requirements for them while getting later ones unlocked like; Diabetes Defender, yet I'm on day 4 in game Class Warfare, yet I have Master Classed unlocked Pasta of Prophets, yet I used several Moses summons throughout battles And also Fashionista, Junksmith, Toxic Environment, and #followbacks despite being in late game. I also can't seem to unlock Cosplay Curious no matter which random pieces of equipment I set. Could I have possibly missed something that caused these to bug out?