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  1. Didn't see any other threads mentioning it, so figured I'd point out some I've found to let others know of in case they run into them too. -If you're in one of the secret parts of the map and go into multiplayer on someone else's save, then return back to yours, you'll be registered as in that map (ex; the first secret from soaring summit to crablantis). If you return back to the normal map where you entered the secret from you won't have access to any of the extras such as Zum Zum or the rocket (it will say travel unavailable). You have to use the quick select menu from the secret area and transport to fix it back to normal, and only if you travel to a different world. -If you aim to have all levels mastered, do not play on someone else's save for a level you already mastered. If they get any rank below gold during the level, you'll lose your gold rank as well. I've had quite a few levels on The Center of Craftworld lowered to silver rank while I was helping someone play through to the final boss. I'll probably edit this if I come across anymore game breaking, or just really annoying, bugs. Feel free to add your own that you find.
  2. Honestly, if the trophy didn't involve having to do perfect parry on every boss, this would be a wonderful one to plat. But when it comes down to hiding one trophy on the list behind a mode that demands perfection, when it can't even be consistent long enough on it's own to do so, this is probably joining the list of games that get one trophy away from plat. Can't tell you how many times trying to fight DJSS and the planets just randomly shoot out of rhythm of the boss fight and kill me, or SAYU drops an attack on me in the middle of a cutscene from destroying one of the nodes. Yet somehow I manage to pull off YINU which was argued to be one of the hardest fights for that mode.
  3. That's honestly really depressing. Like it had no issue registering in UPlay that I got all those things, but won't give me the trophy popups. Makes me wish there was a way to message Sony/Ubisoft to get the trophies manually added in somehow.
  4. So I been playing through the game without really looking at the trophies for a while, and noticed I have a lot of "unmissable" trophies still locked way after having done the requirements for them while getting later ones unlocked like; Diabetes Defender, yet I'm on day 4 in game Class Warfare, yet I have Master Classed unlocked Pasta of Prophets, yet I used several Moses summons throughout battles And also Fashionista, Junksmith, Toxic Environment, and #followbacks despite being in late game. I also can't seem to unlock Cosplay Curious no matter which random pieces of equipment I set. Could I have possibly missed something that caused these to bug out?