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  1. Any far cry games maybe new dawn
  2. i did it over night and the first time it only said about an hour when it should’ve been way longer but i just did it the next night and it was fine, this was in story
  3. outlast 2 amazing account btw
  4. yeah i’ve really enjoyed it i’ve kinda slowed down the past week or so on it but all i need to do it pretty much 500 kills and prestige 3 level 50, the few others will just come while getting them trophies
  5. holy shit yes, im so excited for this
  6. this thread has made me want to start it, how hard is death march and should i do two playthroughs or just start from the beginning on death march??
  7. already 70% done in a few weeks
  8. gta v is a breeeze all the trophies are easy and most can be done in id say a solid day of grinding. dead by daylight will be really hard if you aren’t an online gamer but personally i’ve almost got it platinum in less than 3 weeks. friday the 13th is completely dead so all trophies will have to be boosted but regardless will still be a long grind
  9. nope i only just got a ps4 pro a few weeks ago so probably around the end of 2021
  10. it didn’t actually say that you needed to pick them up but thank you i thought i was going insane
  11. anyone else had any trouble with “cripple them all” trophy where you need to trap 10 different people i’ve trapped well over 10 probably done about of 25, did anyone else have to get more than 10?
  12. how long does it take to find survivor games?
  13. yeah gonna give it a crack soon definitely sounds like a fun game even if i don’t get the plat it’ll be a good experience