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  1. Haha no, it wasn't the case
  2. Yeah man, this issue occurs on coffee machines/fryers, so it's probably a heating problem. Of course, the pro uses a lot of energy when operating at full (the famous 747 turbine noise)
  3. So, the console power cord started to melt. Been researching about... Seems that the pro requires a 16A power source, instead of a 10A. Even have installed a dedicated jack only for the console but the problem persists. Anyone experienced something like this? Melted
  4. In order to grind hours, I'm been using the time trial method, but the PS4 Pro insists on playing the cosplay of a Boeing 747. Been looking for MP Lobbies with 50% races, thus accumulating both 100 race trophy + 50 hours and letting afk using the PS Button (console runs quieter). Thanks Codemasters. 10 hour trophy would be ok, but....
  5. With me, something very odd happened: The Main event silver trophy of uproar event popped on the pop-up but no register after (the trophy list wasn't showing it as trophy acquired). Logged off psn account, disconnected the network and some 30 minutes later it showed. 😑
  6. Try reaching the support team. Had an issue just like these, sort of last-race crashing/ glitch that disallowed me to get the trophy. Contacted them, sent the save file via email and they answered me back with the file 100%.
  7. Interesting. I miss those PS1 days using the D-pad for racing games...
  8. Uncharted-like kinda of glitch?
  9. For those still having issues to pop trophies, I recommend to do some quests at Reda's camp at Ravensthorpe (main settlement). By doing just one has popped most of mine ps5 trophies, even the completionist, with just some misc trophies left and a single activity made it to pop, e.g: Good catch (all fishes) only needed to catch 1 fish. Best of luck!
  10. Haha typical milestone
  11. Same boat here. I believe trying the method listed on the guide will work. Only thing is to rely on ubisoft serves to no corrupt yout save when use the cross save. Better have a backup. And I also agree with you. This game is WAY too big to play again haha.
  12. If only I knew that this cross gen bundle would retain the dlc content, I'd keep it for later. Too expensive right now 😒
  13. WRC is not grindy at all since WRC 8! On 6 and 7 there were an objective within the game accomplishments that required 5k km! Now it's only 500km!
  14. No, it is not the one like my avatar. I actually kinda liked Prairie because it isn't bad, it is just too simple and defective haha The one I vote is "Where the bees make honey". It is a complete mess, it changes from platforming with bad physics to nonsense puzzles and then all of sudden to a racing section with even worse physics, not to mention the pointless story in the middle of that and the game's tendency to crash all the time
  15. I know. But this time, no commitment with ranking level needed haha