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  1. No. Only platinum is possible because they never made the expansions for ps vita
  2. the remaining 100 players will be happy to have new content
  3. From what I read on the web, and also on psnprofiles, this trophy has always been bugged because it did not unlock, but the opposite happened to me, that is, it came out after 1 hour of play after having recycled 3 objects. This bug did not happen to me but also to my brother @XimerGOD with whom I was playing in local coop. I would like to know if anyone else has happened to what happened to me.
  4. Finally i got my Platinum + 100%
  5. I have preordered the ps5 only to sell it at 700€ and then buy a decent pc for gaming
  6. Most interesting ps5 game so far (at least to me)
  7. my level has been updated on the ps vita but not on the ps4. On what basis do they update the levels?
  8. Lance, mi diresti in breve come hai fatto?
  9. I tried to get this trophy for a whole afternoon to find it glitched, and it's also the last one for platinum
  10. Pre-ordered Tekken 7 (70 euros) only for the story mode.
  11. I want to write a list of LEGO games that can also be platinated by the second player and a list that cannot be platinated by the second player. So far I have played these LEGO games, if you have played a LEGO game with a second player that is not in my list, tell me if the second player also made the same trophies as the first player or not. Player 2 get all trophies: LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Player 2 didn't get all trophies:LEGO The Hobbit,LEGO Harry Potter Collection: Years 1-4,LEGO Harry Potter Collection: Years 5-7,LEGO Movie: The Videogame,LEGO Ninjago Movie: The Videogame.
  12. Ah
  13. I want buy this game. Can i get 100% of trophies even the server are shutted down?
  14. What happens if someone asks for a refund on something that I sold on ebay and I have on paypal I have less of the money that the buyer has spent? my case is this: i sold something for 24 euro but now i have changed my mind and i don't want to sell it anymore but i only have 18 euro on paypal, so what happens?