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  5. I've done all the Dev times in CTR and 30/38 Platinums in Crash 4. It is difficult to compare for me because when the Dev times were released in CTR, the game had already been out for a year and I was at that point able to consistently get times on each track that were several seconds better than the Dev times (the most difficult being Turbo Track impo). With that said, if you were to come in to each game blind today, my comparison would be from easiest to hardest: Easiest Crash 4 Gold Relics CTR Oxide Times Crash 4 Platinum Relics CTR Velo Times CTR Dev Times = Crash 4 Dev Times Hardest Although for me personally atm I find Crash 4 Platinums harder than Velo Ghosts, and Crash 4 Dev times much harder than CTR Dev times, but that is because I have played CTR a lot more.
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