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  1. Does this affect the AFK RP method at all?
  2. I've encountered this error today on my main account only on PS3. Subaccounts work fine, and I can log into PSN I got the issue after I was logged out of the PS App and the app asked for dual factor authentication, even though I didn't set it up on my account. I will try out the solutions.
  3. Title says it all. I'm interested in starting this game for the UR platinum. It doesn't look too bad, except for character mastery looking to take 500 hours, which doesn't matter if it runs automatically while I'm inactive. The save trick for arcade looks like those trophies will be a piece of cake. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for creating this thread! Very helpful to finally have an updated version of this. I know of two games: Black Desert for PS4 (many trophies, not sure which) and Blur for PS3 (hitting max rank just requires you to idle and turbo x in a lobby).
  5. I haven't received a response from that link. I assume Codemasters gave up on this game, much like they did with Dirt 2 and Dirt 3.
  6. Any update? I got ghosted by customer service
  7. Can you self boost with these settings? Taking this into account, how long do you estimate the platinum will take?
  8. My BBB complaint is still active, and I submitted another rejection and response today. EA basically said that they provided me with all the information it could. Things are looking bleak.
  9. ^^ Also, it is probably a generic response from a low level EA employee who knows nothing better. It's been five years since this broke down. I doubt that they'll expend any effort to fix a ten year old game in its last few months of online life.
  10. Just a quick update, I got my response from BBB, and it was the same thing. I rejected the response saying that it was a cookie-cutter answer and is not transparent at all.
  11. If you choose not to accept, they probably need to respond again, and eventually, it could go to arbitration. What a lame response from EA. Can't be too hard to turn on the servers.
  12. Same thing with me. I even bought it within 30 days of the unannounced shutdown date. I want to play this game, it looks really cool. Any word from BBB yet?
  13. I just filed a complaint with BBB. Here is how you do it: Step 1: Go here: https://www.bbb.org/file-a-complaint Step 2: Select "I'd like to resolve a problem with a business" Step 3: Search For "Electronic Arts" and select the business in Redwood, California Step 4: Fill out the complaint. I copied my complaint language below for your reference (you may want to tweak it a little bit). Provide an email address to receive updates on your complaint. I attached a screenshot of EA_Cade admitting that the server closure was intentional and without notice as well as another screenshot of EA's policy of promising 30 days advanced notice of shutting down its games. Step 5: In the remedy drop down menu, select "Other" and write "EA should reopen Fuse servers and provide at least 30 days notice of a future shutdown." I hope this makes it super easy to file a BBB complaint, and hopefully something gets done! ___________________ Electronic Arts (EA) promises 30 day notice before closing any of their video game servers on its website and on the back of any video game box that has online features. However, on June 1, 2021, EA closed "Fuse" servers for PS3 without any advanced warning in violation of the promised notice on its website and box. I was one of the players who purchased the game thinking the servers were still active and have mistakenly purchased an incomplete product because of EA's lack of notice of Fuse server shutdowns. Other players have been asking EA why the Fuse servers haven't been working. In response, employee EA_Cade responded that the server closure was intentional and admitted that advanced notice of the shutdown had not been given to players. EA is not fixing its intentional error and is instead ignoring any complaints from its players. It would be helpful for EA to reopen the Fuse servers and providing advanced notice of a future shutdown as it promised.
  14. I can't stand it when people on a trophy hunting website frown upon others trying to get trophies in old games. It is still something that people might have overlooked (which is my case) and if there are trophies to be earned, we play it. People have different reasons to play games, some won't play something if it has a server closure. It's our choice, and that's okay. Totally support the idea of holding EA publicly accountable. It has worked in the past when the multiplayer has totally been taken down (Medal of Honor Tier 1 mode, Dante's Inferno). Let's keep trying and hope for the best!
  15. Wow, this is terrible. I wasted money buying this game and can't even play it now. I believe people reported EA to the BBB in the past when something like this happened and they were able to pressure EA to fix it. By doing this, EA broke their contract that is stated clearly on the back of the box, which is a violation.