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  1. I wanna know this too!
  2. Same position as you! Sucks to lose out on being one of the first plat holders because of bugs. EDIT: Another day, another disappointment lol. I wonder how many days it'll take to actually pop. Wouldn't be surprised if they broke it again in all honesty
  3. It wasn't on the PSN store when I purchased it. I bought a download code from GAME and it worked, so maybe try searching for one at a retailer.
  4. It seems to yeah
  5. Seems buggy as hell man, you'll get it eventually I'm sure. "All the trophies have been fixed" lol
  6. This can't be true. I've completed every single crew contract since launch and still don't have the 30 contract trophy.
  7. I wonder if there'll be new trophies with each season? I know that's something that would keep me coming back to the game!
  8. While I don't think the game sucked, it DEFINITELY feels like a bait and switch situation. They faithfully followed the story for the first 15 chapters, adding a lot of great content. It was perfect. Then you get to Shinra HQ and it's like they ran out of steam. Walking around a building listening to some BS propaganda about how great Shinra are was such a disappointment. This was the section I was looking forward to the most. They could have had that and included all the other things missing. There were no keycards to collect, no exploration or puzzles to solve, no being captured and having Sephiroth slaughter everyone on the upper floors... The trail of blood was just one tiny hallway. No creepy monsters other than Jenova. Then Barret gets killed only to come back to life for... shock... value? Then there's no boss fight in the glass elevator, no playable Red but we're getting Yuffie? And don't get me started on the last chapter. Good grief. What even WAS that thing? See, nobody likes Necron for this exact reason. End bosses that just show up out of NOWHERE suck. Also I'm tired of the sentiment that a "remake is not faithful to the original." They knew exactly what they were promoting when they used that word. They could have said reimagined, which is essentially what it is.
  9. You need to be the one standing on the car! Just ride one around and try and get a kill and you should get the trophy.
  10. Ayy, that's awesome to hear! Well, if you ever fancy some games, hit me up.
  11. Same here. Level 77 and no 50k XP trophy. Tons of stuff I've done hasn't popped. The game is very fun though!
  12. That list is beyond atrocious... this game deserves way better. I'll still end up grabbing it though. Lots of nostalgia for this game and the fact I can play it on current consoles with trophies at all is a good thing.
  13. Wow, this I did not expect! Definitely gonna grab it tomorrow and play the hell out of it. Sucks there's no online play though.
  14. FFIV by a huge margin for me. There is SO much needless party switching in the game it's actually unintentionally comical. "Oops, this guy blew himself up." "Oh no, this guy caught a cold and is bed ridden for the rest of the game." "Ah, two new characters... who turn to stone 15 minutes later." "Yay, let's jump off this airship to stop a bomb with my... body?" It goes on and on and on. People disappearing into voids, people betraying you 37 (hyperbole but you get the idea) times etc. It's impossible to form sympathy or attachment to any of the characters when they're gone 2 seconds later. FFXII would be second. Boring, bland story. Largely forgettable and unlikeable cast barring Balthier. Huge empty areas to explore with nothing to do. Combat was slow and boring and the soundtrack was probably the least interesting out of the whole series.
  15. Not in some regions, UK being one of them. It's on the disc but it doesn't register as being unlocked and you have to buy it off the store. It was like £3.99 so it won't break the bank, but still.