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  1. Not in some regions, UK being one of them. It's on the disc but it doesn't register as being unlocked and you have to buy it off the store. It was like £3.99 so it won't break the bank, but still.
  2. You can still download the DLC even with the servers down. Just do it through the PS store. Quick note, do it soon. The ultimate edition doesn't include Return to Ostagar and that has one trophy tied to it that will be completely unobtainable once the store goes down.
  3. No, the Definitive Edition has all the DLC tombs included
  4. Yeah, that trophy looks like it's gonna SUCK! We should get a session going on the 2nd of March to get it out of the way.
  5. I had the same glitch
  6. I've been leaving my PS4 on while I sleep for weeks now and still have nothing! This trophy is the pits
  7. PS Plus isn't marketed that way. It's for playing online and cloud based storage, which don't require the RNG gods to be in your favour. The free games are a bonus. If you don't like the games we get, you can't then go "well hey, didn't get what I wanted, let me buy another subscription to PS Plus and see if I get the games I want this time," Loot boxes are absolutely gambling. It's mental that it took this long to begin regulating honestly. I keep seeing the statement that it doesn't have the ability to break the bank, but yes. Yes it really does. People saying it's parents fault for putting their details on their kids account are to blame as well. A lot of parents don't know much about gaming, but they shouldn't have to think the game they bought for their child with an age rating of 3, has the ability to drain thousands out of their bank accounts... If a game wants to include that, then fine, but they should be rated appropriately.
  8. In order SNES (Still own) Game Boy (Still own) Playstation Playstation 2 (Gave to friend, still works) Game Boy Advance (Still own) Playstation 2 Slim (Still own) Xbox Gamecube (Still own) Nintendo DS Lite Xbox 360 Arcade (Had 2 of these, both broke) PSP (Still own) Xbox 360 Slim (Still own) Nintendo 3DS (Still own) Playstation VITA (Still own) Xbox One Playstation 4 Pro (Still own) Nintendo Switch (Still own) This is longer than I thought lol
  9. Tomb Raider: Legend
  10. You have a lot of options. Choose any of the healers and do it as them since they have decently damaging abilities but, obviously, can heal themselves too. Summoner is also a good job to use as you can have Titan tank for you while you do all the DPS. Any Melee will do as you can Second Wind and Bloodbath! Monk is my main but if you're soloing, you won't be hitting any positionals so your dps will be lacklustre. If you literally only have Paladin unlocked, what you can do is fight and then when you start to get low, desync your level from the fate and use Clemency to heal. As long as you stay in the fate circle the enemies will continue to attack you and you'll keep your progress, but because you vastly outlevel them you'll be taking no damage while you heal.
  11. Outer La Noscea 100% Go into the mines and there are 2 fates up there that spawn one after another and they are ALLLLWAYS up. They're only a short walk away from each other too. It was the go to fate grinding spot during the Yokai watch event and it should still be the same!
  12. If it turns out to be backwards compatible with the PS3 I'll definitely grab it day one! If not, as soon as a game I care about launches on it
  13. I would have voted for the VII remake but the last 3 chapters made the game go from a 10/10 to a 6/10 for me. So instead XV gets my vote! I would have probably voted for XIV had it been included. While A Realm Reborn and Heavensward were last gen, Stormblood and Shadowbringers are definitely this gen.
  14. There's a hole on the classic course that is really easy to consistently hit an albatross 😀