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  1. When you start TOKW for the first time, you will see the 3rd save slot already has your name on it. Do NOT use that save slot and instead start a new one. The 3rd slot is glitched and it will erase any progress on your secondary objectives in TOKW, such as convoys/memory fragments, whenever you exit your game.
  2. Just here to reassure anyone trying to plat this. I finished the game and got the platinum on PS5 with zero problem. Very interesting game with great art style.
  3. I followed devilleon’s youtube videos for the climax battles and was able to clear most of them in 1 or 2 tries. Here is the link in case you have not seen them.
  4. I believe the statue itself does not start the encounter directly but the dark rabbite should be in a room/area very close to where you were teleported to. I’ve beaten the dark rabbite with Kevin and Duran. Both times the statue teleported me to the entrance of a room or an area of their respective final dungeon where previously you either could not enter or it was simply empty.
  5. Three playthroughs are needed for the platinum.
  6. It is just the same. So if you pick any characters from your first playthrough you can breeze through NG+.
  7. It's a shame that we don't get the option of resetting character level for NG+. If you pick one of the character from your first playthrough and wanna try the other class change route, he/she will basically one-shot everything for you.
  8. For the puzzles with the little triangles: 1) One triangle in the square: your path can only go through one side of that square. 2) Two triangles: your path must go through two sides of that square. 3) Three triangles: you must go through three sides of that square. You can use this website (someone posted it in the other thread) to test it out yourself or even help you through that part of the challenge. Hope this helps.