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  1. Unfortunately, this method doesn't work for everyone. Didn't work for me. Much thanks for posting it anyway, I hope it helps somebody. πŸ™‚ Im my case it seems like my ISP doesn't allow me to forward port 80. Maybe I will try buying static IP adress from my ISP for this. I should add some notes btw: 1) do not set your PS3's IP adress into your router's DHCP range; otherwise any other device in your local network may take your console's IP adress 2) you don't actually need to forward any ports if you put your console into DMZ; DMZ means that all available ports are forwarded to designated IP adress; however, forwarding ports while using DMZ should do no harm but adds extra work 3) different sources tell you to forward different ports for this (but port 80 is stated in all of them); for expample, ports stated in official game manual differ from stated in this post – that means that you may try forwarding different ports if some of them don't work for you, but better just use DMZ to forward all ports at the same time UPD: Seems like my ISP doesn't allow me to forward ANY port, not just port 80. I am able to set forwarding settings for each port (except port 80) in my router menu, but it makes no effect since all of the ports are closed for me (which is not shown in my router menu). Looks like the only solution for this is buying static IP from ISP or idk. I am trying to figure it out and will post a solution here if I manage to find any.
  2. "Careerist: International B" popped 1 minute later after getting "All-Gold International A License" which is not possible to do legitimately. If you get trophy for getting gold on all events, you surely should get trophy for just completing those events at the same time (in a few seconds to be exact).
  3. Hi! Yes, they are all allowed for use.
  4. That's right. I thought they didn't implement difficulty related trophies in the first place because accessibilty settings were designed for people with disabilities. So difficulty related trophies wouldn't make any sense if settings are allowed; and I guessed they thought that not allowing using those settings in order of getting trophies would be sort of discrimination of players with disabilities. I still think this is the reason why devs allowed accessibility settings to be used on Grounded. They still locked access to "actual" cheats, so they allowed using accesibility options on purpose. I agree that Grounded and Permadeath trophies are nothing but a silly joke this way. I also wish these trophies gave us true challenge, especially after platinum being THAT easy (seriously, it's one of the easiest plats in action games I've ever seen). Right, nothing stops me from doing it hardcore way, i.e., not enabling accessibility options on Grounded, but I really don't see any reason to make it difficult if I can go easier way. As much as I loved this game with all my heart, I had enough of it after two playthroughts, and I din't really want to go for another two long ones. No matter how I enjoy any game, there would still be a moment when I don't want to play it anymore. My completionism was the only reason I did those trophies, and I did them the easiest way possible.
  5. Devs were surely aware of this. When you choose Grounded at the start of new game, the game advices you to turn those accessibility settings off because of "the way this mode is supposed to be played" or something like this.
  6. Yea, sounds like some kind of bug. I don’t recall if there was indicating sound in that episode, but I’m definitely sure invisibility should work on Ellie as I beat her that way.
  7. Wow, I didn't really know that. When I tried to open it stealthily, shamblers started running to the noise. Maybe I was spotted by that runner, or it's scripted the way that shamblers detect you but still are unable to catch you (as it is with many other barricaded/shut doors) and I was too scared so I dropped the chain and ran away. I managed to beat her without throwing stuff at the bombs. I just stayed prone-invisible and waited a bit, while she was all busy with her "wire the whole place up with tons of explosives" thing. Then she started moving from one side of the room to the other, and I catched a moment and threw a bottle at her, so it hit and stunned her. I was using default brick and bottle auto lock-on, whithout any manual aiming. I guess she dodges throwables if she have spotted you, the same way she dodges every single one of your melee attacks unless you attack from stealth. And her perception is tuned up to the level of cat on Grounded.
  8. Hah, I died the very same way on my Permadeath walkthrough. After being eaten by clicker due to using melee, next time I wanted to move slightly ahead of Dina to have some safe space while shooting and that ended in instant game over.
  9. Yep, there are couple of episodes where you are forced to go into open fight and you are unable to crawl yourself out of encounter. These are forest escape with Lev and Yara when Abby is locked into a building waiting for them to get her out while hordes are pushing in, and Rat King of course. These are easily doable if you stick to right strategy: as soon as you start playing Abby, you just build up your arsenal (and you should also have some ammo and resources left from your previous playthrough). Just don't attack anyone as you can crawl yourself past them without wasting any ammo. So when the time comes, you will be able to unleash all your firepower on the hordes and Rat King. I picked up most of the resources on the levels, and this way I had plenty of powerful ammo (like bombs, explosive shells, flamethrower ammo) when I was about to get into a fight as Abby even on Grounded. Btw I never tried to go prone in those situations so maybe there is slight chance that invisibility option would work at these fights. There is maybe one tough situation when you're playing as Ellie. It's when you have to deal with two shamblers. But even if you were spotted you can just lie down and shamblers will lose their sight of you. Just make sure they don't step on you, because they will start seeing you and will make their toxic explosion right away if that happens. And you should be able to deal with them easily if you saved couple of molotovs and shotgun ammo. I think this fight is easily doable if you have enough ammo. As soon as fight began I started to unleash all my arsenal at it. It took like 5 pipe bombs and 80 fuel units of flamethrower for it to die. I didn't even have to run away from it in circles, like I did at my first playthrough, as Rat King was stunned by bombs or flame. When it came to it's stalker part, I finished it with something around 7 standart hunting pistol shots and 2 explosive shotgun shots. It's easy not to miss a single bullet if you are using slow mo setting. I would also advice to change your weapons while you're in slow mo cause this will make you slightly quicker in your actions. But generally you are right: you may not want to combine Grounded and Permadeath if you are not sure in this. I did two playthroughs before this one so I knew how things worked in this game and had no trouble. Btw I had some occasional clumsy deaths like when some sudden clicker suprisingly one-bited me from behind out of nowhere, and I had to start the whole chapter all over again – and this was definitely boring and no fun. So yeah, it's better to be sure you are not going to die even if you choose chapter-based Permadeath. P.S. Don't be afraid of those sudden clickers – you can avoid them if you stay prone all the time. It was just me who sometimes started fights just for fun (and then had even more "fun" of replaying the chapter). P.P.S. Still be afraid of the one certain clicker. It happens when Ellie and Dina start being pursued by hordes in the underground metro and Dina is grabbed by a runner: you better shoot it of her instead of using melee as melee animation may take a long time, and then you'll end up in clicker's kind hands (never happened to me on Hard but maybe it's Grounded-exclusive thing).
  10. Many people wonder if accessibility settings violate getting the new Grounded and Permadeath trophies. Now I can confirm that accessibility settings DO NOT violate getting those two trophies. Actually every accessibility option the game allows you to enable during your Grounded or Permadeath playthrough is free to use. In-game cheats (aka "gameplay modifiers") as one shot kills and infinite ammo which are not allowed to be used for getting these trophies will be locked anyway. So if the game allows you to turn something on – you may feel free to turn it on (you can even use listening mode on Grounded). Grounded+ is counted towards Grounded trophy. Using "invisibility while prone" and "slow motion" settings actually turns Grounded into a piece of cake. I easily managed to beat Grounded in Permadeath mode due to these settings. To sum up: - you are allowed to go Grounded+ to make things easier - you are allowed to use accessibility settings to make things incredibly super extra easy - it is very easy to go for Grounded and Permadeth in one playthrough if you are familiar and good with the game (if otherwise – don't)
  11. I can confirm that these settings do not violate getting both of the trophies.
  12. I can confirm that AC5 is still available via buying AC7: Deluxe Edition in SCEE region (AFAIK it includes all Europe countries; however, I was guided by this list: To be more exact: I got it from bying at Russian PS Store. P.S. As it was mentioned before, AC5 appears as separate game in the library. So if you don't see it, don't start downloading AC7 as it won't give you AC5 and absolutely super definitely will deny your sweet ability to refund.
  13. As it was already said it is not possible to beat the game in one hour. Those are world records and they were done using auto aiming. Yes, it is possible to get Crushing trophy via chapter select so trophy timing will be close or use the glitch, but why wouldn't OP mention that if it was done that way and instead tells that they did speedrun the whole game with mods and auto aiming instead? There is also no Speedrun mode in this game (and one who did speedrun the game should have known that), so if they did legitimate speedrun it should have triggered the Speedrun trophy. Using glitch would also have triggered the Speedrun trophy. So it's another contradiction here. Contradiction about unlocking modifiers was already mentioned before me.
  14. Holy water is super weak and actually useless against Mundus. And game doesn't allow you to "buy one more" if you already have plenty of it. Answering the OP question for someone in need: untouchable stars are the key. About 5 of them should be enough, you just have to jump on the highest platform and mash Mundus with your sword.
  15. This section can be done by putting sleeping gas on top of train cart just above enemies while you are outside the cart.