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  1. From Januray, in 4 months we got Greedfall, Tomb Raider, Concrete Genie, Control, Remake, Remnant, Days Gone, heck even Zombie Army 4 was somewhat nice. From May to October it has been straight garbage for PS4 imo (with a few good one offs like Plague's Tale for PS5 users only).
  2. Do you have any Lego game that you recommend? I've recently went through Ninjago (given for free) and I was actually surprised. I let my wife play the story and helped her with the harder collectibles after that. Pretty chill and having arrows pointing to the golden bricks was time-saving.
  3. I think the PS5 reveal was good reference on how events should be. Some reveals, some gameplay trailer on previously announced games, we got Miles, Demon’s Souls, Horizon and FFXVI. I don’t mind Sony making these events hardly ever if it’s going to have that much content. Please respect our time. We’re not here to watch extended gameplay for Clid the Snail.
  4. As a rule of thumb I don't think any game from PS3 and later needs a remake. Bioshock, Mass Effect and Uncharted collection are all here as examples of 7th generation games that still hold up just fine.
  5. Love the Colin and Alexisonfire references, from their great debut album even . Hopefully this is a happy medium between Ratalaika easy and Enter the Gungeon hard.
  6. Really interested in this one. The murder mystery VN thing is right up my alley.
  7. So, I haven’t touched this game in a while. The first time I played I got the community center recovered and missed on the Joja trophy because I forgot to make a backup. Now that there’s multiplayer is it possible for me to transfer money to a second account and then back to another character on my primary account so I can avoid the hassle of making money to get the Joja trophy?
  8. Considering you first said do all missions till The Prince's Secret, but then said to A New High King after it, at what point in the A Cure for Malichor questline do you stop it and start the An Ancient Secret questline?
  9. "LOL AT THESE PEOPLE CRYING ABOUT TROPHIES" - someone on a playstation trophies forum You happy about a niche game you love being re-released? Good, no one's telling you to not support the game. It doesn't change the fact that this was an extremely low effort release. People on a trophy-based site are unhappy that the publisher didn't even bother putting a half decent list of trophies and it's justified. If that doesn't bother you, fine. Everyone plays the games they want, the way they want, and each one of us can speak with our wallets. What I find mind-boggling is that there is a vibrant trophy hunting community, I mean this website shows 95k people own My Name is Mayo. The cost for them to put a decent trophy list couldn't possibly be more than they'll lose from people discouraged by the half-baked list.
  10. For people from non-English speaking countries: do you have a thumb rule to find on PSN which games are available on your native language? One key feature missing from the PS Store is a Steam-like table showing which languages are available in either Interface, Full Audio, and Subtitles. Also, integrating that as a filter on the search engine. Trying to get my kids, that don’t speak English yet, into Japanese games, but aside from Bandai Namco, most publishers aren’t really localizing games to my region.
  11. I went in without many expectations but I actually liked it. It’s Sniper Elite meets Left 4 Dead. My suggestion: redeem it, install and play it on a secondary account. If you like it, go back and play it on your main account. If you don’t like it, no need to worry about a game you won’t complete showing up on your trophy list.
  12. This "just go get gamepass" routine is pretty tiresome. Being critical of a company's service and keeping them in check doesn't mean I wanna go somewhere else for that, it means I don't want them to get complacent. Cutting costs here and there and betting on the big bucks might look interesting on paper, but it's pretty short-sighted overall. Small, pro-consumer moves go a long way to their long-term bottom line and keeping consumers attached. We must speak with our wallets. If we're displeased by the fact they're remaking a 2013 game that still looks just fine over sequels and new intellectual property, but we go ahead and buy it full price when it comes out, than we're part of the problem. Also, while Jim Ryan may not be the culprit for any of this, he's the head of a company that is making several questionable moves in the eyes of the player base and he's certainly not responsible for not letting any of that happen.
  13. Damn, I loved the first game but it was brutal to platinum. Over 100 hours and I'm still far from the needed coins and distance.
  14. Not sure if this is easily done, of if it would make the UI too crowded, but for games without guides and difficulty I usually use the % of people who own the game and have the platinum as reference. Otherwise, great website for trophy hunters! I'll start using it immediately.
  15. How hard or troublesome is platting this whole trilogy compared to, say, the Uncharted series? Just noticed I own all three games but never played any. For instance, the Uncharted trilogy on PS4 had no multiplayer and pretty forgiving time attack trials and checkpoints on crushing difficulty. Uncharted 4 had multiplayer trophies but mostly of the "doe everything once" kind.