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  1. Not sure if this is easily done, of if it would make the UI too crowded, but for games without guides and difficulty I usually use the % of people who own the game and have the platinum as reference. Otherwise, great website for trophy hunters! I'll start using it immediately.
  2. How hard or troublesome is platting this whole trilogy compared to, say, the Uncharted series? Just noticed I own all three games but never played any. For instance, the Uncharted trilogy on PS4 had no multiplayer and pretty forgiving time attack trials and checkpoints on crushing difficulty. Uncharted 4 had multiplayer trophies but mostly of the "doe everything once" kind.
  3. It's been sometime since I played the first one buy I remember only being able to shoot forward. From the trailer of Habroxia 2 it looks like you can shoot in a certain angle around the ship. That's pretty game changing, excited to play it and see the new upgrades .
  4. They added a lot of new masters compared to CSIII and my personal favourite is Witch. Having a +4 damage nuke at 3 mana cost every round is pretty crazy, plus the boatloads of mana it gets.
  5. Can confirm the GameFAQs to be a pretty solid guide so far. You can trade for a Moon Lens quartz pretty early which will pretty much guarantee you won't miss any chest, and the guide makes a chest count at the end of every section - important to note, this game tracks down the number of chests collected. Not sure why they waited for the fourth game to add such convenient feature like this one, and the little checkmark on the battle notes indicating the monsters have been fully analyzed.
  6. I wonder, is anyone making a comprehensible list of games with improved framerates on the ps5? I see Days Gone and Ghost of Tsushima went ahead and uncapped the framerates in a recent patch and are now running on a smooth 60 fps. God of War on the other hand already had an uncapped framerate on performance mode on the Pro but it didn't quite reach a stable 60, which it will now be able to do, however the game runs on a lower resolution in this mode. This is all nice and a reason, more than ever, for us to be able to see what resolution the game is running on, and the framerate as well. It would make it much it to compile this information without resorting to your DF videos.
  7. Digital owner here, managed to download most of those listed but the Cold Steel III because I happened to own that game physical. The swimsuit is also not for free in the Brazilian store, costing around $15.
  8. Trails of Cold Steel III clear data rewards Character level 64 or lower: parameter boost items x1 65-74: parameter boost items x2 + Shining Pom bait x1 75 or higher: parameter boost items x3 + Shining Pom bait x2 + Zeram Powder x1 Thors Branch School reputation second rank: Spirit Incense x1 top rank: Spirit Incense x2 + Dragon Incense x1 Instructor rank A+: Fighter’s Medal: HP +1000, STR +10, prevents all ailments (available in-game) S: Champion’s Medal: HP +2000, STR +20, prevents all ailments (not available in-game) Sauce:
  9. Most of the trophies look pretty in line with the three previous games, though I'm intrigued by the decision to lump all boys into a single bonding trophy. My questions to the crew here that have played the JP version are: 1. Can multiple bonding trophies be earned like in CSIII or do we have to save scum like in CSI and CSII? 2. Is the "A New Dawn" true ending trophy missable? I can see it being like the one where we had to talk to instructor Thomas after the ending of CSII.
  10. From my understanding, a boosted mode would be needed to be tested and implemented on a case my case basis, because in some cases having the ultra fast ssd could cause some games to actually run faster than intended and malfunction by extension because they were originally optimized for the ps4 hdd. I could be just talking out of my ass though. I was too hoping to make use of the SSD for some games with notable and constant loading times (looking at XCOM 2 and Pillars of Eternity) but alas, I could see Sony only putting boost mode on first party and big AAA titles.
  11. Curious to see how this one plays on console. Pillars Deadfire was pretty buggy and the loading times were dreadful, but overall a fun platinum and not really too difficult.
  12. As someone who played both Pillars of Eternity games on PS4, I'm sad to see a game that is likely in the same world, be exclusive to another platform. Good for Obsidian for getting bought though! I just wish, and hear me on this one, that Playstation Studios could acquire or assemble a studio to be RPG focused. The Playstation space is thriving with JRPG's but not so much with western ones. Of all the Microsoft purchases, Obsidian is the one hurts the most, I think.
  13. Can confirm Perils of Baking is available in Brazil as of March 27th. Thanks Barry!
  14. Perils of Baking doesn't seem to be available in my region (Brazil), while Habroxia is. Any ideas why?
  15. Has anyone found a way to consistently bypass the bug where the exits are unreachable? Places like The Gullet are especially annoying to leave. Tried going into cursor mode (triangle) and restarting the game, but I keep getting "Gather your party to venture forth" even though everyone is there.