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  1. Curious to see how this one plays on console. Pillars Deadfire was pretty buggy and the loading times were dreadful, but overall a fun platinum and not really too difficult.
  2. As someone who played both Pillars of Eternity games on PS4, I'm sad to see a game that is likely in the same world, be exclusive to another platform. Good for Obsidian for getting bought though! I just wish, and hear me on this one, that Playstation Studios could acquire or assemble a studio to be RPG focused. The Playstation space is thriving with JRPG's but not so much with western ones. Of all the Microsoft purchases, Obsidian is the one hurts the most, I think.
  3. Can confirm Perils of Baking is available in Brazil as of March 27th. Thanks Barry!
  4. Perils of Baking doesn't seem to be available in my region (Brazil), while Habroxia is. Any ideas why?
  5. Has anyone found a way to consistently bypass the bug where the exits are unreachable? Places like The Gullet are especially annoying to leave. Tried going into cursor mode (triangle) and restarting the game, but I keep getting "Gather your party to venture forth" even though everyone is there.
  6. Hey. I just bought this game for my daughter (10), after she had a good time with the Spyro trilogy. This one looks neat, as 3D-platformers are not really in abundance on PS4. Anyone got more suggestions beyond Spyro, A Hat in Time, and Effie?
  7. Did you ever find out the answer to this? I was thinking about starting the 2nd game before doing the 5th chapter in the first one for story purposes and wondering the same thing.
  8. I just hope there is no RNG dependant trophy. Getting all types of stronghold adventures was a pain in the first game. Excited for this.
  9. 1. Bolt Rail (Basic) 2. Any Dash 3. Cardice Prime 4. Volt Pinball (Arcana) 5. Awe (Cape) 6. Vampire's Eyeglasses (Relic) The idea is that the Eyeglasses will get you healed on crits, while the Awe cape will increase your critical chance.
  10. I share a PS4 with my brother and I was looking for a Vita too, so I can play while he's busy on the main console. Not really sure where to get one though, any tips? I'm in the Vancouver area.
  11. Ok so after getting a tip from a someone who got it recently, I managed to get this. I went to the Stonehenge with all ten toys and started sacrificing the 6 toys possible (note that the Ring, the Drone, the Golf club, and the Frisbee can't be sacrificed). After a while sacrificing the 6 toys, it eventually popped. Notice that at the time it popped I didn't have all 10 toys in my inventory, so you don't need to have them all at the same time. Also, it popped when I sacrificed The Foot and got a Vampire Ring out of the chest (which isn't even one of the 10 main toys), so it seems to be pretty random to be honest. Shouts to Kravnnn, who hinted at sacrificing all toys. Hope this helps.
  12. I'm on the same boat, and would appreciate the input of someone who achieved this after the Mormo Curse patch. I'm on the 10th era right now with all 10 toys but no trophy.