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  1. Hey Barry! Congrats on the release! Just finished the base game and didn’t get Flatbread. Where can I get squished? Additionally, Pan Pong is limited to the boss encounters, correct? Tried it a few times on stage 50 but couldn’t menage to get 5 hits.
  2. If the most impossible platinum is the hardest game, what does that make the least impossible platinum? I'm confused lol Anyway, my hardest platinum I'll never get is Unravel 2, I platted the first which was already hard but this one took it further. Now my easiest platinum I'll never get is Final Fantasy XV, purely because I couldn't put that much effort in a game that I didn't like at all.
  3. Looking at my games played between Bethesda and Activision IP and it's mostly Fallout 4 and the Spyro trilogy. I will definitely be sad to let the lil purple dragon go, but it ain't like Activision was doing much with it. I wouldn't say I'm Playstation brand loyal, but most of my catalogue is here, so it's hard for me to interact with other platforms, especially since I'm a sucker for my gaming history. I remain positive that the biggest "threat" to Sony is Nintendo overtaking the Japanese market. Sony's bread and butter is their first party games but also JRPGs. Hopefully they can increase their support to Japanese devs in both a first and second party capacity.
  4. Looking at this game's reviews and I'm very interested. I'm a sucker for customizable party-based games like XCOM, Pillars and Divinity. It looks like I'm not getting the plat on this one though 😅
  5. If you're not used to JRPGs, I would honestly steer clear of ports. Games like the original FF7 are great RPGs, but the PS1/PS2 era jank isn't a starting point I'd recommend, especially if you're looking into platting a game. I'd suggest Persona 5 (haven't played Royal but it looks like a more streamlined plat), I Am Setsuna (if you don't mind a lower budget, but still very good game), and Trails of Cold Steel (if you are willing to follow the very good guide here religiously). In case you're on a budget and want to try out a game before buying, many JRPGs have serviceable demos in the store, like Dragon Quest 11, Ys VIII, Ys IX, Tales of Berseria, Tales of Arise.
  6. I came to criticize the lineup when it was bad, so only fair I come to praise when it is good. I won’t touch the third game but Knockout City and Kingdoms of Amalur are good offerings.
  7. I'm not mad, just disappointed. This was an opportunity to flesh out the world, and highlight parts of the Drake story we weren't familiar yet. Heck, even do a reimagining of one the games. But do a cash grab movie that ain't even canon? Who asked for this? Why is this Uncharted? If you're not aiming for Uncharted fans why don't you just call the movie and the characters something else? Feels more like a missed opportunity than anything.
  8. From Januray, in 4 months we got Greedfall, Tomb Raider, Concrete Genie, Control, Remake, Remnant, Days Gone, heck even Zombie Army 4 was somewhat nice. From May to October it has been straight garbage for PS4 imo (with a few good one offs like Plague's Tale for PS5 users only).
  9. Do you have any Lego game that you recommend? I've recently went through Ninjago (given for free) and I was actually surprised. I let my wife play the story and helped her with the harder collectibles after that. Pretty chill and having arrows pointing to the golden bricks was time-saving.
  10. I think the PS5 reveal was good reference on how events should be. Some reveals, some gameplay trailer on previously announced games, we got Miles, Demon’s Souls, Horizon and FFXVI. I don’t mind Sony making these events hardly ever if it’s going to have that much content. Please respect our time. We’re not here to watch extended gameplay for Clid the Snail.
  11. As a rule of thumb I don't think any game from PS3 and later needs a remake. Bioshock, Mass Effect and Uncharted collection are all here as examples of 7th generation games that still hold up just fine.
  12. Love the Colin and Alexisonfire references, from their great debut album even . Hopefully this is a happy medium between Ratalaika easy and Enter the Gungeon hard.
  13. Really interested in this one. The murder mystery VN thing is right up my alley.
  14. So, I haven’t touched this game in a while. The first time I played I got the community center recovered and missed on the Joja trophy because I forgot to make a backup. Now that there’s multiplayer is it possible for me to transfer money to a second account and then back to another character on my primary account so I can avoid the hassle of making money to get the Joja trophy?
  15. Considering you first said do all missions till The Prince's Secret, but then said to A New High King after it, at what point in the A Cure for Malichor questline do you stop it and start the An Ancient Secret questline?