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  1. There showing now for 2 -3 hrs they weren't showing
  2. Any else having problems not seeing trophies
  3. Okay thank you guys for answering ill have to either start a gaming session or find someone as im playing to help
  4. Hi i got some questions about 2 online trophys the 1 is alls fair can i do this with just me in a posse or do i need another person and the other is the real deal does this need to be done in a posse or is this done threw like the purple missons that pop up i cant remember what its called any help would be appreciated
  5. I ended up getting in a side mission for hamish but thank you guys for you replys
  6. If your having trouble and have already did all legendary fish theres a side mission for hamish if u haven't did it already you will catch another legendary fish so try doing that
  7. Okay ill try those spots hopefully catch 1 soon
  8. Hi anyone know good spots to catch a 19lb fish ive done all the legendary fish so thats outta the question and ive tried multiple spots like the swamp where the bait shop is and i only catch 14lb fish im at the point of loading an old save before i did the legendary fish but then i gotta do all the hunting requests again and im really not in the mood for that again so any tips or locations would be awesome
  9. Same here saying i got no trophys
  10. The co op trophy for man of medan do you need a friend from your list or is there some kind of matchmaking in the game
  11. Well considering its a missable trophy id say you will have to restart
  12. So if i join a game thats chapter 2 out of 4 and finsh it with 4 people will i still get the trophy or does it have to be the las checkpoint for it to work
  13. Lol you dont have to be rude to people maybe people dont think to google it if you dont like people asking it dont look and answer it simple as that
  14. A great way to get your weapons lv up quick is play rush since eveything is free and u can just keep hitting the box unitl you get the weapon you need dont gotta worry bout money and the box moving