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  1. @Sly Ripper hey could i get unbanned its been 3 days and all i did was update my own account i have not once spammed update or whatever reason why i got banned and im obviously not a bot i enjoy this site and all that goes with it but to be punished for updating every couple hours witch the site allows isnt right
  2. Didnt even know i can get banned for updating my profile been doing it for over a year and nothing has happend hope it gets fixed soon
  3. Ya having same issue it should be the new assassins creeds but its red dead redemption 1 and i havent played that in like 4 years thats mad weird
  4. I wasnt playing on movie night but yes it crashed and lost my file
  5. Same went from lv 37 to 484 back down to lv37 that dont make no sense
  6. Thats so weird it didnt change over for me yet but did for friends and familys
  7. Hi is anyone else having problems with this ive gotten a kill with evey weapon and still nothing any help would be awesome..... well after trying and trying i went to farm 100 kills with the revolver and it popped even tho i used that gun at the Beginning talk bout a glitchy trophy
  8. Is there any word from hanger 13 about a patch just spent 14hrs playing for it to crash before last racket boss much rather wait and hope for a patch
  9. Yes had to make a stupid activison account but wouldnt let me do it threw consle had to do it threw there website
  10. Hi after many many hours of downloading this game with all ad ons when i go to play the single player it keeps telling me im missing dlc pack 1 for campaign i go and redownload and its still saying the same thing i really hope i didnt just waste 50 bucks on something i cant play any help would be appreciated
  11. I just had the same problem do as the person above said score what you missed and stand there a few seconds
  12. Be nice to know for 100% you can get the trophys while doing ng+ im not wasting my time just for them not to pop
  13. Ive tried getting it to load 15 times and just keeps freezing so either i restart or im screwed
  14. Hi id like to know anyone who has played before if they have problems with the game freezing on loading screens just pumped 8 plus hours into this game just for it to freeze and not load really dont wanna have to restart this shitty game on hard just for it to do the same thing
  15. I just did it a few days ago so servers are up but slow as hell took 30 minutes to find a game just takes some patience