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  1. Bro it works! You are a life saver!!
  2. I am using port 2 and 3, both are dedicated for 4k input. I have tried all 1234 but everyone has the same symptom. The only solution I found, is to disable HDR on the console. Alternatively, it also works when I change my TV hdmi signal input to "standard picture". Currently it is set to enhanced format, which is for compatible devices. My question, is what defines compatible devices? Certainly not a normal ps4 or else I wouldn't have this problem.
  3. Guys, kindly advise. I created an account just for this, in regards to my normal ps4 linking to my 4k TV. I enabled hdr in my ps4, but somehow the screen flickers with the information "stereo 1080p" on EVERY trophy pop up and screen shot. I already selected enhanced 4k hdmi format, changed multiple hdmi cables. I'm on a premium hdmi and a Sony Bravia x7500f. This will not be a problem if I disable my console hdr, or change the video output to standard picture instead of enhanced 4k hdmi format. This is getting rather irritating.