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  1. I have had a three colour straight in hand a few times but how do I win with it, what should I go for with the other tiles to be able to win?
  2. Besides the needed coop trophy, is all other trophies harder playing solo or are they easily done?
  3. Any missable trophies or sub stories in the remastered version?
  4. Are there any missable trophies or substories on the remastered version?
  5. Anyone else having to wait a long time to respawn in after dying or reloading a checkpoint?
  6. Are there any glitched trophies in any of the DLCs?
  7. Do you need to play through the game on hard difficulty to unlock legend?
  8. If you play in one sitting/dont turn of console can you still obtain all trophies if the game doesn't crash on version 1.12?
  9. Whats the best way to play this game to hopefully obtain glitched trophies? Play offline?
  10. Have been getting S ranks for 'Growth of a legend' and some of them aren't counting when I go to check my progress on how many I have for each category. Does the facility need to be not maxed connection for the s rank to count?
  11. I have all 15 weapons and have made sure to get a kill with each, doing at the dock in the kill sal mission and still not popping.
  12. Have got a kill with all weapons many times now all in the same mission as well and still not popping. Any solutions?
  13. Interactive Drama and Happy Birthday not popping.
  14. Can start all other seasons except season 2