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  1. # 181- The Banner Saga 3 Banner Saga 3 Master Get all trophies Enjoyment: 10/10 Difficulty: 5/10 "How we live is more important than how long!" by Fasolt Banner Saga 3 is the final game in the trilogy developed by Stoic, where a group of Viking style warriors fight to protect civilians from an army of stone creatures called Dredge, and a mysterious darkness that is creeping across the land. The story follows a rag tag group of humans, giants and outcasts in a world where the old gods have died, the sun has stopped moving and a blackness is slowly engulfing the world. Among its many achievements, The Banner Saga strikes a fine balance between the small personal stories of the group and the grand over arching tale of the world itself. It also avoids many of the failings of other games with similar ambitions; you are never the center of the story, you are not the saviour of the world and yet your actions matter. The things you do shape the world, but not always in ways you could have imagined. The game asks you to make some tough decisions and the odds are never stacked in your favour and by the end, things might not actually go your way. I think more games should be as bold as The Banner Saga. Played through all 3 games back to back. I noticed some people were disappointed in the 3rd game but I can confidently say that I don’t share that sentiment. I thought it was very consistent with the past games and kept escalating tensions and a sense of impending doom with limited resources. I can sympathize that perhaps some story elements lost focus and that some arcs were emphasized less, but what they did focus on was still extraordinarily well done. Final Thoughts: Incredible writing and narrative. Interesting, fresh, engaging combat system. Beautiful world building. This is a game that I will remember, and I'm glad I invested my time in it. If you are into strategy turn based combat, impactful decision-making, and a fantastic story, you should definitely play this trilogy.
  2. # 176: OVERCOOKED! ALL YOU CAN EAT Legendary Chef Complete all Trophies As a fan of Overcooked 1 & 2, this newly refreshed and painstakingly beautified version is a great addition to the set. This has all the levels, characters, dlc, and a new fresh ability to play across platforms. Fast pace, full of laughs, can get out of hand real quick. Very fun with a group of friends and very entertaining. 10/10 KEVIN RECOMMENDS