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  1. it took me 20 hours in game if you know how to do it Also sorry but the second part of the message was for the OP not you.
  2. Destiny, the idea of playing this kind of game seems good, but is not quite.
  3. 20 hours give or take Also @cuckie you just got lucky, you dont think ALL the people are stupid and you are a kind of a genius are you ?
  4. 1 hours real time.
  5. Now i will just cross my fingers so we get the FPS on PS5 so i can platinium it.
  6. They seem to be out of stock right now but check from time to time that happened to me, bought i on canadian amazon.
  7. I grabbed the deluxe version on amazon for 25 Euro, i suggest you to the same, its cheap on physical copy. it gives you season pass also
  8. Im grabing those 3 Old school Doom games, Thank you sir. The rest is your everyday on same games so eh.
  9. Will pick that up too i will finaly start it ^^. Ill take DMC 5, i dont think the gap price will be that big on black friday
  10. Easy but i cant blame them, theire never was any challenge in Medievil, ill pick that up on sales, pure nostalgia reasons.
  11. Welp i didnt know it was a thing im already done with that
  12. Obviously this is the old 100% zombie player vs the rest of the world, you have the money or have the VR go for it, you dont and have an OCD problem dont, if you dont care even better. To me the game look too easy, it feels like a Littlebigplanet like, tipycally the type of game i like to watch and not play because they are not worth my money my time to be hunted. And i platted LBP in the past because they were given to me and too poor to buy anything else 😂
  13. Titanfall 2, started but got lazy on the speedrun
  14. Talletale games, tried one no thanks.