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  1. Hesitating between Xcom 2 and Darkest dungeons,ill call it a tie, really need to dig onto thoses 2 Games.
  2. This seems pretty average eveeyday plat, unless something weapon related is hard.
  3. LA NOIRE, has to finish my ps4 version
  4. #67 Burnout Paradise remastered Enjoyement 5/10 Challenge 2/10 So kids this is the story of 10 years old me with his psp and burnout. Burnout was such an epic game in the early 2000. What we leaned today ? That childhood tastes are bad, the concept of burnout didn t aged well, the game was far too recycled, so were the music, for its own sake. The RNG of the trafic is horrible, the feeling of grinding for better cars is non existent due to the fact that you just need the use the dlc cars.. Anyhow fun the first 10 hours boring the last 20. Edit : forgot to post the trophy, while the platinium couldv been valable, the pictures of the others trophy are just the plat in different colours..
  5. Is it a multiplayer or pvp local ?
  6. Until i plat every game i have and i have to pretty hard ones, max payne 3, vanquish, Mgs saga, bayonetta. (Yes i know i like to suffer, what can i do)
  7. Assassin's creed 2 and black ops, 2 masterpiece of recycled and overused liscences.
  8. It can be relevent if you are presenting a new console, or a lot of new games like square enix. Irrelavant if you did like EA/Bethesda this E3, waste of money.
  9. My last nfs played game was the run it was the last correct one for me, this one might change my mind but wont buy it without some reviews.
  10. Killzone 2 procrastined it till servers shutted down, rip.
  11. Wolfeinstein 2, good job mate, will do one day.
  12. I has nothing to do with your country if you are eu, i used to receive those mails, one day they stopped sending every mails except for "thank you for your purchase"