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  1. For me it was doing babel with 2 controllers all by my self so easily Catherine
  2. Nop, nothing on my mails, never lucky
  3. Shocking news the game is easy on easy 😂
  4. Do it 10 days before the release date then, but in optimal case, dont pre order anything in 2020.
  5. There is no secrets of that, there is around 1-2 blood rocks in the main game if i remember right, you can grind one with insights, in the DLC there is only one more you can pick up, and up to three more in the chalice dungeons. You can Always start a NG+ if you want others.
  6. How do i not break my controller playing this game, i play from soft games but this is some other level of BS they outdid themselves.
  7. At first i tought it was a fake, then i was fine with it and finally i don't care because its a controller and i need to test it with hands so looking at it doesn't tell me anything about it.
  8. When its summer, i basicly have a looooot of time, so what happens is i play a lot of old games that are suceptible to close their online servers and get rid of those trophies. Im done soon with that, i hate online trophies except for 2 kind of ones ; competitive ones that relies on your skill alone, and Coop with a small group lets say 4 and less, that is why i managed to play a game like GTA 5 and still go for the 100% even tho im not much of an online player.
  9. Bulletstorm, wanted to play it back in the days never bought it tho. As for AC 4, depends a lot, if you love pirates, yes, and old school assassins creed, yes. Otherwise i played it last summer and its aging gameplay wise, the music are still nice, and graphics are ok. There is a bit of a multiplayer grind but nothing too much and it can be boosted solo.
  10. I wont say its impossible but very unlikely, lets not forget that Xbox release some exlucives on Nintendo and Playsation is releasing Horizon Zeron Dawn On PC.
  11. Dark souls 3, Bloodborne, The last of us, Persona and Hollow Knight, they just sucked me in.
  12. One could probably spend all that self boost time on a work and get the money for a ps5 day one.
  13. Obviously i mean its the only way if you want to keep your sanity but oh well.
  14. I would offer you a trophy if i could draw it !