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  1. Anyone hear about Japan kena ps5 disc have patch 1.0.0 ?
  2. How about cross save from ps4 to ps5 ? Btw this game have 2 stack while u buy at 20$ right ?
  3. Does it have cross save and auto pop trophy ?
  4. just missed zone dogs 20 kill trophy.Does i have any chance to encouter zone dog in the dlc ?
  5. I only do rainbow runs .Does it appear on rainbow run?
  6. Never see the hidden market even once ? How to trigger it ?
  7. Dont pick up the stakes by jason or the Erick killed joey with UV light will dont count
  8. I done all mode on hard difficult nothing pop at all ?
  9. Very easy to reach 50lv with good plan and need to unclock portal 37(this make easier),play with Valkyrie blocking while waiting for cooldown,easy game
  10. Another method with snake clan about 15-20 min wanna heard out ??
  11. Just choose singer player,choose map small,choose AI=1,choose Raven clan,using harbor to scout all map,building economy as effiect as you can in first 3 year(10 minute per year),you should choose lore with have 25% increase villagers spawn and when u scout all map you should choose lore with happiness/map explore,your villager will spawn very fast when the begining for year 4 you should strike into their enemy town hall with all your unit and Mercenary you hire from harbor,engouh to take down enemy real quick
  12. As title above,I know how to rush this with 40 minute/match,just ask me I know all the trick
  13. Sad but true:Only nood don’t care about Ur plat
  14. Already do the final boss fight again and it still don’t pop lol?does I need to do entrie playthough again ?
  15. Just beat the game on highest difficult without changing the difficult whole game with valhala mode on it and 2 trophies just don’t pop ?