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  1. I'm pretty sure a few dlcs were not included in Ride 3 SP. And that's the one Smiddy23 and Warlord99956 are writing about if I remember correctly.
  2. You had to pay the 3 DLCs Warlord mentionned in order to reach 100% trophies. Pissed me off so i remember quite well 😝
  3. Hey, basically at this point you need to complete every contracts (7) of Search & Recover DLC in order to unlock Workaholic trophy. Finishing every contracts of the main game locks the tracker at 90%, last 10% are Search & Recover DLC missions.
  4. I did every challenges before any updates/nerf. Outride was far, far harder than it is right now. Easily a 8/8,5 before patch, 6 or 6,5 could be fair right now. People were going mad when this challenge released... Too bad they made it easier, it was way more challenging, which is the point of this... Challenge mode !
  5. Yep need gold in every challenges.
  6. Try to finish as fast as possible. The bonus for ending fast is huge. Keep the multiplier alive, drive by the freakers here and there, and go fast. You'll do it in no time.
  7. Different runs, even one by one if needed.
  8. Here we are my dear friends. Let's wrap this up. For this last challenge, as almost everyone knows, we're fighting an endless horde at the sawmill. We'll need to buy equipments dispatched all over the place in exchange of freakers ears. To get gold, the score objective is 250000. In order to get gold sub challenges, we need to : - Kill 1000 freakers - spend 1000 ears to buy stuff - kill 400 freakers with explosives (red barrels, molotovs, grenades etc) - loot X (will be edited) special boxes For this last challenge, i challenged myself and decided to try to go for the symbolic 1 million points, didn't think i could do it this fast, but i did. 😅 Video of my run :
  9. I absolutely don't agree with you, but hey, everyone have the right to think whatever they want. 😅 For me, bike challenges are completely legitimate because of one thing : bike gameplay is cleary excellent. Way better, for instance, than horde fighting inside a building like the last challenge, where the cam goes off in small spaces. Killing freakers on (before the patch that helped a lot) was pretty hard, but still not broken when you know how to do things. I succeeded quite a few times perfect runs where I needed to kill 20 freakers, if it was that broken, i woudn't. Yep it's a survival game, with an absolutely fantastic bike gameplay, why would they stop themselves doing challenges on something they did perfectly right ? Look at the new Ghost Recon, you might realize how good Days Gone's bike gameplay is. "Not much different scoring wise". Yeah sure, i can do full gold runs 9 times out of 10, my high score is 136k, before the patch it was 121k. Clearly, it's absolutely the same. Combine that with the patches that make it even easier, and you'll see how devs killed their own game. And yeah, they patched it because it was too hard. Nerfed sub challenges objectives, added huge ending bonus. You should have seen Bend Studio's Twitter when outride was released, it was on fire. Everyone was going mad because it was the first one they can't make gold bla,bla,bla. That they killed the game bla,bla,bla. Hate this kind of reactions. It's not against you man, hope you know that. But it looks like Bike Challenges are right in the middle of the sight because they are harder than the rest, not because it's glitchy or bad.
  10. The challenge was not broken actually, simply hard. I succeeded this challenge at least 10 times before the patch, did full gold runs a few times, helped a few friends with this challenge and it never took me more than 15 minutes. And yes at first i had so much trouble doing it, but at some point, when you know what to do, and train to do it right, this challenge is simply perfect. Now it's broken, having a 30k bonus for finishing quick, while the goal is 110k, that's completely broken. I'm doing WipEout at this very moment, and Zico challenges are the same. You simply need to do things perfectly, but at some point, the game is not responsable for our failures.
  11. Logic is quite simple actually. And pretty sad to be honest. 8th challenge made people completely mad, and instead of training, guys put their energy into creating petitions to nerf the difficulty. So they simply realized that people wanted simple challenges, which is pretty lame. Simple challenge... that's quite a concept. Pretty sure that the last one will not hurt gamers feeling by being very hard. PS : 8th challenge was far from impossible, with practice it was really doable.
  12. One more to go ! Have everything gold as well, i'm losing interest in these challenges. They are getting way too easy ! But hey, only one more to go. Let's finish it at the sawmill. 😀
  13. 100% agreed. Arkham Knight challenge mode is really challenging, that's the point. Dishonored Dunwall City Trials is a nightmare, but that's the point. Testing gamers skill. Lost a bit of interest when they nerfed their own work, absolutely hate that. Pretty sure last challenges will be quite easy, because of what happened with challenge n°8. It's a shame, cause it's a challenge mode, but everyone has to achieve it apparently. Not my definition of a challenge. Did WipEout Zico time trials the day before 10th challenge was released, maybe i should have waited for the nerf to come...! 😅
  14. Ok, done a 164k run. Useless challenge, because it's basically endless. You can repair your bike as much as you want, and regen fuel by jumping. Unfortunately, no skill involved in this one. Some people will call me crazy, but i liked Outride way more than this one. No skill involved : no fun. 🤔
  15. Yeah, and gaz + repair ring combo is ridiculous. Ended with 155k, you can basically continue as much as you want. Kept doing the same jumps over and over until i got bored... 😆