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  1. Servers work fine. Emailed the devs. They reset something. Now im able to go online on every desert ashes game. Get em while you can
  2. Dino Den is still in UK store
  3. Checked last night. THPS5 servers are fine
  4. Hey. Nothing wrong with that. That was me like 5 years ago before the whole trophy hunting. Played BFBC1 non stop for a year. Kept playing over and over until I was getting first place almost every match. Just wanted to be better than anyone. Then I stumbled onto trophies and its never been the same. Now I feel ive played all kinds of games but feel like I’m average at best at all of them. Eh
  5. Try orange box. That was the game that worked for mercenaries 2 for me
  6. If you have 4 copies to boost solo. I’d say go for it. You’d be able to do all competitive matches solo and you would be done with in like 30hrs. Then for co-op you just need 2 more people and that will take another 30+hrs depending how good you are on crushing. Then all thats left is hunter arena for treasures. I know everyone is trying to scare you off with the whole RNG but it aint too bad. Just gotta play few matches every day for a week or so. Without alts, no chance