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  1. Is platinum unobtainable after pach 1.1? 😓
  2. Do you recommend making all the trophies with the hardcore character? What build did you use for hardcore mode?
  3. Will have the game crossplay soon?
  4. Anyone know how many cards are in the game currently?
  5. My career trophies can be obtained in my player's test match? Thanks.
  6. Only player 1 gets trophies.
  7. More wood!!!!! 😁
  8. Great job 👍
  9. My problem is that when I did the playerpos spawn code to spawn at the terminal for the Aberration boss arena, it didn't spawn me there. I was high up in the sky and after a few seconds I died. The command I use is "setplayerpos -105377 -58144 -102977
  10. Yes, my level is 115. The question is: What file should I upload: The island or Aberration? Thanks for the help and excuse my english.
  11. Do I have to go to the coordinates of the console where Rockwell appears loading The Island or Aberration? I did it loading Aberration and I think that's the problem, but if I try to go from the island I appear in the middle of the sky and I die.
  12. I have beaten the Rockwell boss fight, but after the cutscene the game ends and I cant use again my characther.
  13. Whitout The Aberracion dlc, can I achieve the platinum trophy?
  14. Merry Christmas !!! 🙂
  15. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Fifa 14 GTA V Lost Planet 2 And soon Killozone 3 Multiplayer :(.