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  1. Yes happened to me.
  2. The trophy No Hope is impossible for me to again, I have restarted the mission starting with dialogue (and a damn long mission) in Pasadena 3 times, killed everything to upgrade my pick skill to 3, then finally I unlock the door using a pick and with forced entry too, and nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions? This is the most buggy game I’ve ever played it’s a disgrace, I don’t remember having any issues with the ps4 version I regret upgrading to this.
  3. If only, but no more Zombies. Why don’t they put much effort into Spec Ops anymore? Different developers I’m guessing. That was the best game mode they ever did. Or bring back Extinction mode with updated aliens and hives to destroy.
  4. I wish there was a way to cheese this, I’ll cry with fucking joy when I get it. This has just spoilt the game for me.
  5. Honestly it’s the most frustrating and ridiculous trophy I’ve gone for in forever. Surprised that there isn’t more complaints about it, I killed most of the other trophies within 2 days then stalled the plat with this bull crap.
  6. Any tips to get this? I find it impossible to stop them from planting over 3 bombs even if I use century guns. Playing with randoms isn’t helping either. Wasted two evenings trying to get it.
  7. The multiplayer often crashes for me after a session, I try and got to a new game and there’s a black screen.
  8. The Cod games get shorter but much more expensive. £60 for the basic game? Ouch. i think this entry was a lot better than MW2019. That said it irks me characters are back back from the dead with new heads and the whole continuity is messed up, and the title also is just stupid. It would have been better explained had the game been a prequel with a more original title.
  9. Call me old fashioned, but I liked the old days when we got a trophy for beating a mission. The current system for winning trophies is a bit too much like Uncharted.
  10. I just beat vet too and no trophy, it’s so maddening.
  11. Yeah super frustrating for several reasons, and why are those armoured guys tougher than Juggernauts when sniping them? It’s just ridiculous, it probably takes at least 5 or 6 shots to take them down… that’s if they don’t shoot and kill you back after you shoot them first, it’s just ridiculous.
  12. Not sure if anyone else has had this problem, but today I had to redo the mission 5 times due to no check points activating.
  13. Took an entire day to install all this shit, so annoying.
  14. It’s not so confusing to long term fans, I just find it maddening and stupid calling the new one MW2 oh sorry I mean MW II.
  15. 60 hours an easy plat? I have found it as tedious as Valhalla, almost every battle feels like the same, I found it so boring I had to put it down for 6 months. Im going to try to dig deep and get some more trophies on my day off.