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  1. I went for the sea sparrow method, rubber banded my controller overnight, the trophy was there the next day. Rockstar must done this as a practical joke.
  2. I can take or leave Revelations but it was my first AC game, and at least it has Ezio. It did kind of got me interested in Constantinople and the history of Turkey, but it feels a little forced compared to Brotherhood. I also didn’t like the fact you couldn’t ride horses anymore and had to run everywhere.
  3. Don’t think I had a problem with this one, ACIII on the other hand...
  4. Trying to do this now. The bug hasn’t been fixed for PS4, and it occasionally just crashes for no reason. If you save your game, progress is usually completely lost when you go back. The only thing you can do is try and complete everything in one go and hope for the best. Ubisoft should be ashamed.
  5. Awesome...I’m trying this later
  6. I’m a big AC fan, but 3 was the only platinum apart from Black Flag I haven’t got. Removing the online trophies makes it a little easier, although I admit it is still a ridiculous grind.
  7. Thanks buddy. Ahh I think I get this now, It sure sounds like it will be time consuming to beat though! edit...I got it!
  8. Thanks, I’m a little confused what I should do...should I copy the smart bots moves, what if Morris moves differently to my moves against the smart bot? Or am I missing the point? 😬
  9. Having a lot of problems with this right now... spent over an hour trying to get it. I did manage to reduce him down to 2 pieces, but then he made a clean sweep out of nowhere and beat me. I find that once I have only 4-5 pieces left, the AI stops me from taking anymore of his? So frustrating. I’ve since tried a couple of walkthroughs, but the AI is never the same, any solutions? What a lousy bronze.
  10. I almost rage quit this mission today, finallly did it. Unfortunately I had upgraded the ram which made it more difficult. I found shooting the round cannons directly method just too inconsistent, easy to miss and get taken out by a wave. I ended up just raming all 3 at half speed, then firing on the powder stores.
  11. Hi guys, I’m missing these recipes: Weapon blades, black powder, dyes, kindling and flints. This whole crafting thing just goes over my head. I collected all the chests early on, and have completed all missions. ....any ideas how to finish this game, or is it bugged?
  12. It’s a great game, but you will get weary of killing the colosi over and over and over again, if you are going for the platinum, it does get very tedious. You will enjoy the first play through the most. Morally, it just doesn’t feel great killing the colosi when most of the time they are minding there own business and peaceful creatures until provoked by you! Sadly they didn’t improve the controls for this remaster, the AI is awkward at times. That said it looks beautiful.
  13. COD advanced warfare is difficult to achieve a platinum. While the servers are still up, there isn’t many people playing, and it’s one of the poorest COD multiplayers.
  14. Modern Warfare 2, I did enjoy it although didn’t think it was as good as the first game. Enjoyed all of it except the training course, I had blisters on my thumb for a while after.
  15. ziggypop_79 I play mostly AC, COD games.