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  1. I’d say I prefer Origins because it felt fresher, and it felt like Ubisoft had put more detail into it, and was basically a relaunch. Although I like Odyssey it felt more of a rehash of Origins.
  2. I’m extremely disappointed they didn’t include Rhodes, and especially The Colossus Of Rhodes. What a missed opportunity. What were they thinking?
  3. All these tedious updates and I still cannot believe they didn’t include any DLC about RHODES, and obviously THE COLOSSUS OF RHODES, the Greek ancient wonder of the world. What were they thinking? A massive let down. It’s like making Origins and not including the Giza Pyramids, ridiculous.
  4. Although it’s good, I think it’s far from the best AC game, purely because it feels like a rehash of Origins, using the same engine. It just feels exactly the same, but not as exciting.
  5. Hi, can anyone offer me any tips with Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine (Tough Nut)? Im really struggling to get higher than 2000 points, I’ve tried about 20 times now!
  6. I’m currently about 50% on the trophies. Unfortunately it may be difficult to get 100% due to annoying online trophies, depending on if you have access or can be bothered with that.