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  1. I enjoyed it more, probably helped that I have been to several places Greece. Valhalla on the other hand…
  2. I think they should just reboot the entire franchise with either Ezio or Altair, enough already of these open world warrior games.
  3. I’ve had to put it down, played for around 2 hours and it’s just bored me to tears. Slow and the characters are dull as dishwater. The navigation system isn’t very good, you put a marker on the map and it isn’t clear which direction to go in.
  4. I’ve been a die hard AC fan from day one, but finding this pretty boring, also what’s with the silly robotic narrator voice? Why can’t I swan dive off the sync points? Thumbs down so far.
  5. Maybe the Lost Archive, a little challenging but not too bad. The tank section on. Brotherhood was a pain due to no checkpoints.
  6. Tried plaything this again, but it’s just so boring, looks bad too. Just didn’t like the main protagonist.
  7. Feat not, the Ezio collection is excellent. And 3 platinums on one disc, and the 3 best games of the series, you can’t go wrong.
  8. Does it have a proper One World Trade Centre?
  9. Yes due to some of the idiots who play call of duty on multiplayer.
  10. I’m just playing through MW3, on PS3, there is actually TWO training courses in that one!
  11. Been going for this, but can’t get under 30, have tried multiple times using P99/USP45. Yet I have got the trophies for the training courses in MW1 & 2. Any tips guys?
  12. Sega Mastersytem with Hang On & Safari Hunt built in.
  13. Beat the game on hard, I enjoyed it, as you progress it does get easier, as you learn how to defeat each type of enemy. The main problem i had was completing Angie, due to the lack of check points. The hardest part was the tank mission tagged on the end, which should have been separate.
  14. Another owner here, picked up an old PS3 recently, so far loving MW3.
  15. I found Red Dead 2 extremely boring.