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  1. Been playing online with my buddy today, (we’re both from the U.K.). Although there is very little lag one of us gets downed yet the other person is complete unaware of this on their screen? It’s like we are playing two separate games. Then both of ends up dying/screen turns black? Is there an easy way to fix this issue?
  2. Yeah we did the first group of spec ops missions with no problems, but now we can’t finish any more.
  3. Hey guys having some issues. I’m at level 49, and have used every ability, and played every match type. On the leaderboard I noticed that I have 4 matches with a score 0, sessions finished 0, yet I know I have played them all. I have tried to replay them but nothing? Won’t register. Any ideas?
  4. Don’t know if I really want to play this.
  5. You should just get it randomly at some point, not something you can really force to appear
  6. Thanks all sorted now.
  7. Any ideas? Cost a whopping £25, I do to click the download now tab and the screen freezes black, also freezes my machine. I’ve tried about 5-6 times now...and nothing.
  8. Call me crazy but I probably preferred the first game.
  9. Does anyone know a fix for this? It makes the platinum trophy now unachievable (need to be ranked 10 to access the wager matches for In The Money trophy). Emailed Activision but no response.
  10. I’m finding it impossible to play unless you join a regular boosting group.
  11. Apart from the ridiculous amount of collectibles, the main problem I have is the main two characters just aren’t that interesting.
  12. Quick question, do all drinking competitions need to be completed for the plat?
  13. Thanks guy, it wouldn’t let me talk to Randvi, but somehow got it working now.
  14. I’m over 100 hours in, yet, have barely played any main storylines at all. I still can’t upgrade my settlement due to lack of raw rasions (long since completed all raids). So far I’ve only been able to trigger main story lines in the dream sequence maps?
  15. Been going for this, but can’t get under 30, have tried multiple times using P99/USP45. Yet I have got the trophies for the training courses in MW1 & 2. Any tips guys?
  16. I agree. I’ve completely forgotten about any story because I’m so damn busy running from collectibles, to forts constantly.
  17. I used the burning roof method, killing 3 shield guys in 3 different battles.
  18. I have got to to level 10 using the combat training twice, however. I come out that mode, staying on the server, simply to access wager matches it will still rest me back to level 1. I’ve had the same user name since 2013, but I never played Black Ops back in the day.
  19. If you have a good partner like I did, it helps immensely.
  20. I hate so say it but Valhalla might now take the raspberry award, and surpass III.
  21. I enjoyed it more, probably helped that I have been to several places Greece. Valhalla on the other hand…
  22. I think they should just reboot the entire franchise with either Ezio or Altair, enough already of these open world warrior games.
  23. I’ve had to put it down, played for around 2 hours and it’s just bored me to tears. Slow and the characters are dull as dishwater. The navigation system isn’t very good, you put a marker on the map and it isn’t clear which direction to go in.
  24. I’ve been a die hard AC fan from day one, but finding this pretty boring, also what’s with the silly robotic narrator voice? Why can’t I swan dive off the sync points? Thumbs down so far.
  25. Maybe the Lost Archive, a little challenging but not too bad. The tank section on. Brotherhood was a pain due to no checkpoints.