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  1. I would like to switch Nuclear Throne out and put Hunt: Showdown as my final T2 game. I‘m just nowhere near starting Nuclear Throne again but decided to get Hunt in the most recent sale and currently grinding the hell out of it with @Exhuman1988. We‘re having a blast. Don‘t worry though, NT will be back in Tier 3
  2. Tier 2 Update Hello guys, I'm back. I completed 3 new games from my 2nd tier since I last posted on here, putting me just 1 game short of reaching tier 3. And what a beast of a game it is... Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide: Because @Mori and @Arcesius, who I did this game with already posted this before me, I really have nothing to add to what they said. Check out what they said about the game if you didn't already and you will know my opinion . Only thing I wanna mention is that I kinda wish I played this one before V2 to be able to really enjoy the massive improvements that were made by the developers. This way around I kept comparing the two and really gave V1 a harder time than it might have deserved as a standalone. On the other hand, seeing these awesome improvements makes me really hyped for Fatsharks upcoming game, "Darktide" and I hope it comes to PS sooner, rather than later. Shadow Warrior: In anticipation of playing Shadow Warrior 2 with @Mori we both decided to get the first one and play it before to see how the series developed. Good choice I would say - I enjoyed the game a lot. Very simple, fast paced demon slaying that required quick decision making and movement. No overcomplicated systems and straight forward, arcadey levels - just straight fun. The closest I would compare this game to is probably DOOM (2016) but with a Katana for extra coolness points. The game was even pretty funny at times and I enjoyed that the (relatively irrelevant) story mostly was told while progressing through the levels, not slowing down the gameplay. The worst part were probably the weird combos you needed to do for specific moves. For intance healing - which you need to do a lot in heroic difficulty - required you to either swipe right on the touchpad or tap your left stick to the right twice before hitting L1 which was pretty uncomfortable and resulted in me sometimes doing the inputs 4 times before finally getting the heal off. this can be very frustrating, especially when you are one hit from dying and have 20 demons on your butt. The bosses were also really bad, just big bullet sponges with buggy hitboxes and a move pool of 3 different attacks, that could take up to 30 minutes to defeat. Still, the game really shines in the normal levels with just regular demons. Heroic Difficulty - the part that really makes this game ultra rare - was... manageable. When you die in a level (some would take up to 60 minutes), you no longer restart at the latest checkpoint but instead have do redo the entire level. With enemies being a lot tankier, able to deal huge damage and the worst waves usually showing up at the very end of the level, you can probably imagine this can be annoying at times. Luckily you basically have unlimited heals (if you can pull them off ) and there was one particularly OP weapon to carry you through this playthrough (Charge shot crossbow FTW), making most of it a test of your patience, rather than pure skill. I still have to mention there was one particularly difficult fight at the very end of the game (courtyard fight, chapter 16) which alone probably took me about 8 hours to beat. In this fight, the game throws everything at you at once and really wants to test your skills. If felt damn good when I finally managed to beat it! And finally - Shadow Warrior 2: Played this one with Mori, as mentioned earlier and I must say, I was pretty disappointed. When looking at critics they treat it mostly the same as the first one quality wise, but i kinda don't get it. First, it should be important to know that they completely switched the approach with this game, making it a hub world based looter shooter with free roam areas, main and side missions, probably after seeing the huge success of Borderlands and the likes. The gameplay is still good, very fast and exciting movement, some cool skills to use and a good feeling to the guns, but everything else... was kinda off. The looting system was stupid - you had only a couple of weapons but would get upgrades for them in different rarities (white-blue-yellow-orange), dropped by enemies. Now the funny thing is, blue items would have 2 stat increases for your weapons, while yellow and orange where the same, usually a little better number wise but for some reason they also had a 3rd stat DECREASE, that would often be insanely bad (like -20% weapon damage), meaning you would mostly be best off just using your blue upgrades. Also, like every enemy would drop one of those, resulting in you having 60 new upgrades to manage after every successful mission. Just too much for my taste. This time around the game tried too hard to be funny which resulted in many awkward and annoying jokes. Examples would be Lo Wang (the protagonist) just straight up insulting people for no reason or this annoying girl that accompanies you through your story constantly screaming at you for what a dick you are. There are more things that I disliked about this game like randomly generated enemy groups or the fact that trophies only pop for the host, but I think this will be enough to give you an idea and i guess some of these issues I had come down to personal preference. I just personally hope that SW3 will go back to the roots as I thought the 1st one was a lot more exciting. So... Nuclear Throne is next. I really enjoyed the game when I first started it so I'm really looking forward to getting back into it and starting to attempt some of the harder trophies. Although I've been kinda distracted with some other games and still trying to clean my profile up a bit in general. There are also some huge releases on the horizon that I will probably have to prioritize like RE8, Returnal and NieR Replicant, but I will get there eventually.
  3. Here comes my first Tier 2 update: I completed the Broforce Ironbro Campaign! Not at all as hard as i would have expected and I'm surprised it has such a low completion rate. I actually really enjoyed the game. When I did the Hard playthrough with @Mori and @Arcesius, as Arcesius already mentioned, it was pretty hilarious because of the chaos we created on screen that constantly had us dying in super dumb ways. The fast-paced gameplay and completely destructible environment coupled with 2D pixel graphics was right up my alley and the 32 Bros that you would unlock during the course of the game were all characters from well known action movie classics (which I watched way too few of). That repeated feeling of 'ohh I know this guy' and checking out their weaponry was also quite exciting. We also started Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide, I won't comment too much as of right now, other than you can tell it's the 1st Vermintide game. Still very enjoyable gameplay nontheless!
  4. Big update - I completed my first tier!! Since my last update I had yet to finish BO3 and SE3 which I had previously swapped in for FIFA. So let's briefly talk about them: Call of Duty: Black Ops III: Finished it a couple days ago but I wanted to wait for SE3 so I could just make it 1 larger update post. This is my first sub 1% trophy/platinum and even though I know the rarity is very biased because of all the "casuals" playing CoD games, I can't help but feel pretty proud and after the really annoying campaign and MP grind it feels well earned. Here's to many more sub 1%ers!! As an OG zombie mode fan (BO1/BO2) it was a no-brainer for me to play BO3. This is now the 4th CoD in a row that I've completed with @BB-BakkerJ and @Mori and we definitely started feeling burnt out in this game, which is very unfortunate, considering it has probably the best zombies mode out of all of them (we also played: WWII, AW, IW). But our enjoyment started to crumble as every individual zombies map (usually 5 per game) requires very careful research and planning rather then just starting up the game and having fun together. We will probably tackle Ghosts, BO4 and whatever comes in the future at some point, but for now we're all glad to have a little break. Still, the zombies mode has always been my sole reason to buy COD and it hasn't changed in this one. Very cool boss zombies, wonder weapons, creative and dedicated puzzles (sometimes a bit too dedicated) to solve and beautiful, well thought out maps and with the "zombies chronicles" expansion even some remastered BO1 and BO2 maps to replay (perfect for me!). One critic would be, that there are these so called gobblegums, which you can get out of packs that you either farm really hard for or buy with real money (or glitch), that, if you have the right ones, can change the puzzles you have to complete in each map from really challenging to really easy very quickly, which is a kinda bad system in my opinion. Still, we obviously made use of it to save us from any more frustration. Shouts out to @BB-BakkerJ at this point again, for farming these every day and making us OP . Multiplayer and campaign are really not my thing and if it weren't for trophies, I would have never played either of both - even worse when i realized that in this game they were especially obnoxious. Mutiplayer: you have to grind to level 55 which takes about 15-20 hrs (maybe less, if you're more skilled then me) and get matched with either hackers (yes, already), that completely break the game or extremely sweaty German players with self-made swastika emblems (saw at least 15 of those). Couple this with the new movement system where everybody can jump 20 meters high and run on walls (which never used to be possible in the CODs i played in the past) and you're in for a lot of fun. Luckily, I found a gun that I was semi-decent with (Man-O-War) and was able to play most of the grind in double exp mode, which made it all a little more bearable. And then there was the campaign. Usually in COD you play it once on the highest difficulty (not too bad at all) and then maybe have to redo a couple on easy for some misc. trophies. Not in BO3. Here they decided to add a new difficulty mode, where every bullet one shots you that you have to complete, plus you have to complete every level in the now second highest difficulty without dying. That's already 2 playthroughs and would be kinda annoying, but luckily they added 16 very specific challenges to every single level that you had to complete (some of which made you replay the entire level if you didn't pull them off) and most of thos really can't be done in the highest difficulties. So I think it's fair to say you will need 2 more full play throughs to clean all these up, putting you at 4 total playthroughs. But wait - there's more: after you've done all this you are required to do 650 kills with every weapon available to get their camos. At the end I had a total of 25000 kills (for measure: one entire playthrough usually would yield about 2000 kills.) So yeah, it was quite a grind for a game mode that I didn't even wanna play to begin with and sorry for this long ass text but when I start writing something with passion, I sometimes just can't stop. Now you know my pain and how I felt about the game in general - so here ya go . Finally, special shoutout to @Potent_Delusions for joining us for our 2 final zombies maps and providing his deep knowledge about the game. It was fun playing with you. Sniper Elite 3: Don't worry, I will keep it more brief with this one. Played it with @Mori and we had our fun. Authentic difficulty was really annoying, though. As a Sniper you're supposed to be stealthy and silently kill your enemies to progress to you mission goal. But we didn't have a HUD and the enemies seem to have super powers and can hear a drop of water falling to the ground from 2km away meaning that we had to brute force ourselves thorugh most of the levels, barely being able to utilize stealth. If it weren't for Mori, I would probably still be fucking up in mission 5, so he's the true Sniper Elite out of the 2 of us . The rest of the game was more fun for sure, but pretty mid-tier in general. Nothing you must play, unless you're a die hard sniping fan I guess. Finally, the best part: I can share my tier 2 with you guys . So here we go: I will get right to it, starting with the completion of Broforce. Stay tuned for future updates and happy hunting everybody.
  5. No new completion yet unfortunately but I wanted to make use of my tier 1 swap... I'm swapping FIFA 18 out (fuck this game) and will add in Sniper Elite 3 instead, which @Mori and me are breezing through at the moment. Black Ops 3 is also still open since I haven't completed the campaign grind yet but I finally found the motivation and will be done in just a couple more days.
  6. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor World War Z Warhammer: Vermintide 2 FIFA 18 (97%) Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (74%) It took us 4 months but we finally did it... @Mori, @Arcesius, @Floriiss and me got the 100% in Warhammer: Vermintide 2 together making this my 3rd completion in Tier 1. By far the hardest part in this was the dlc trophy for finishing 80 weaves. This alone probably took us anywhere between 120-150 hours while the rest of the game seemed mostly like a breeze after getting it done. While very frustrating at times (when we would get stuck on 1 weave for 5+ hours), it felt so well earned and rewarding every time the "Victory" screen would finally pop after working out the best strategy for the weave try after try. One of the best, most enjoyable co-op experiences out there, if you have a competent and determined team. Can't wait to play Vermintide 1 soon.
  7. FIFA 18 (97%) Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (100%) Warhammer: Vermintide 2 (67%) Call of Duty: Black Ops III (59%) World War Z (100%) After some lengthy grinding sessions with @Mori I'm glad to report back. I completed my 2nd tier 1 game, World War Z. Nothing to complain about gameplay-wise, but the game was quite repetitive and the grind was horrendous. Insane difficulty was kinda fun at least and the hordes could be quite impressive at times. No more excuses, now its back to FIFA...
  8. Hello, I would like to play this game with a friend but i wonder... Are Quest and Trials modes also available for 2 players? And if so, is it easier for the trophies to play solo or with 2? Also can you do this in Shareplay without much trouble? Thank you in advance!
  9. FIFA 18 (97%) Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (100%) Warhammer: Vermintide 2 (67%) Call of Duty: Black Ops III (59%) World War Z (56%) I'm happy to report i also completed my first game for this year, Shadow of Mordor. I started playing it spontaneously after seeing the servers would go down and gameplay-wise it was about what i expected. Assassins Creed-esque open world game with stealth and a lot to collect/complete across the map. Usually not my type of game but since I consider myself quite the LOTR fan I thought I'd give it a go. I specifically enjoyed the hunting portion with Torvin and the very unique enemy system providing a wide variety of interesting orcs one more ugly than the other. Challenge-wise it was really easy to complete, I would say a 2/10, besides the 2 trials from each dlc, which pretty much require you to kill all the captains and warchiefs of one map in a very short time period (40 and 60 minutes respectively) with some extra tasks to complete along the way. Luckily, there are many guides on YouTube by now that you can follow step by step, making these very bearable and I didn't need more than 2-3 tries for each trial despite some parts of it being quite RNG dependant. All in all a good game but I am in no rush to play Shadow of War and I think there are many people out there that would enjoy it more than I did. Next up, I think I finally found the motivation to go back FIFA 18 which i have been nagging at for an entire year now. I just hate my past self for putting this game on my profile back when I didn't care about trophies but I'm sure this event will give me the boost I need to finally take it off my list.
  10. Wow thank you that's quite detailed 😄
  11. After playing and completing RE7 I got super interested in the franchise (I know RE7 is quite different to the rest) and now plan to slowly play through all titles available on PS4 but I want to do it in an order that makes sense. Specifically regarding the RE 2 & 3 remakes that are the only available versions of these games. Should I just play it all in order? Should i play the remakes last even though I never got to see the originals? Are there any more games that I maybe should play before/after other ones like maybe RE 0 before 1? Thank you in advance. Really looking forward to diving into RE.
  12. Made a small change for my final list: FIFA 18 (97%) Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor (69%) (DLC are UR) Warhammer: Vermintide 2 (67%) Call of Duty: Black Ops III (59%) World War Z (56%)
  13. Awesome event - I'm in and here are my games (for now): FIFA 18 (2.23%, UR) - 97% Warhammer: Vermintide 2 (1.54%, UR) - 67% Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (0.75%, UR) - 58% World War Z (3.98%, UR) - 54% Shadow Warrior (1.31%, UR) - 0%
  14. I've been playing Dying Light on PS5 lately, trying to get all the trophies. Everything was working fine until i came across 2 side quests: "Radio Station" and "Office Outpost", very similar in structure, where my game kept crashing almost instantly upon entering the buildings where the side quests take place. I tried it on various different days, with different weapons, with or without friends. Hell, I even tried reinstalling the game. Nothing seemed to work and I kept crashing right away. Finally, I had to go back to my PS4, where I was able to complete these 2 quests without any trouble. So I'm writing this post to warn anyone who for some reason only has a PS5 and wants to complete Dying Light but also to ask anyone who has both to try it out on their PS5 and confirm if they have the same issues or if it's just me. Hope this post can save 1 or 2 people from some unexpected frustrations. Keep hunting those trophies!
  15. I was wondering if, by chance, anyone here has a world where they just domesticated a beefalo or about to do so, as a friend and me are trying to get the trophy and it's quite daunting so a quick help would be greatly appreciated. If not thats not a problem at all but i was also wondering: does it make a difference if i feed the beefalo a lot of food at once and then wait a couple in game hours or if i keep feeding him consistently but with lower volumes? Any other tips are greatly appreciated to of course. Thx in advance