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  1. @SqualllK afaik the issue started appearing after they took the iFruit App off the AppStore that you could use to train Chop. Apparently that messed something up in-game. The issue should therefore be on every platform
  2. I would like to join the event this year again and give you a little update on my progress for tier 1. Neon White - A game I was really looking forward to play on Playstation and thoroughly enjoyed, it met all my expectations. Unfortunately, the launch was not too successful, with some game breaking bugs, such as your save file potentially wiping when you close the game. For me personally, the all collectible trophy didn't pop. I'm waiting on a patch here and hope it will be fixed. Otherwise will have to replay it again. GTA V - Just as i remembered it form almost 10 years ago, this game is a blast. I had so much fun throughout the story and the characters are just hilarious. The story had me smiling all the way through. Now I'm onto the offline cleanup, which is unfortunately very tedious and I'm losing motivation, but will slowly finish it up. Really looking forward to the online part with my coop partners. Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City - On my quest to finishing all Resi games I would have to inevitably play this one. I will agree with the reviews that this game is not the best, although I'm not really hating it either - mowing down zombies just always kinda gets me. The real pain will come from the S+ ranks though I imagine, which have set requirements: Kills, Deaths, Time and, of course, Collectibles. So not only are the requirements really tough and you have to be on your A-game all the time, you will also need to get most of the collectibles on EVERY attempt for a level...why? And don't get me started on the tedious multiplayer trophies. Anyway, hit me up if you want to boost them lol. Tricky Towers - My lowest priority rn. Just finished the online stuff with @Arcesius and @Mori. Tried some trials and it seems like a fun little game. Super Mutant Alien Assault (Vita) - I've been secretly playing this one on my Vita in offline mode and have only one trophy left which is giving me some trouble. I hope to finish this one very soon.
  3. Neon White‘s OST comes to mind. It’s a fast-paced fps platformer and released only recently for PS4/PS5. This track in particular goes way too hard imo.
  4. You can turn off auto-upload and upload your current save to the cloud, if you have PS+ that is. That way you will never lose your entire progress. Don't do it too often though I guess, if the game decides to wipe your save, you might upload a blank one at some point.
  5. Too much ESO... glad it's done.
  6. This event sounds like fun! I would like to join. I went through my games and turns out I already got a good bit done this year… so here’s my list: •1/10: - •2/10: Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist: Link Evolution - Apr 6 •3/10: Cult of the Lamb - Aug 25 •4/10: Star Wars Battlefront - Jul 9 •5/10: Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt - Jun 13 •6/10: Killzone Shadow Fall - Aug 31 •7/10: Dead Nation - Aug 7 •8/10: PayDay 2: Crimewave Edition - May 22 •9/10: - •10/10: - I have some games still open that would fill the 9 & 10 spots, should I manage to beat them. For 1/10, I will have to look for some inspiration in this thread, because most guides give even the most simple games at least a 2 or 3 but I’m sure I will find something. Happy hunting everyone! Edit: all difficulties come directly from the accepted PSNP guides.
  7. Tier 2 Update I finished 2 more games, both consisting mainly of multiplayer grinding/boosting. Blacklight: Retribution - I had some fun with the multiplayer that is amazingly still going after 10 years. Needless to say, most people playing are sweats with prestige levels beyond your imagination and I would usually get wrecked. I did about half of the grind playing normally, then said fuck it and started boosting it by continuously suiciding in a pve mode. Star Wars Battlefront - After enjoying Squadrons quite a bit and having finished Battlefront II a few years back, I figured I should get this one done to complete the SW multiplayer collection before it is too late. I knew the game would be pretty dead so most of it was boosted. Here is a warning if you are considering it: the DLC modes require 12 and even 16 players minimum to be started and you need to get 10 wins on each DLC. You rarely find randoms willing to sit in the lobby with you umtil it is filled, so you will need to rely on others to boost. Getting sessions going with that many people is a true pain in the butt. That being said, the game holds up well and if you find a lobby it can actually still be quite fun, especially if you are a Star Wars fan. I'm now 170 hours into ESO, my current main project and making some slow, yet steady progress. However, I just realized that I will not get this game to 100% this year, because if you use ESO+, all expansions are free to you besides the last major one. Since I don't see the point in buying an expansions that becomes free a few months later, especially with the availability of free ESO+ weeks, this huge grindfest becomes incompatible with the Ultra Rare event and for the rest of the year, you will probably not see a lot of progress by me in here. On a side note: I am thinking of playing Black Ops, but all my friends I usually play with don't have a PS3 and you need 4 players. So If you are interested in playing that game as well, feel free to message me on PSN!
  8. Tier 2 Update I finished my first 2 games for tier 2. Lovers in A Dangerous Spacetime: Play it with a friend in couch coop and at least on normal difficulty. I assure you, you're in for a good time and even a bit of a challenge. Trophy wise, the game is a joke for how rare it is but I'll take it. Star Wars: Squadrons: Good game all around, had fun with most of it. Ace difficulty was frustrating though and I found myself cheesing through it more than actually becoming good or anything. The real pain however was finding lobbies for Fleet Battle wins. I essentially only found lobbies on weekends in the afternoon and even then I would sometimes have to queue for 20-30 minutes per match. Luckily, the normal multiplayer deathmatch mode, where most of the grind took place, was still relatively healthy and limiting myself to 5 matches per day actually made this quite the fun little ride. Meanhwile still waiting for Vampire to hit the 2 month mark so it counts for the event while grinding through ESO... It's a good game, but 4% trophy progress with 40 hrs playtime speaks for itself .
  9. Tier 1 Update I finished my first tier! Payday 2: The many DLCs made this one quite the long (111 trophies), yet enjoyable coop experience. Played it with @Mori, @Baker and @Exhuman1988. I don't know if I've ever played a game with that many bugs and issues, we would literally have a problem almost EVERY mission we did. Sometimes it were minor visual bugs but often times it would force us to restart the missions and it was quite frustrating. The game also felt quite clunky and couldn't even hold up a consistent 30 fps. However, if you look past all this, I think the idea behind this game is really cool and most missions were quite fun and creative. If they can fix their shit, and maybe remove some of the "wait" objectives, that had you just sitting in a corner for 5 minutes, I think Payday 3 has the potential to become one of the better coop games out there. Move or Die: Just switched that one in after completing it as my number 10 with @Mori. It's a platformer party game with lots of individual mini-games and the gimmick that you die as soon as you stop moving around. In theory, the trophies are all quite easy, with just one problem: you need to do them locally. So for the 4 player trophies, if you don't conveniently have 3 friends around helping you out, you will have to do it as we did: using 3 controllers at the same time while attempting to finish the objective with one of them (the 4th joins via SharePlay). I think you can imagine the fun we had with this. But hey, really unique experience and quite quick ultra rare trophies. I also finished Spellbreak with Mori a while back, but forgot to put it in my list. The combat was quite fun and I think this game had potential when it came out, but I guess the developers bombed it by being way to slow in implementing new stuff. Now the game is completely dead and unless you enjoy playing battle royales against lobbies of 90% bots for many hours, I would recommend you stay away from this one. And finally, I can present my Tier 2: More games to be added soon.
  10. Tier 1 Update - Switching in Team Sonic Racing which I picked up in the ps+ rotation and finished just now. Was a quick platinum, but pretty annoying. Do not recommend.
  11. Tier 1 Update I finished Hustle Kings, @Mori and the absurdly rare trophies pulled me on board. The game was actually pretty fun, besides grinding out the HKC and online matches. Still, I think this will be my last billiards game. Also replaced Isaac for Dead Cells, which I am about to finish. I did some good progress in Trackmania but have now arrived at the black series. You really feel the difficulty spike here and every track is quite demanding. I'm at 166 now and planning to do at least one per day, more if I can keep my focus .
  12. Tier 1 Update Would like to switch out Unravel Two and replace it with Trackmania Turbo which I am enjoying really much at the moment. I finally finished Overwatch: Origins Edition. A great objective-based online hero shooter with a terribly annoying trophy list. My plan was to do it all legit but after a while i became inpatient and seeing how unlikely some of the trophies would be to earn, I decided to boost quite a good portion of it. However, boosting always requires 12 people so if you've ever boosted something, you can imagine how chaotic it was. Thank you for suffering through this with me @Exhuman1988. When playing legit, you play 6 vs. 6 matches with each team having 2 tanks, 2 damage dealers and 2 healers. There are 32 playable characters, all with a unique playstyle and set of abilities. I generally favored tanks like D.VA or Orisa, with Roadhog being my absolute favorite character. He pulls enemies towards him with well-aimed grappling hooks and blasts their faces away with the shotgun once they are really close. Also, he never really dies because of his insane health pool and convenient self-heal ability. I think he sums it up pretty well himself with: "I am a one-man-apocalypse." The game is well balanced and you really see the benefit of playing well as a team, especially when jumping into exciting ranked games. If you don't know how to fill your role properly, your entire team suffers and often gets absolutely wrecked. On the other side, everybody benefits from a good healer, damage dealer or tank and every player can be the key to one of these sweet, dominating victories. I recommend the game to have fun with friends, but definitely not for the trophies.
  13. Tier 1 Update: Would like to take out Max Payne 3 and add Overwatch I finished Virtua Fighter 5. 1200 online matches later and I don't really have anything to say. Sometimes I wonder why I do this to myself.
  14. Would like to switch out Max Payne 3 and add Overwatch.
  15. The basic game is easy to learn and a lot of fun. To reach platinum rank, you will probably need a meta deck as was mentioned before in this thread. this is where it could get confusing. However, in a few days there will most likely be tons of videos on YouTube of people showcasing their OP decks - you can just copy one. Then, if you just keep playing the deck over and over, you will slowly learn the best combos yourself and should become good enough. If i'm not mistaken, there is only a pretty limited set of cards in the game ATM so after a while you will even learn most of the dangerous enemy cards. Might be a fun challenge to teach yourself, it's definitely not impossible. Also in case anyone wonders. Seems you start at rookie rank (2 tiers), then bronze, silver, gold, platium (5 tiers each). So platinum is the highest rank. If Konami wants to keep the game interesting, I would assume platinum won't be easy to reach.