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  1. Great review as always. I fully agree with you but I actually didn't yet have the motivation to complete the hardcore run as its still so easy to die from all sorts of hazards in these looooong ass levels and its just frustrating to replay it all... Especially if you die to the games stupid hitboxes or bugs instead of your own mistake. I'm now slowly working my way through, doing 1 or 2 levels a day 😄. Really iterested in what you think about The End is Nigh as I love McMillens work and I've also been looking at the game for a while now. And I'm really looking forward to diving into the world of Vermintide 2. This will be a huge project but we will nail it as we always do 👍
  2. Hello, I am pretty new to the forums and currently working hard on my backlog as i want to get my completion percentage to 99% at some point, so that I only will have to worry about completely new games from scratch. Looking forward to posting updates and checking out how you guys are progressing. LEVEL ONE Resident Evil 7: Biohazard LEVEL TWO NieR: Automata Overcooked LEVEL THREE Shovel Knight Nioh Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back LEVEL FOUR Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Rayman Legends Hollow Knight Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped LEVEL FIVE Horizon Zero Dawn Marvels Spider-Man Bioshock 2 Bioshock Infinite The Witness
  3. Picked both games up on the digital store as they were on sale. Planning to plat them with a friend eventually
  4. I'm currently mostly working on Resident Evil 7. Only have the madhouse playthrough left for the platinum but I am trying to complete the DLC trophies first. Some pretty challenging stuff in there... Other games I'm working on on the side are Trine 2 and CoD: Advanced Warfare.
  5. The Witness. Had the game downloaded and ready to go for over a year now. still didn't get around to playing it lmao
  6. @Mori Seen it already. I'm super hyped!
  7. Alright so this is a really weird question but.. I just got Chasm on PS Vita and I just can't find an option to change to hard difficulty lol. When starting a new character i can only choose between mortal and normal but nothing else and ingame I also can't find any such option... Anyone know?
  8. Man if ur interested in these kinds of sports games, chances are you probably own it already. For everyone else its just pointless
  9. Nice! that will make things a lot easier
  10. I still have a precise idea of what i have in my backlog that I want to complete before moving on to the ps5. But I'm afraid I'm just way too hyped to get new technology not to pre order it...
  11. So I have a bunch of games in my backlog and as I want to get a high completion I wanna get back to them eventually. But because of constant new games and lack of motivation the progress is very slow on those games. Now, there are some with online trophies and I'm worried the online services might be turned off at some point and I will be unable to get the trophies. Specifically thinking of: Fifa 18, DOOM, Rayman Legends Is there any way of knowing when they are gonna stop their multiplayer services, like at least some months in advance? Or would I be best off just getting all the multiplayer trophies out of the way to be safe?