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  1. I have the physical Afterbirth+ version and downloded Repentance from the store. When I start my game however, it is still stuck in Afterbirth+. Any ideas as to why this might be or how to solve it? Thank you in advance.
  2. As far as I know dead god unlocks as soon as you finished all the content available (all in game achievements) on one save file. I think the the infinity symbol across the 3 files is unrelated.
  3. The Binding of Isaac. Just straight up my favorite indie game because it‘s so much damn fun. This game takes pretty long to complete with tons of awesome challenges to master. With „Repentance“ they will soon bring out an expansion to consoles that will more than double the requirements to 100% this one and I‘m just so hyped.
  4. Oh that‘s funny. Might have to check the game out for my boy isaac. Also thank you for your info. Had never heard of that Power Rangers game. Some really rare trophies indeed
  5. @Copanele Alright that‘s it. Next game i start will be a fighting game. Thank you for all your detailed advice. Very interested in finding out more about the genre. Now I‘m all hyped up.
  6. That‘s some great advice, thank you so much. I can tell there are many fighting games enthusiasts out there and I really enjoy the feeling of gradually getting better at something. Skullgirls was actually one of the games that intrigued me the most. I‘m considering maybe playing the PS3 original or Encore version first as the trophies seem a bit easier (according to rarity, and time needed) to see if it‘s something I enjoy and then possibly getting 2nd encore version afterwards. Guilty Gear Strive looked great too, but still a bit expensive at this time. Might also jump into Mortal Kombat X first as it was free and it seems most of the rarity comes from grinding which I don’t mind but it might still teach me some basics along the way.
  7. Recently I started taking interest in some of the rarer trophies out there and while looking through ultra rare games I very often come across fighting games and I always think some of them look really cool. I have played some fighting games in my childhood with friends but like it was for many of us probably, I never really understood what I was doing and ended up just button mashing. I don‘t even really get the concept of the games. Like I know there are combos and you can block or dodge moves but how do you know when to use what? Like can‘t you just say spam the same combo over and over? Anyway, I am looking for a game that is good at teaching me those things, while also providing a decent entry level challenge to prepare for some of the more Ultra Rare ones. What can you recommend? I am also interested in what makes so many of these so hard if someone can provide some insight. Any general info or story telling on your learning process with fighting games would also be interesting if you‘d like to share. Thanks in advance.
  8. Once more, I will postpone Nuclear Throne and would like to swap in Max Payne 3 instead.
  9. Hello people. I‘m back with a new Tier 3 update. Enter the Gungeon - 100% Wolfenstein 2 (INTL) - 100% Wolfenstein 2 (GER) - 100% Verdun - 91% Nuclear Throne - 56% About a month ago I finished Wolfenstein II for the first time and so yesterday night I thought it would be about time to do it again. Now, originally I had planned to save this platinum for my #100 as this game feels quite special to me. So I rushed through the game on easy to unlock Mein Leben and went to bed. Today however, after dying once in the first section of the game, I totally unexpectedly finished my Mein Leben run on the 2nd try! With that out of the way so early, I decided to commit my day to the rest of the game and grind my way to those sweet 100%. While it was a very tiring endeavor, I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I finished the game in a little over 1 day, which puts me in 2nd place for the German stack . Now I just have to find a new game for Platinum #100…
  10. I would like to replace Unravel Two with Wolfenstein II (GER stack).
  11. I'm back with another update for Tier 3 already. I was very motivated to get Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus done, as it is one of the most popular, most talked about challenges on PSN and I wanted to be part of the Mein Leben club. So I pushed myself to do run after run and I had some really infuriating deaths (including a random grenade without indication and 2 times where I fell through the map while attempting to do skips lol). But yesterday, I finally did it. After doing some practice, I would say it took me a total of maybe 12 real attempts over 4 days if you don't count some really early deaths. The game itself is pretty damn good. I really liked the gun-play a lot and the story (which I know by heart by know) was pretty crazy and enjoyable too. For me as a native German speaker the German dialogues that the nazis would have while you are sneaking around had something really hilarious about them and I often found myself staying hidden, just to listen to what they had to say. You could argue that there is not a lot of enemy variety in the game and a lack of boss fights, but the bosses in The New Order weren't particularly great either, so I didn't really miss any of that and I think it was a good decision on their end. Now for Mein Leben. If you know your strategy, it's in theory very doable. Yet, the amount of pressure I felt as I made it to some of the final areas was insane and I think the length of the run makes it easy to loose focus on some spot and then throw it, even though you technically know how to pull it off and it can be very frustrating to just waste 2 hrs of your life like that. But, it was very satisfying whenever you finished a section flawlessly and realized how automated some of the sections have become to you. This is what had me coming back. Anyway, thanks to @Baker121 and @HusKy, for sticking with me throughout my journey providing tips and motivating me. Now it's your turn to do it. Check out my run if you are interested (no, i'm not talking to myself, I was streaming ): So what's next? I will finish some non UR stuff on my profile, before finally going back to Nuclear Throne. That one is a whole different beast.
  12. Hello everyone, it‘s been a while. I‘ve finished one of my Tier 3 games a while ago: Enter the Gungeon Let me tell you: this one didn‘t disappoint at all and I see why people put it up there when talking about the best Rogue-Lites. After being a huge fan of The Binding of Isaac and also enjoying some Nuclear Throne, I had some pretty high expectations for this one and at first I must say, I felt a little disappointed. The run progression felt very slow, the selectable characters were only a handful and seemed to have only minor differences and I was not a fan of collecting gun after gun after gun instead of getting actual items that could create synergies (like in Isaac). Frankly, I was even getting a bit frustrated because I didn‘t seem to perform too well and felt like there‘s not much I can improve (common mistake, turns out I was very wrong). So I kept playing the game, because I already started and now wanted to finish the trophies despite not having too much fun. And then it came creeping… as I was getting better and better at the earlier stages, learning enemies behavior and patterns, how to use the room to my benefit, flawlessly beating some earlier bosses and unlocking more and more items and guns that became increasingly exciting I suddenly felt it… This game is awesome. I got sucked into that flow and as soon as I finally managed to kill the final boss for the first time, I couldn‘t let go. The sense of improving and doing slightly better in every run is so great in this game. You start to learn which weapons suit which enemy types and get used to switching them around. Thanks to the unlocks you now start to find items that can provide you with awesome synergies (like in Isaac, yay) and suddenly you‘re the king of the gungeon and when you look back at how you were doing just a couple days ago, you feel like a real pro . If you enjoy rogue-likes, give this game a shot and don‘t put it off to early. It‘ll be worth it. On another note: Sadly, I want to remove The Elder Scrolls Online from my Tier 3 because it is too much of a time sink for now. I have a good replacement though - Wolfenstein II - The New Colossus I already have it at 99%, missing only the notorious „Mein Leben“ Trophy. I‘m wrapping up my practice and will start full runs very soon. I‘m really enjoying it and have a good feeling about this.
  13. I asked him for more info, but still awaiting a response. Probably not gonna get one…
  14. I went and sent messages to all the more recent achievers of some of the online trophies asking them how they got it and actually got an answer by one. He said the following: „Hey […] I got them through hamachi severs and ip spoofing with a friend you can do it for the tekken trophies too“ Unfortunately I personally don‘t know anything about said technologies but maybe some of you know more about these things. Is this indeed a possibility and could someone give me a quick rundown of how this would work (can it be done on vita?) and, most importantly, would any of this violate the rules here on psnp? Thank you in advance.
  15. So when you prestiged you got all the xp at once that you would have theoretically earned before while level 100? And did you get to 92 purely through boosting for trophies or did you also play a bit for fun?