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  1. Might as well answer this since I’m sure people still check it. There are still a fair few people playing, I’d say that at any given time there are around 7 or so lobbies active on average. Sometimes only 1 or 2, but sometimes 15+. Admittedly the majority of them are private/playing on easier difficulties. However whenever I open a lobby on the harder difficulties I often have others join me within a few games (typically trophy hunters). There are also a few veterans that still play it, and you can often hitch a ride with them.
  2. Add me if you want and I can help. Alternatively, there’s an infinite ammo box on the roof of the big house next to the left well. One elf with a Trueflight Bow can single-handedly take care of the wells by camping up there even on Cataclysm, so long as you’re nearby to defend her from rats. Alternate alternatively, play very aggressively to defend the wells. Wade right into any group attacking them and don’t stop hacking. Do your best to prevent the bots from getting surrounded; they can generally hold off multiple rats that are in front of them, but the moment they’re flanked they’re fucked. The trinket that increases their health when down is great too. Bombs are also very useful for the well phases. You’ll have ample time to scour the map whenever you don’t need to be defending.
  3. Thanks, will prob ask a few veterans to read over some important parts once the guide is actually done, but as I said that’s still a long way off. Will likely be with regards to the ranking of the individual weapon traits, since it’s so subjective. Also nice, I just checked the other day to see if there was any update on CW...was painful watching PC play with the new elf career whilst we didn’t even have the damn Wastes lol. Any particular weapons (+ traits) you would especially recommend? Patrols are easy to simply avoid once you have enough experience. They have fixed spawns/routes and make one hell of a racket well before they even get within range of you. You can also be surprisingly close to them without triggering aggro (unless the bots fancy a little bit of trolling). If you do end up in combat with them, proper spacing and positioning is a necessity. If you’re in the middle of a horde when you hear them coming and can’t feasibly avoid them, do your best to get to a position which gives you plenty of space to move (preferably backwards). Bombs/potions are also helpful, especially if the ogre’s already dead. Oh and yea the pic is from V2, I chose it because it looks cooler.
  4. Allow me to introduce you to this badboy: Btw for anyone interested, the guide is coming along very well. Will still be some months though, as I’m taking my time.
  5. I’m not expecting my country (Wales) to make it out of the groups, and don’t have any other team that I’m particularly rooting for. It’d be cool to feel the hype of England doing well again though, especially since they have Saka and I’m an Arsenal fan. Outside of that, I’m very interested in seeing how Benzema performs for France. I’d also love to see Giroud (again, Arsenal) swag out with yet another major trophy. I still have soft spots for Spain and Italy, given who they used to be. And finally, Ronaldo winning it at 36 would be absolutely insane.
  6. Holy shit I was not expecting those badges to be so beautiful, thanks a bunch @Ellie-nyan My comments on this site will look 200% cooler once I figure out how to stick it in my sig 😁 And of course a gargantuan thanks to @Beyondthegrave07 for not only having the virtue to create this event, but also ensuring that it ran so impeccably. Tbh one of the main reasons that I don’t use this site often is that it had lost that charming sense of community that I used to like so much about Internet forums. But this was a great reminder of how many awesome folks are still here, keeping that community spirit going strong. Thanks to all
  7. Seasons After Fall This was my choice of game for this event. Its story begins with a cheerful ‘Seed’ setting you, a fox, off on an adventure to discover four slumbering ‘Guardians’ so as to perform a mysterious forest ritual. However when this ritual does not go as planned, the Seed suddenly turns her back on you, casting you aside and vowing to find someone more competent to do her bidding, before vanishing. Whilst not about any specific mental illness, I found it to be a light delve into general mental health, and how we can support those around us who might be struggling. As the developers of the game themselves put it: “It talks about self-confidence, trust, and being trapped in some kind of personal constructed mindtrap.” And so continues the story. Against typical expectations, the Seed’s moment of treachery does not entail her subsequent villainy. Instead, it is at this point that the game begins to send you on a journey of understanding, forgiveness, and reconciliation. Your mentor on this journey is the first Guardian, a great Bear, now awoken from his unnatural slumber. As you slowly make your way through the forest, the two of you begin to unravel the truth about the Seed. It transpires that the Seed was intended as an integral part of the ritual - a sort of rebirth - but through fear and misunderstanding she mistakenly believed the Guardians to be conspiring against her in an effort to abandon her and have her disappear. In turn she lashed out, putting the Guardians to sleep and attempting to coerce you into taking her place within the ritual. Upon failure, she retreated into bitter isolation. I am fortunate enough to have never suffered any mental illness myself, and as such I would not wish to try and diagnose anything particular upon the Seed. But I do know that fear, loneliness, and mistrust of both yourself and those around you can frequently be symptoms of those who struggle with their mental health. What surprised and pleased me about this game is that the Bear did not feel anger at the Seed, nor did he seek to punish her for her mistakes. Instead he strove to understand her; reassuring and believing in her whilst slowly gaining her trust. When someone is in need it’s all too easy to turn your back on them, especially when their internal issues manifest in their external behaviour. It’s never easy for anybody involved, but the Bear only ever wants what’s best for her, accepting how hard her situation must be, and trying his hardest to comfort her. I found this to be a great reflection of how we can all try to support and uplift those around us. “Her fears have overwhelmed her, and she’s built a prison around herself. Her heart overshadowed by doubt.” When in distress, secluding yourself from the world, from your friends and even your loved ones, is an alluring yet very dangerous path. I know because I trod it at one point. Isolation can cause extreme damage to both yourself and those that care for you. And this is the path that the Seed chose, so afraid of abandonment that she ultimately inflicted it upon herself. Within this little dark corner - of both the forest and her mind - she protects a series of ‘treasures’, seemingly all that she has left. But as your fox destroys these ‘treasures’ one by one, it becomes apparent that they are anything but something to value; “Open your eyes Seed, these aren’t treasures you see around you, these are your fears.” Therein lies the horror of such loneliness. Your mind can become clouded and consumed by that which afflicts you. Attempts to help you can instead be misinterpreted as attacks. As the Seed willingly turned away from all those she believed had forsaken her, she found herself unknowingly clinging to the one thing she had left: her doubts and fears. Sadly it can so easily become a perpetuating cycle; convincing yourself that this is your lot in life, that misery and gloom is all you can ever know. But the simple truth is that nobody can face this world by themselves, alone. And whilst it might be impossible for others to truly understand what you’re going through, they can still rally to your side and lift whatever burden they can. As the kindly Bear said: “If you don’t trust yourself, how can you trust others?” So as the fox shatters the Seed’s final fear, that very trust has been gained. Now, together as one, the ritual is performed and the Seed blossoms into a new lease of life, free from the pain of the past. It might never be quite that easy in real life, but there’s always worth in trying. If anyone is interested in this game, it goes on sale for around £3 occasionally. Whilst the gameplay is lacking, it’s an undoubtedly beautiful and soothing experience. I am glad to have contributed to this event, and wish you all well
  8. If I remember correctly there was an LBP mobile game released around 2014-15 called Run Sackboy Run! It was a great little game, and free too. If they can live up to that same quality then I’d be mildly excited about this news.
  9. I’m interested in this, but have a quick query as to your leniency. The game that instantly sprang to mind for me was Seasons After Fall. The story revolves around issues such as a lack of trust, self-doubt and fear, and loneliness. It doesn’t explicitly tackle any certain mental illness, but the issues recounted above are all closely tied to mental health. Similarly, the way in which the story works to build up the character in need; sympathising, reassuring, and believing in her, strongly reflects the positive support and uplifting that can be used to help combat mental illnesses. If this helps sway the decision, it’s also a very soothing game that I imagine could be of great comfort for those in need. So I'm just wondering if you think it’d be acceptable? Anybody here who has played it is welcome to chime in too. Thanks
  10. Definitely lol. It’s not so much the gear that is the issue - green weapons work fine even on Nightmare - but knowing how to play. When my friends first joined me they were getting eaten alive on Easy. I think most people see this gigantic horde of rats running towards them and just want to go full-on Rambo, not realising how cautiously you have to play this game 😁 Largely agreed on this. A shield with Improved Guard can be useful, basically turning the player into Ironbreaker Bardin from V2, but is only really effective in very confined areas. I also have to say that when using a shield with Bardin I couldn’t see shit lol. 2ft man + blind in left eye = I’ve read that Sienna can have a similar setup for dual-healing but haven’t tested it myself yet. Curious if you can remember how many times your healing traits would proc per run, roughly? I used Kruber’s 2HH which is seemingly identical to Bardin’s, and found it particularly effective when running Cata missions solo/with 1 other player. Taking care of the braindead bots is vital, and the immense stagger helps keep the hordes sparse (generally, bots can withhold enemies fine until the moment one of them flanks). The light attack is also fantastic for quickly eliminating Stormvermin, who will successfully 1v1 your bots regularly. The charged attack helps reach SV in the midst of a horde too. Pair it with a Repeater Handgun which is great for Specials at close-mid range and incredible against Ogres, and you have a loadout that can take on anything in the game, which is necessary when alone. Any weapons that you feel might be particularly effective when alone? @Shorah- I know you didn’t have a team so maybe a question for you too? Tell me about’s a nightmare trying to make a tier list when you can’t even obtain half of the trinkets in the game + much info online is outdated 🙄 - Anyway thanks for taking the time to write it all out (this goes for everyone who has responded in this thread too). Always appreciated
  11. It’s still pretty buggy but it’s a genuinely incredible game and is a vast upgrade on the first in every single aspect. Also I think the only DLC you actually need to purchase for trophies is the Winds of Magic. For the rest of the DLC I believe you can just join someone who owns them and still obtain all of the trophies. I can check that to be 100% sure if you’d like. The base game + Winds of Magic bundle semi-frequently goes on sale for just £8 too. Cool, thank you, I’d wondered if that spawn point could prove useful. I’m interested in testing whether or not Kerillian can stay there with her Trueflight Bow; instead sending someone like Saltzpyre down along with a movement speed trinket. Yea that’s a good one. You can close the basement doors too to ensure the horde can’t get in.
  12. Might be? It had better be 😁 Just kidding. Looking forward to it!
  13. Thank you both Are you ok with being credited within the guide? A guide for Vermintide 2 would be the Herculean effort, I’m taking the easy way out 😁 Were you able to keep Sienna up at the original spawn for the entirety of the run? Specifically on Heroic difficulty (the hardest).
  14. I’ve decided to begin work on a trophy guide for this game. As it’s rather niche with little information to be found online, the aim is to cover it extensively; including a walkthrough for each mission on Cataclysm and a guide for each of the 5 playable characters. As such, anybody who wishes to offer any advice, tips, or strategies is totally welcome, no matter how small the offering. Any contribution will of course be properly credited if so desired. Here are a few topics you might consider for discussion: Suggested weapons - In particular, what you think their strengths/weaknesses are when it comes to hordes/stormvermin/specials/ogres. It’s also worth mentioning weapons you found to be lacklustre, so that I might form a ranking of each weapon per character. Trinket loadouts - This could just be per your individual character, or even what combo proved best when spread across the entire team. Again, feel free to discuss trinkets you found to be inadequate too. Strategies for specific missions - Did any particular mission prove difficult until you went a certain route or tried a different tactic? How did you position yourselves as individuals and as a team? Did you change your loadout at all when swapping to the Last Stand game mode? Tips on certain trophies - There are a few mission-specific challenges that require some preparation, as well as simpler tasks such as farming XP. Advice doesn’t need to be restricted solely to the topics above, of course. Anything is welcome. It goes without saying that I will have to personally attest for anything that goes into the guide, meaning I’m not just leeching off of others by having them do all the hard work 😁 My only intention is to harbour as much knowledge as I can so that the guide can be as thorough and as helpful as possible. Any contribution is greatly appreciated
  15. Bastards There’s actually a nice one on TrueAchievements or some such site. But I think there are a few small ways to improve upon it + I’ve wanted to write a guide for a game I love ever since I was beaten to Rain World. Oh and on the topic of achievements, it’s tragic that the River Reik challenge on Nightmare was the only one present on PS. Anyway, I’ve clogged this thread enough now, maybe I’ll catch you in the Vermintide forums later 🙂