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  1. This quickly caught my eye recently too, definitely gonna give it a whirl at some point. Reminded me of Rock of Ages 2, which has been on my radar forever. I also love checking out smaller games, some awesome ones I’ve played recently include Tribes of Midgard, Chicken Police, and Spooky Chase 😃
  2. Check out Vermintide 2 (and 1) Btw I’d still recommend keeping an eye on bug/performance fixes for this game, the gameplay itself is good fun.
  3. - Get the MP trophies with a boosting group from this site, don’t bother with randoms. You can hoard 5 side missions that are almost completed, then find 3 others and simply turn them in. Much quicker. - Find or purchase a wrench ASAP and keep it in your storage. You need it for a trophy and they are hard to find later on. - Always go out of your way to save survivors, especially early on in the Slums. Saving 15 from Rais’s men can become a real pain in the ass - There are numerous trophies for getting X amount of kills in a certain way, keep them in mind throughout. - You can turn off the PvP invasions if you want - If playing on Hard, you can momentarily lower the difficulty to Normal so as to purchase ammunition, before reverting. - If you can survive at night, the XP is worth it. You barely even have to do anything, just exist. - The Pyza Suit is great for the Parkour Fever trophies - Do your best to memorise the order of Bozak’s challenges when first doing them. In the later rounds, find time to loot a crate (or two) for max shotgun ammo - Winning the race in The Following is the only missable trophy - Play coop with a friend if possible
  4. Me too, but that’s what your first (and sometimes second) playthrough is for. First you have to admire the beauty, then you have to tear it to shreds 😁 I’m not even a speedrunner btw, I might mess around with a game every now and then, and I do enjoy it when a trophy asks it of me, but I’m far from being properly dedicated to it. I just admire it and enjoy it in moderation, and I do get why many people despise it. Also Joe Bloggs lol, haven’t heard that one in a lifetime
  5. For me, this is pretty much exactly why I love speedrunning. It’s like a science; a complete and utter dissection of a video game to its rawest core elements, sometimes to the point where it’s almost a different game entirely. It’s pushing both yourself and the game to the very limits, a battle in which you’re trying to bend the game to your will and it’s trying its hardest to resist, all whilst the clock is ticking. Earlier this year I developed a habit of watching a speedrun of a game after I’d beaten it. It’s so fascinating to see someone blitz through a Dishonored level in literally 40 seconds when I had snuck through it for 40 minutes. Or to outsmart and infantilise something as formidable as the alien in A:Isolation. Then there are the more minute details, such as skipping a cutscene by throwing a glass up in the air beforehand, so that it lands on your head and interrupts the animation… For me, it’s part of what makes video games so special.
  6. If I remember correctly, you obtain armour via the crafting menu with the use of the ‘gears’ currency, which is earned via kills, revives, completing objectives, etc. Unfortunately this does mean that if you’re having a bad game you’re not going to be able to afford it. But whilst it’s strong, it’s far from the most important thing in the game. Hiding and waiting is useful to an extent, but staying in one spot for too long will only make you a sitting duck. Don’t forget that after the very beginning of the match, where the two teams spawn on opposite sides of the map, enemies can and will respawn all over the map. This means that they will come from behind you, or from the side, and so on. This is on top of the fact that many players will be trying to sneak around you throughout the entire match. Which is why I recommend gluing yourself to teammates at all times, since they will generally have a better idea as to where the enemies will come from, and if you are caught out then maybe they can still avenge you (or vice versa!) As for knowing exactly where you are even when they can’t see you, remember that good players will be using the listening ability regularly, and that without Covert Training 2 they will be able to see you even when you’re crouch-walking. Unfortunately there are perks which improve your weapon performance - perks they might be using - which I only hesitate recommending to you because you do need to be pretty accurate to make use of them, and obviously I have no idea what your aim is like. Headshots are also very lethal in this game, meaning if you’re not hitting them you’re going to be at a disadvantage regardless. But so long as you can generally hit the target, that should be enough. Yep, again I can’t stress enough that this is my most recommended strategy in general. Good luck!
  7. To be honest, if you don’t have much experience with PvP games you’re definitely likely to struggle with this one given it’s somewhat hardcore and has a small yet dedicated playerbase. I agree with one of the earlier comments in that my biggest tip would be to simply ‘shadow’ one of your teammates. Every time you respawn, literally just choose the one closest to you and follow their every move. Not only will this give you the opportunity to learn from them, it’ll also allow you to be their back-up, enabling them to do better. If you hang back a little bit, you can watch them from behind in case they get flanked. If they start a firefight with someone, you can help land a bullet or two. If they charge into battle, you can be their bullet sponge whilst they secure the kill 😁 Etcetera My second biggest tip would be to prioritise staying alive. If you genuinely struggle to down a single player, your next best bet is to simply prevent the enemy from securing you as a kill. Factions is a numbers game, with teams having just 4 members apiece, meaning that every single casualty is a huge detriment to your team and a big boon for the opposition. You simply existing is enough to ward off the enemy and allow your teammates to survive and make plays. Sticking near a teammate will help you with this. If they go down, you’ll have to assess whether or not you can safely revive them. If they’re behind cover and the enemy is far enough away, you can probably pull it off. But if they’re in the open and the enemy is now bearing down on you, literally just run away before they can get you. If you don’t feel confident in taking a 1v1, then don’t take it; retreat and live to fight another day. As for weapons, you’re almost certainly going to have a better time with the ones that are easier to use. For primary, this means either the Burst Rifle or the Full-Auto Rifle. It might also be worth attaching a silencer to your primary, so that if you fail to down someone you can run away easier. For secondary, I highly recommend the Shorty, which will oneshot most people (but beware that it has a very small range). Hiding and waiting for them to get close before pulling it out is a good method. I believe you tag enemies via aiming and then pressing R3. This can be done very quickly, and you should definitely try to tag every single enemy you see. Planting a bomb is done by solely pressing R2 (or R1, I’m not sure which) without aiming it beforehand. Armour, Molotovs, Nail Bombs, and Melee Upgrades will probably give you the most success when it comes to crafting. As for perks, I can’t remember them all but try to pick ones that help out your teammates. For example, the one that allows you to revive faster. Also there’s zero shame in having bad stats at the end of a game. It’s basically guaranteed if you’re new to the game/PvP. If all else fails, you can just cheese the trophies: The only thing that guide doesn’t note is that if you’re failing to meet the demands of a must-win objective, you can close the game via the PS menu before the match ends and it’ll allow you to try again and again. EDIT: I almost forgot, but Covert Training 2 will be an incredibly useful skill for you, easily the most important. Don’t forget that you can also use the listening mode to locate enemies behind cover too.
  8. How is he a joke? GoW 18 described him as a vile, boisterous swine both in appearance and behaviour throughout; perfectly befitting of the image released today. I love it, he’s just like the kings of old that would feast all day before skewering animals for fun. Think Henry VIII or Robert Baratheon. Also it’s apparently much closer to being ‘lore-accurate’ than Marvel’s Thor. On top of that, he still looks as strong as an ox. Literally your average World’s Strongest Man competitor
  9. Bots become a major liability once you reach the third of the five difficulties, which should ideally be your default difficulty. But it’s far from the end of the world if you really do need to play with them on lower difficulties. More importantly however, I strongly advise against purchasing this game on PS4, at least for now. It’s great fun when it works, but holy shit I have never played a game that runs as atrociously as this does. At best, the frame rate is tolerable. At worst, it’s simply impossible to play the game since you are only privy to a literal slideshow. Earlier it took me over 5 minutes to run through a 100m corridor devoid of enemies because I was constantly freezing for 30+ seconds. I’m far from alone in experiencing this shit either. And there are a myriad of other technical issues. It really is a fun game, but wait until you have a PS5 or until they fix the issues on PS4 (X)
  10. Dev support for this game has been as amazing as the game itself. I still remember reading the patch notes for the first free DLC and being amazed by how extensive they were. Highly recommend Blasphemous to anyone reading this, it’s a beautiful(ly twisted) and alluring journey
  11. Playing in public Saga lobbies and escaping around day 13 with a Fenrir kill nets me between 30-45k XP every single time. Given each day lasts 10 minutes, that’s ~40k XP for just over two hours. Coasting in Survival mode might be easy, but it’s definitely not time efficient. Pub lobbies have a terrible reputation but you can consistently hard carry even teams of buffoons if you choose Warden and simply buy the Hideout (/other) fragments. In the dire event of needing to solo a 450k HP Fenrir (which has happened to me twice), I find sticking to the front/outside area of one of his front paws to be the best strat. It regularly baits his bite attack allowing constant DPS. Nornir Axe is also recommended since it has fast inputs and has a heal. Odd that solo nets so little XP, unless it’s the latter days that greatly boost XP earned.
  12. ^ Seconded What you’ve provided is actually incredible. Such a niche, secretive little title and you’ve made it so much easier for everyone interested. Thanks a bunch, you’ve done more than enough 👏
  13. If you (or anyone else here) likes BR’s I can only recommend Hunt: Showdown. Outside of Apex and - although not to my taste - Fortnite, I find most BR’s to be very crummy. And even the two above are still so repetitive. But Hunt has a fantastic blend of hardcore PvP/PvE along with an incredible setting and unique weapons to go with it. The only downside is that it’s clearly a PC game running sub-optimally on console. Nice avi
  14. For clarity, these are all of the trophies that must be earned online. They will take up 90% of your playtime and there is no way around this: - Destroyed four of each starfighter class in Dogfight matches - Destroyed a disabled starfighter 10 times across multiple Dogfight matches - Destroyed 10 starfighters while drifting in Dogfight - Won 15 Dogfight matches - Destroyed 50 starfighters in Dogfight matches - Destroyed 250 starfighters in Dogfight matches - Destroyed 1000 starfighters in Dogfight matches - Completed your Ranked placement matches - Won a Ranked Fleet Battles match on every map - Won 10 Ranked Fleet Battles as the New Republic - Won 10 Ranked Fleet Battles as the Galactic Empire - Dropped 50 bombs to damage Capital Ship hulls across multiple Ranked Fleet Battles - Used Tactical Shields or Supply Droids to rescue near-death allies 10 times in Ranked Fleet Battles - Shot down 30 missiles, bombs, or mines in Ranked Fleet Battles
  15. Might as well answer this since I’m sure people still check it. There are still a fair few people playing, I’d say that at any given time there are around 7 or so lobbies active on average. Sometimes only 1 or 2, but sometimes 15+. Admittedly the majority of them are private/playing on easier difficulties. However whenever I open a lobby on the harder difficulties I often have others join me within a few games (typically trophy hunters). There are also a few veterans that still play it, and you can often hitch a ride with them.