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  1. Piece of Cake Award Vampyr This platinum was very easy thanks to the incredible walkthrough made by Optinooby It's Like Dark Souls Vampyr This platinum was painfully difficult at times thanks to the Not even once trophy which necessitates gimping yourself with a sorely underlevelled character Bad Ass Award Destiny 2 Couldn't really think of many truly badass moments, but the new Behemoth subclass for Titans certainly makes you feel like one Grind of the Year Copying update file... I mostly refuse to grind for trophies nowadays, so I suppose waiting for update files to copy is the closest thing that gives me that same feeling of wanting to cave my own skull in King of the Internet Overwatch Earning this exclusive golden icon for my baby, Torbjorn Worst Online Experience Destiny 2 NOT earning this exclusive emblem for completing the Deep Stone Crypt raid on day 1. I'm never one to flame my fireteam but holy shit did I do my part... 😭 Sleeper Hit of the Year Kingdom Come: Deliverance I fancied this game solely because the menus reminded me of the delightfully medieval ones found within Oblivion. What followed was by far one of the best RPGs I've ever played, a game both charming and gruelling that stands proudly amidst the AAA titles that dominate the genre Biggest Bomb of the Year Guacamelee 1 & 2 I'd heard nothing but the highest of praise for these games, and so after discovering a newfound love for metroidvanias I couldn't wait to play. Sadly I was greatly disappointed. Despite their vibrant colours and excitable music, they're just startlingly soulless Best Trophy Image Protector of Humanity (Darksiders III) The Darksiders series has always had an awesome style, and the trophy icons for III are no different. I especially love the gorgeous colours Worst Trophy Image Kill the Jailor (Furi) This might seem odd given the image above is pretty cool, but it's just the cover of the game pasted for every trophy. Also something about the vibe of Furi rubbed me the wrong way Best Female Character Atoi (Tearaway Unfolded) She might be little more than a canvas for your own imagination, but then that's also why we all love Sackboy. Cute character for the cutest of games. Honourable mentions: Nadine Ross (Uncharted 4) - Echo (Overwatch) - Fury (Darksiders III) Best Male Character Sigma (Overwatch) Chaotically destructive or endearingly polite? Depends which way the wind blows. Also helps that he is so very satisfying to play. Honourable mentions: Henry (Kingdom Come: Deliverance) - Leper (Darkest Dungeon) Best Platinum of the Year Vampyr I thoroughly enjoyed this story of vampires, war, and medicine Worst Platinum of the Year Vampyr I absolutely hated staring at my screen for 60 seconds every time I died Most Anticipated Platinum of 2021 Super Meat Boy For the past 15 or so months I've slowly been working towards a slew of platinums that will - eventually - all be earned on the same day. This game is the hardest of the bunch and serves as the effective gatekeeper, since I can't be bothered to dedicate myself to hours and hours of endless deaths just yet. But when I finally set my mind to it it will be glorious, and I'll also then earn more than 1 platinum in an entire year 😁
  2. Personally I think people unfamiliar with GM Nightfalls are vastly overestimating them. As far as I’m concerned, Prestige Leviathan was a much harder task (unless you skipped to the boss). With 1 (or 2) seasoned players who know what they’re doing you will complete a GM NF in 20-40 minutes and I can promise it’ll almost feel like a stroll. The extremely high damage output from enemies will feel daunting until you realise that keeping your distance is all that’s needed to borderline trivialise much of it. Likewise, the enemy Champions become relatively simple to take down once you understand how they work and what weapons are meta. Furthermore, you have a choice of 6 GM’s per season. Some will be much easier than others and you’ll be free to choose whichever is easiest. The hardest part will be playing the game enough to reach the necessary power level required to start the activity. Meanwhile I have seen even well-versed players take 10+ hours to scrape through Leviathan Prestige. I’ve seen far more teams give up on the raid than I have seen beat it. The communication and coordination required between 6 strangers for such a long amount of time is far more gruelling and difficult IMO. It’s very easy to find players that will be willing to carry you through a GM on either the D2 app or Reddit. If you’re really desperate you can even send me a message anytime and I might be willing to help.
  3. #64 Vampyr Time is on my side Enjoyment: 7/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Earned in: 18 days My first ever Halloween plat thanks to @Dr_Mayus! 🎃😄 Vampyr is a fairly peculiar beast, not too dissimilar to the titular vampires themselves I suppose. The game gets off to a brilliant start with some truly terrific music and stellar voice acting as a beautiful opening cutscene sets up a world of bloody intrigue. Unfortunately this is pretty much the high point of the game. The introductory hour or so that follows exposes a series of flaws that only widen as the game progresses. One might expect an industrial London ravaged by the immediate aftermath of the Great War to serve as a riveting setting for a vampire tale, but Vampyr only ever flirts with fruition of this expectation. Visually, I found the scenery to be far too dank and dingy, with one place feeling and looking indistinguishable from another. This largely unremarkable world is inhabited almost entirely by devoid NPCs that exist solely as boring exposition machines. The base combat, whilst not entirely unsatisfying, is clunky and stilted. For the first 3 chapters common enemies and bosses alike succumb to minimal effort. For the latter half of the game - at least in my experience since I was severely underlevelled - enemies suddenly become infinitely stronger, at which point some of the terribly-designed encounters almost had me foaming at the mouth. Shoutout to one boss fight in particular in which a teleporting, AOE-spewing hag and her accomplice gangbang you inside of a tiny little room filled with unbreakable obstacles. The game also features a number of abilities that never come remotely close to making you feel like the all-powerful vampire that the story suggests. Most terrible of all, however, is the performance. Loading screens are almost all 40 seconds minimum, with some breaching 60 seconds (I started counting). I have to wonder how shoddy games like this will fare on the PS5. Will we only have to wait 10 seconds? Furthermore my game froze around 30 times throughout my ~20 hour playthrough. Trying to run past a group of 3+ enemies - which you will often want to do so as to skip the tedious combat - is pretty much a guaranteed freeze. Despite all of this, I still found a fair amount of enjoyment throughout it all. The story is legitimately intriguing and is what kept me from giving up after the first hour. The amalgamation of 20th century science, medicine, disease, warfare, and fanaticism, woven together with a conspiracy about hereditary vampirism spanning centuries genuinely had my brain whirring at times. Sadly the execution never realised its full potential, and I frequently found myself daydreaming about how excellent this game could have been. I did come to appreciate how underrepresented vampires (and werewolves!) are in gaming though. The core mechanic of choosing whether or not to devour those around you suffered a similar fate. If the writing had offered legitimate incentives and if the combat had been sufficiently difficult to warrant a desire for XP, Vampyr could have been something truly special. Unfortunately neither happened, and even the main protagonist (Dr. Reid) seemed unconvinced by his supposed allure for blood. I recall completely forgetting about the ‘dilemma’ for about half of the game, since Dr. Reid was clearly solely designed as a beacon of benevolence and had not even so much as mentioned his ‘hunger’ for many hours. Choosing to kill people simply for the sake of seeing what happened also revealed a sad lack of consequences and world development. Oh and ‘embracing’ your victims is a laughably disappointing event. Not much to say about the trophy list. It’s the generic kind, although I did enjoy having to chew 10 rats. Even if a far cry from what it could have been, Vampyr had enough good ideas to garner my interest in a sequel. If you are fairly forgiving when it comes to games, or if you have a fascination with the premise, then I would lightly recommend Vampyr. If not, you can still obtain the platinum in a single day thanks to @Optinooby’s astounding guide. Happy Halloween! 🦇
  4. I’m extremely happy to hear this! If a little worried that I might’ve wasted your money 😬 And seeing your near-100% profile...I want to give you another warning about Jotun’s plat. Get some bubble wrap for your controller lol. Please let me know what you think of them, I hope you have a good time!
  5. Yep, I have saves in place to take care of the collectibles. Just wanted to tell you now since I’ll be busy over the next week. I’ll probably leave ‘Pest control’ til last 🐀🔫
  6. Rain World I will champion this game wherever I go 😁 You are an adorable slugcat thrust alone into an inhospitable world of death and danger. Using this world as a treacherous gymnasium, you must navigate and survive a dynamic ecosystem of predators and prey (I stole that line from the game promo). I will warn that it is quite niche, for it is difficult and can be frustrating. Keeping the wiki at hand is recommended to stave off potential frustrations. But it’s truly a one of a kind experience. Few games come close to the heart-thumping terror that Rain World can induce. Jotun A beautifully hand-drawn depiction of a Viking warrior fighting elemental giants so as to enter Valhalla. Jotun won my heart off of visuals alone, but as a bonus each boss fight is engaging and memorable. There are a number of largely docile exploratory levels dispersed in-between too. This is seriously one of the most visually-enticing games I have ever played. So much so that I immediately made note of the developer (whom recently released the highly-acclaimed Spiritfarer). An agonising Plat however! Kingdom: New Lands Both challenging and serene, this 2D kingdom-building sim is another worthwhile gem. Admittedly a little too simple and short in the end, however my ~15 hours of playtime were extremely comfy. The music in particular still enchants me 🙂 — All of these games can be found on sale for ~£5 too. Jotun is currently £2.99 and Kingdom is £2.39!
  7. This sounds fun, count me in. I’ll edit this post and @ you Mayus once the plat is ready to go. E: @Dr_Mayus Plat is ready and I’m chomping at the bit 😁
  8. Lmao I respect the hustle. Reminds me of this I know, but I’ve literally only ever updated my profile once, which was when I was brand new to the site since I wanted to test it out. Perhaps they’re tied, I know my trophy card appeared on my forum profile at one point but has since disappeared. Also updating your profile nonchalantly shouldn’t result in a ban either, nor simply searching for a profile - as happened to the guy I quoted that spurred me to comment. It’s just fucked.
  9. This is definitely in favour of the noobies and normies, trying to incentivise them to earn more trophies. Can’t be mad about that, I love seeing newcomers fall in love with our hobby. The level capacity increasing tenfold is definitely a shame for the rest of us though. The scale was small enough at 100 to feel like a vague accomplishment every time you levelled up. Now it’ll be so diluted that each individual level will feel no different than another. At the very least we can hope that trophies receiving some attention means there will be more changes in the future... Oh and those icons are so horrid lol. Reminds me of those merit stickers you used to get for behaving well at school
  10. Lol I had 4 wins in a row and then lost the 5th like this: This trophy is certainly ridiculous (should have been 2 or 3 wins) but I think it’s a far cry from the ‘one in a gazillion’ impossibility that was initially touted. The game has only been out 4 days and yet there are currently almost 100 achievers on this site alone. I myself came within a fraction of a second to adding to that tally, and one of my friends had a streak of 3 wins only ended by an uneven game of football at the very end. If you’re good enough to consistently qualify from the more skill-centric rounds then you’re basically just waiting for a streak of luck. Or more specifically, a streak of no bad luck. And if you’re finding it difficult I’m sure there are plenty of videos already out there that can advise you on the best strategies/routes/etc too. Besides, soon enough it should become far easier after the almost inevitable addition of excluding team rounds. So keep your heads up — Oh and I went on my streak whilst playing solo with my headphones around my neck lol. Maybe that’s the trick: no distractions 😁
  11. I had this very briefly some months ago too, solely from afk refreshing two profile pages. I didn’t even manually refresh them, let alone do any updates. I was having an ongoing messenger convo so had both profiles open in dormant tabs on my phone. This might just be a mobile issue, but even without opening the pages myself they would refresh every single time I opened my browser/tabbed out. My profile shot up from ~100 ‘views’ to ~9000 over the space of two or so months, and eventually I got blocked for a day or two. I was baffled at first but I don’t use the site for much, let alone updates, and had already noticed the crazy views. Never had it again since trying to remember to close my profile after using it. Still not sure whose profile refreshing caused it though, nor why my block ended way quicker than some of the people in here. So for anybody that has this problem and hasn’t done any updating, it might be because of automatic mass-refreshing. Possibly exclusive to mobiles. Oh and my IP is static if that makes a difference.
  12. Cool thread, I love this feeling too. I don’t see Skyrim on your profile which is a travesty. That’s probably the best curator of whimsical nighttime adventures. Just take a listen: Second on the list has to be Hollow Knight, despite 90% of the game taking place underground. Exploring a ruined kingdom on your lonesome encapsulates that feeling of solitary exploration amidst a place once so full of life. It’s also one of the most beautiful games you’ll ever play (see my avi!) Kingdom Come: Deliverance is extraordinarily immersive, and is the best example of a bustling world being at momentary peace. The charm of the medieval world only adds to that distinct satisfaction of sneaking through a town at night, tampering with every lock in sight and scampering away from the guards on patrol. RDR2 could easily have been at the top of this list. For me it’s easily the most immersive open world ever created. Whether you’re sheltering inside of a teeming saloon during a magnificent thunderstorm or you’re stalking through the dark woods to hunt the elusive panther, it doesn’t get much better than this. Perhaps an odd recommendation, but Destiny 2 has some beautifully realised worlds that are a joy to simply sit and stare at during nighttime. It being a multiplayer game only adds to this charm, making it feel alive, and there’s nothing quite like lazing in the moonlight of an alien planet whilst the guy a few hundred metres away from you is fighting for his life against a horde of giant, murderous brutes. I also agree that the Yakuza games do a great job at capturing the vibrant nightlife feeling. I can’t recommend Yakuza 0/Kiwami enough. Finally, Fallout 4 is also worth your time. Murky swamps and a world in decay, lost travellers and lurking mutants. The natural, captivating aura of Fallout goes hand in hand with the peculiar sense of nighttime discovery.
  13. It’s believed that the content cut from the broken 6th archstone was supposed to take place in a snowy land featuring yetis and the like, as seen here: So I’d be pretty optimistic, especially considering the amazing job that Bluepoint did with Shadow of the Colossus (they even added a little content there too), and the fact that this will surely be intended as one of the early system-sellers.
  14. This is false. Without DLC installed you can reach the end of the game just fine. However if ‘The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon’ is installed you have to beat its main questline to reach the ending of the main game. Fortunately this doesn’t take long and is highly entertaining. Even on Hardcore Merciful it’s no obstacle. I also want to reiterate what others have said; this is by far one of the worst trophy lists I’ve ever come across. Conversely it’s one of the best RPGs I’ve ever played. Ergo avoid it if trophies are all-important to you, but I highly recommend it if you just want to play a good game.
  15. 5/10, cool F-Zero vibes to begin with but overall a fairly typical anime song