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  1. If you’re like me and wish to preserve interesting features on this site such as ‘Fastest Platinum’, there’s a quick and easy way to do so when it comes to Destiny 2 autopop. It only takes 10-15 minutes and does not require deletion of data nor anything else that jeopardises your Destiny characters. This method can also be used if you’d like to re-earn the trophies legitimately. However please note that existing DLC purchases do not carry over. Step 1: First, view your current Fastest Plat so as to ascertain how long you must wait when it comes to Destiny 2. In my instance, that was a little over two and a half hours. Step 2: Create a Steam account. This can be done in mere minutes and with minimal fuss on mobile. You do not need to install Steam anywhere as this can be done online. If you already have a Steam account you can simply use that. If you own an Xbox you can use that instead of Steam. Step 3: Login on Bungie Net and proceed to the Cross Save section. Here you can link and authenticate your new Steam account. You will then be asked which account you wish to activate with Cross Save. As you can see, my PlayStation account had three Active Characters since I have been using it for 3 years. Meanwhile my brand new Steam account had 0 Active Characters since I had not even installed Steam nor Destiny 2. Step 4: Choose to activate Cross Save with your Steam account. Do not worry about your existing characters on PlayStation. Cross Save does not delete them. They are merely temporarily inaccessible up until the moment you deactivate Cross Save, as seen in the image below. Cross Save simply allows you to use a set of characters from one platform (Steam) on other platforms (PlayStation). Ensure you correctly choose Steam, as once you later deactivate Cross Save there’s a three month waiting period before it can be reactivated. Bungie will ask whether you really want to activate an account with no Active Characters. Be sure to fully read the prompts provided to you by Bungie, particularly regarding the purchase of Silver, so as to understand the process. Confirm your decision to use your Steam account. Step 5: Cross Save is now active. You can now start Destiny 2 on your PS5. Since your Steam account has no characters tied to it, you will be beginning anew with character creation. The moment you select your Class, the ‘Long and Winding Road’ trophy will pop. Now that you’ve popped a single trophy, the timer on PSNP will begin since ‘Fastest Platinum’ is determined by the gap between your first and last trophy. You can close the game now. Step 6: Now simply wait for a period of time longer than that of your Fastest Plat. For me that was 2 hours 34 minutes. Once the time has passed you can go back to Bungie Net and deactivate Cross Save. You might have some trouble when typing your username for the security check, in which case try accepting cookies, using different browsers, and waiting a minute or two. After that, start Destiny 2 on PS5 again. Your old characters will be available and as soon as you select one, the rest of the trophies will pop. The overall time will be longer than that of your Fastest Plat, leaving your profile unsullied.
  2. Diablo 3 does. Overwatch kinda does. D2:R doesn’t.
  3. Would you kindly rank each OW tank, both in terms of your skill with them and how much you favour them? Can you reliably block shatter? Thoughts on the Doom and Orisa changes for OW2? Have you ever attempted a day-one raid? Which are your favourite planets in D2? Who do you prefer, Superman or the Silver Surfer? Did you enjoy Batman v Superman? Do you like Futurama? Can you tell me something interesting about astronomy that I didn’t already know? Have you ever wished upon a shooting star? What do you think of astrology? Do you seek out games or comics that take place in a historical setting?
  4. Yea. Don’t get me wrong, the basic experience of playing through the story is perfectly intact, and it’s not missing many features. It’s just that the finer details that really make this game worth playing are sorely lacking. And if you’re after a casual experience there are far better games out there imo. A PC player can simultaneously farm mobs, perform mapping, select loot, and manage inventory; all with a precision and speed that elevates some fairly simplistic combat into a much more enjoyable and intensive gameplay loop. They can then quit out and load a new instance in an instant. Farming for gear is unbearable on console in my opinion.
  5. As others have said, it’s largely fine on base PS4 other than the load times, which are not excessively long but are antithetical to the nature of the game. There’s also occasional rubberbanding which is even worse, however this occurs on all platforms and I can’t say whether it’s any worse on PS4. However, performance aside, I myself would strongly advise against playing this on console unless it’s your only option. The core experience - endgame, farming, trading, management - is very primitive when compared to PC. This is due to both missing features (eg lobbies) and the natural limitations of consoles. My friend and I have struggled to wring any value out of what matchmaking is present, rendering the social aspect near non-existent. I suppose if you’re only interested in casual play this might not matter much to you, although personally I believe there’s little value in playing this casually and that its true worth lies much deeper. From what I read at release, D2:R isn’t an actual remake, but ‘the old game with a fresh lick of paint.’ I can’t tell you what that actually means, but I’d definitely recommend you really try to determine whether or not your PC is capable of running it.
  6. @Nemis132 @LuBulegend92 Think imma wait until I have a PS5 myself, but have you tried reducing the Music and Ambient Sounds volumes to 0? That way you’ll only hear the metronome, your weapon, and enemies dying. Getting a godly Repeater might help a bunch too since you need far fewer inputs
  7. I think you’ve just provided one of the main arguments in favour of such threads. Their greatest asset is the variety of opinions that they contain: the below average gamer, the above average, the experienced, the inexperienced. The guy that used exploits, the guy plagued by bugs, the guy that boosted the multiplayer. This collective will always trump a definitive decision from one single person, especially given that said person is very rarely an actual expert. Anybody with the basic ability to parse nonsense can easily disregard all of the shitters that post and can glean the information they’re looking for from someone reliable. And there are reliable people out there. To use your own example: deck-builders are a niche genre. Most gamers have never touched one. So, far from being useless, I’m certain that your judgement would actually be of much greater value to the average gamer, because they’d be going in with the exact same experience as you did. When you give your own opinion, you’re doing just that. You’re relaying your own personal experience which was shaped by your past experiences. You don’t need to find the ‘one, true’ difficulty rating for a game, only the difficulty that mattered to you. Precisely this. This discussion is always framed as guide vs voters, which completely disregards the hundreds of games out there that don’t have a guide and never will. Automatic voting threads become invaluable for such games. This should be common sense given the amount of obscure indies churned out nowadays. I could flick through my own profile and find countless games with less than a thousand owners that are in desperate need of this. A little over a month ago I provided an estimated time/difficulty for a game that came out 7 years ago and has 21,000 owners. In all those years, think how many thousands of people must have sought out some guidance only to find nothing. This feature is a necessity as far as I’m concerned. Voting threads have been a common forum feature pretty much since trophies were first implemented. On other sites there are threads that have hundreds of replies and tens of thousands of views. To use the exact same game that I referenced above; the difficulty rating thread has 6,600 views. Despite having just 10 votes and 4 comments, the information provided is infinitely more valuable than anything that you could previously find here on PSNP. The Vermintide forum on this site was an incoherent mess of rubbish, as it is for many a game. Few people rate guides because it’s borderline pointless. There’s very rarely competition between multiple guides for the same game and so most people would still end up browsing a guide that had a one star rating since there’s no alternative. The two features aren’t comparable.
  8. Ngl it actually does slightly trigger me whenever someone posts a fake screenshot on the Trophies reddit without clarifying (yea I’m dying a virgin) But I ultimately rest well knowing no fakery can ever come close to the might of this badboy
  9. I always breathe a sigh of relief whenever I see someone take a healthy step back from trophies. I’ve met far too many people for whom trophies not only infringe upon their gaming life, but their real one too…so I’m glad to hear it Trophy hunters will find a way to frown upon literally anything, I highly recommend giving no shits. Also for what it’s worth, untidy profiles are by far my favourite to look at since they actually tell a story. My own is very rocky, but each peak and trough remind me of something, and I can genuinely identify entire phases of my life through something as stupid as a few untouched trophy lists smattered together. Lmao. Personally I reckon the best play would have been to keep the name but change your entire profile into some kind of virtual clown that spins a sign on the side of a road to advertise something. That way you coulda given them even more business I’d always encourage you to type out your thoughts if you feel like it, even if it feels like nobody is listening. This is your thread after all. These kinda threads are some of my favourite to read, and I almost always check them out whenever I’m browsing the front page. I might very rarely comment, but that doesn’t mean I don’t take an interest. And I’m sure there are plenty of other lurkers like myself, so don’t be dissuaded
  10. Have only cleared the first world, but this is looking like a pre-emptive 8-9/10 difficulty. Platinum rankings require 100% on-beat actions and a single, uninterrupted chain from start to finish. Chains reset whenever you take any damage, meaning a Plat rank requires flawless input execution whilst taking zero damage throughout. Maybe my ears need more tuning, but I also don’t feel entirely comfortable discerning the beat in some of the songs, despite enabling the metronome sound and averaging about 96% ‘On Beat’. The slight changes in the tempo of some songs are sly as well, and I’m not sure whether I should make use of the latency calibrator. Doesn’t help that the rumble features on my (PS4) controller are practically dead either, I wonder if this game makes full use of the Dualsense on PS5? The good news is that you seemingly need to beat the mission before the song loops for a Plat, given I was not awarded a Gold despite having 0 breaks on a mission that the song had looped on. What this would mean is that you’re still expected to blitz through the missions in 2-3 minutes on Lethal once appropriately levelled. This suggests that you’ll still be killing enemies just as quickly and that the main - if not sole - negative of Lethal is the increased damage you take, which isn’t a factor given you need to complete each mission without being hit once anyway. That it’s a looter-shooter also makes it possible that there’s some kind of OP weapon/combo that bypasses a lot of the intended difficulty. It’s also easy to keep the chain going out of combat thanks to the generous timer. I believe so
  11. 1. ‘Interests: Philosophy (specially Theological implications in daily life)’ Could you expand upon this and maybe provide some examples? Are there any particular philosophical readings that you would recommend, and have they affected the way you live your life? 2. Have you played any games in which biology is a prominent feature? For instance the marine life in Subnautica is incredibly alluring. 3. Do you think there’s anything unique about the way of life in Mexico that other countries would do well to replicate?
  12. Just wanna say that this is awesome. Practically unheard of for devs to even give a shit about trophies, so to see you do this is great. Already bought this game on PS4 but definitely bumping it up the priority list
  13. I really like Tribes of Midgard and recommend giving it a go. It’s a blend of genres that many find difficult and jarring to begin with, which explains the surprisingly low user score found within the OP. Take your friends in with you because it’ll likely be a clusterfuck for the first few days with all the newbies. A successful run often takes at least an hour and a half, which might make you balk but is actually one of my favourite aspects. The game mixes the relaxation of a farming sim with the stressful race against time of a survival sim, and I’m a big fan of committing to a run that lets me wind down in the early stages before ramping the intensity up later on. It was only £15 at release so don’t expect the world, but for what it’s worth the devs are the rare breed of people that actually care about their product and continue to make positive additions all across the board. Trophies are fairly simple although you do have to reach max season pass rank. Thankfully seasons last many months, however once you’re accustomed to victory the game is particularly formulaic. - Curse is a really solid game but FIFA on PS4 is so typical it felt like I rewound 8 years of my life. Football fans might wanna give it a go on PS5 as it has a different engine or something to that effect.
  14. Which Intel are you missing? I was under the impression that I too had unobtainable Intel until I realised that many of the Logs are not numbered in order. For example, I was missing Log 01 from the Gift of Fire campaign and so assumed that it was the first Intel within the first mission. But Log 01 was actually the third Intel found, and Log 03 was the one at the very beginning. Here’s the order of all Intel: Priority One Ingress Log 01 Log 02 Log 03 Rescue Log 04 Log 05 Log 06 Extract Log 07 Log 08 Log 09 Giants In The Earth Insertion Log 01 Log 02 Log 03 Contact Log 06 Log 05 Log 04 Evacuate Log 08 Log 09 Log 07 The Gift Of Fire Recon Log 03 Log 02 Log 01 Advance Log 06 Log 09 Log 05 Boarding Log 04 Log 07 Log 08 The Only Way To Be Sure Breach Log 02 Log 01 Log 03 Search Log 04 Log 06 Log 05 Regicide Log 07 Log 09 Log 08 This guy on YT has videos that correctly show the number of each Log:
  15. I just clarified the estimated time further in my original comment, since I was only thinking of solo players. Sounds like you have a team, which is very good news. I hope it’s ready too, however the simple truth is that I am working on it extremely slowly. I’m conscious of the fact that the longer I take the fewer people it will help, however if I were to force myself to work on it reluctantly I never would have undertaken the task in the first place. The good news is that 90% of the information is stored in my brain, so I’ll always be happy to answer any questions in as much depth as possible. If the guide isn’t up by the time you begin playing, I’ll still be here. There are also already some good tips in the ‘Guide in progress’ thread. Completely solo, whilst technically possible, would be an utter nightmare. Not only extremely difficult and far more time-consuming, but you’ll be pulling tufts out of your hair within minutes as the gormless AI blunders its way through the game. I’d say that up until Cataclysm, you can go solo with reasonable comfort provided you’re skilled enough. Beyond that point, some of the harder Cata missions - alongside certain miscellaneous trophies - become totally unreasonable. But it’s genuinely not necessary to put yourself through that. Even without use of this site/reddit, you can find players within the game to join, without need for a mic nor any prior organisation. A fair few trophy hunters - and a small number of high-level veterans - joined me when I was soloing the harder difficulties. If you ever need assistance with a particular mission I am also certain to have the game installed, so that’s another option. - Btw @JorgeSleep @steel6burgh I should add that I did all of the hardest Cata missions with just one other real player - although he was admittedly both strong and experienced. My point being that whilst pure solo is untenable, you don’t need a full team for a chance at success.