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  1. 7/10, the hand puts me off but the colours are nice
  2. Yes, at least in EU. Played it around a month ago and had no trouble whatsoever finding a lobby. Still plenty of noobs trying the mp too, and the strafing in this game is so fast that they quite simply will not be able to hit you most of the time (even the experienced/good players will struggle too)
  3. 1. It’s long and will require luck. I have 800+ hours and still don’t have the plat. Admittedly ~780 of those hours were not spent with trophies in mind, but still. 2. Yes if you don’t wanna solo. 3. I got added to a group by mistake once and although it was chaotic, everybody was getting their trophies pretty quickly. Be warned that Blizzard seek to ban boosters. 4. Yes, both in-game and in terms of the online community on sites such as Reddit. 5. It has a competitive mode which is naturally toxic. But you can just mute/leave voice chat if you so wish. There’s no text chat. 6. Soloing some of the rarest trophies is very difficult, but most of the base ones are easy enough. I’m always happy to duo with people to try and help them out, so that could be an option for you too. 7. Alongside MW2 it’s the best multiplayer/FPS game I’ve ever played. The heroes and their abilities are just ridiculously fun. And because of the huge online community it’s a game you can be involved with even when you’re not playing it.
  4. Seeing this thread on the homepage piqued my interest since I remember a similar post on PST. And I agree about the RNG, it’s ridiculous. Tell you what, I was actually planning on returning to this game soon to finish it off. You fancy going for it in tandem, to motivate each other to pull through the bullshit?
  5. Hometown is one of the least liked maps and so the lobby will almost always vote against it. From memory, I only ever recall playing Hometown in Survivors. Therefore I recommend queuing Survivors all day to see what happens, since I’m pretty sure certain maps are favoured by certain modes. If you try that to no avail, make a post on the Factions subreddit The guys there will know what’s up
  6. Hey, I’d happily proofread your guide for you. However I’ve never touched the game itself and so cannot help with issues #2 and #3. So if someone comes along who can assist with all three, feel free to take my place with regards to the proofreading.
  7. Some damn good games there. But it has to be Dark Souls.
  8. Super Meat Boy, because do you want that shit or not? Also LittleBigPlanet. No profile is complete without a shiny little sackboy. You earned your first ever trophy in LBP too.
  9. Warframe, because it has nothing to do with anime ...also it’s a long-ass grind
  10. Fantasy Toffee or Fudge
  11. 007 Blood Stone. Quantum of Solace was my first ever plat, and I always wanted to play BS
  12. Only ever played Borderlands 2, so based off of my intuition I’ll say Psycho-Pass Kung Fu Rabbits is probably trash too, but I like the title
  13. Don’t think of it as too bad a thing; it will surely happen to us all someday. At times I’ve gone years without caring about trophies, and I’m well aware that that lack of interest could return at any time. We all love trophies, but hunting them can be a very tedious, unending chore that wears you down. Nothing wrong with not wanting to put yourself through that for a while, or ever again.
  14. God of War, because it’s possibly the best game ever made Alternatively Kingdom Hearts III, because that game makes me smile