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  1. This is false. Without DLC installed you can reach the end of the game just fine. However if ‘The Amorous Adventures of Bold Sir Hans Capon’ is installed you have to beat its main questline to reach the ending of the main game. Fortunately this doesn’t take long and is highly entertaining. Even on Hardcore Merciful it’s no obstacle. I also want to reiterate what others have said; this is by far one of the worst trophy lists I’ve ever come across. Conversely it’s one of the best RPGs I’ve ever played. Ergo avoid it if trophies are all-important to you, but I highly recommend it if you just want to play a good game.
  2. 5/10, cool F-Zero vibes to begin with but overall a fairly typical anime song
  3. I played it last year having not touched the game in around 7 years, and iirc it took me 50 minutes to beat C6. I’m no god either, and I hardly even checked the guides. The bogeys are nasty because at times you’re purely at the mercy of luck, but everything else is completely in your control. With the auto-aim launchers you can melt one of them real quick too. And like I said, if you get fucked you only go back 10 minutes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Tbh I don’t think Vanquish was ever that hard, it was just one of the very first difficult trophy lists. The bar has been raised far higher over the past decade. For the average player I’d say it’s a 7/10, not a 9/10. Challenge 6 is the only real stumbling block, and from start to finish it’s only a 10-15 minute time investment. There are plenty of thorough guides that walk you through your every action too. So for anyone with doubts I highly recommend giving it a try. It’s an insanely fun game and maybe you’ll surprise yourself.
  5. 6/10, iconic but not something I’d choose to listen to
  6. #63 Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood (PS3) Julius Caesar Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Earned in: 8 years 10 months According to my memory and the fact I’ve not played a single instalment since III, this is the best AC game ever made, featuring Ezio at his peak. Rome is stunningly immersive and the score is incredible: Visiting Rome irl is twice as magical if you’ve already been there as a caped assassin capable of wooing all the ladies. Admittedly you don’t get to square off against the Pope as in AC II, but I think being allowed to play with Da Vinci’s toys helps make up for that. In typical AC fashion the trophies are mostly sleeper, but in fairness there is one for bopping a guard with a broom, which I enjoyed. Unfortunately 17 year old me for some reason lacked reading comprehension and believed that the infamous Abstergo Employee of the Month trophy required you to earn every single bonus in one sole session. As such I couldn’t be bothered to achieve it at the time. I hate boosting trophies that I could have earned legit so sadly that momentary lack of brain power meant that I earned the plat dishonourably in 2019 instead of gloriously in 2012.
  7. I’m dangerously close to giving up on trophies altogether, so I’ll make a list here that might encourage me to keep fighting the good fight. - I tried to create a UR alphabet, but a few letters are missing due to a lack of games that interest me: A Bastard’s Tale (0.78%) Butcher (3.41%) Call of Duty: Black Ops III (0.78%) Darkest Dungeon (1.84%) Furi (1.54%) Gran Turismo 5 (0.62%) Hyper Light Drifter (2.88%) I Am Bread (0.26%) Jotun (2.27%) Kingdom Come: Deliverance (2.02%) LittleBigPlanet 3 (1.92%) Medal of Honor Frontline (3.27%) N++ (3.55%) Overwatch: Origins Edition (1.87%) Paladins (2.49%) Super Meat Boy (0.20%) Titan Souls (1.87%) Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (0.73%) Yakuza 0 (3.46%) - Bonus games of lower priority: Dauntless (0.81%) Doom 3 (1.81%) Outlast 2 (1.65%) The Banner Saga (3.93%) WipEout Omega Collection (1.74%) - Bonus bonus games of lower lower priority: FIFA 18 (2.59%) / Star Wars Battlefront II (3.83%) / The Flame in the Flood (1.88%) - Dead Space 2 / Demon’s Souls / Hollow Knight will all also be a part of this, although none of them are UR If I don't have at least half of these plats by 31/01/21 then it's almost certainly because I've abandoned trophies entirely. So we'll see 😁
  8. 6/10. I love Deltarune and the music fits perfectly, but I don’t really enjoy listening to it outside of the game
  9. Is better at Overwatch than me 😡 + Went for Impossible Boy before Blood Clot Boy 🧐
  10. Forming a spontaneous alliance with a stranger mid-game is one thing, but two friends queuing at the same time in order to duo in a solo Q FFA is another. And this clip looks like the latter. I’ve heard that the devs don’t allow teaming but idk how exactly they enforce bans.
  11. 2010 - Quantum of Solace (Jan 4th) My first ever Plat. I remember I felt like a god after this one. I was on Christmas break from high school and using a YouTube video to find all of the collectibles made me feel like some kind of internet sleuth. 2011 - Burnout Paradise (June 18th) Got this game for free thanks to that great hacking scandal (what was it called, ‘the ___pocalypse’?), and it’s still by far one of the best racers I’ve ever played. Also I think the trophy for 8 people meeting in the baseball stadium might just be the first trophy I ever boosted. 2012 - Killzone 3 (Jan 7th) I got KZ3 + a new TV for my birthday just over a month before, and for a good week or two I would come home from school and sit in awe for 10 minutes, just staring at the opening cinematic to this game. I couldn’t believe how awesome it looked and sounded. 2013-2015 - In retirement I finally burnt out from trophy hunting after completing Skyrim in September 2012. Then in 2014 I started university away from home so barely gamed at all. 2016 - Rocket League (Nov 30th) I was in my final year at uni and for the first time I’d snuck my PS4 away with me without my parents realising. One day I was just chilling (/avoiding doing any work) in the little cupboard I called a bedroom and realised how close I was to the RL Plat. I only had 2 games and my connection sucked, so I decided the offline Championships weren’t too big a hassle to go through for my first Plat in over 4 years. 2017 - Addicted to Overwatch Still no Plat 800 hours later btw. 2018 - Ratchet and Clank (April 4th) Look, Overwatch can be a toxic game. Sometimes people send you mean messages and sometimes you say something mean in return. Maybe your PSN account ends up suspended because of it. Either way, with no way to play online I decided to try out the PS+ games for once. I fell back in love with games other than OW and also trophy hunting. The Plat popped to the sound of the Groovitron and I’d officially been bitten by both the dancing and the trophy bug. 2019 - Steep (Jan 13th) Not much to say about this one. Awesome game, fun trophies. I got a cool sunset screenshot for my Plat too. The Points of Interest were the only uninteresting thing about this game. 2020 - ??? Ten years of trophy hunting is enough for me, I think. I have very little incentive to go for them now, especially since seeing as I’m older the majority of trophies are solely tedious, not challenging. Maybe if I’m more active on this site I’ll have a reason, so we’ll see. I did briefly consider Tearaway Unfolded because of how much I love it, but I think I’ll pass for now. I do also have a number of difficult Plats queued up at ~99% for whenever I can be bothered to put myself through the stress of Super Meat Boy, and I definitely intend on completing all those. I think that’ll be a good farewell to hunting trophies.
  12. LBP - letting Sackboy die would actually be a crime. And it can absolutely co-exist alongside Dreams. There’s so much they can do with this little guy Wipeout - OG Sony franchise and legit such a tight/thrilling racing experience. I don’t think many people actually argue that these games were anything but great, only niche. PS All-Stars - one mediocre attempt shouldn’t be enough to dissuade them from this. Look at how much people still salivate over Smash, decades after it first launched. And the PS exclusives roster is perhaps the most sought after thing in gaming right now. I’ll also echo: Resistance/Killzone - Sony need a good FPS and the campaigns in these two were always able to match their bombastic MPs Dead Space - best horror games ever made
  13. Likes to take their sweet time playing games for the fun of it. Potentially struggles to find games they enjoy (?) and only actively hunts Plats if the game truly grips them
  14. The Last of Us Such a simple and serene scene, a moment of quiet calm accompanied by the gentle lull of the music in the background. And yet...still you have this feeling of immense sadness, as though once you leave this moment things will never be the same. For once you begin the game and experience all of the horrors awaiting you, this beautiful instance only leaves you longing for the time when none of it had happened at all.