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  1. Spyro 3: you have the other 2 done, might as well complete the last one for that triplet
  2. #22: Hidden Agenda Difficulty: 1.5/10 Fun: 6/10 Time: 1 year 9 months Originally bought this game as a party game to play with some mates, but we only got through one chapter before getting drunk instead. It had been sitting in my backlog list since, and I've been on a sort of backlog craze lately so I don't feel so guilty digging into a long experience like RDR2 or Death Stranding. This is a Playlink experience, and there's quite a few trophies linked to Competitive play, so you'll need two smart devices with the app downloaded for the plat. It makes it particularly annoying when it comes to following a guide, which you'll need another device to read off. It is almost essential that you play off a guide, as there is no chapter select and autosave. Honestly just this point alone makes me want to claw my eyes out. I made a mistake in the competitive playthrough about three and a half hours in, and it required me to start from the beginning, and do the exact same thing 😤. This was the first game I've ever had to use backup saves on a USB (which I didn't know you could do). The story itself is actually quite good; a crime thriller about hunting down a serial killer. It plays in a similar ilk to a Telltale game with dialogue choices and QTEs. After the first playthrough it did feel rather repetitive though. Surprised the Plat is only an 8.67% rarity (thought it would be in that 15-20% range).
  3. #21: Batman: The Enemy Within Difficulty: 1/10 Fun: 9/10 Time: 10 hours 32 min My first ever platinum was in season one of the Batman Telltale series (a PS+ free game in my first month of owning a Playstation), and it's a game I thoroughly enjoyed and wanted to play more. Fast forward to a couple days ago when I saw the second season on sale for a measly $7.55 AUD, and it was too cheap not to pick up. Every decision you make during the course of the story feels cutthroat and purposefully questionable, You feel for the characters and don't want them to feel disappointed or let down. It's nice having a shorter experience like this in between massive AAA titles like HZD and God of War/Last of Us/Uncharted/Death Stranding/Sekiro (whatever I actually decide to play) I picked up this game alongside another Telltale game in The Wolf Among Us, which I've heard mixed reviews about but was also for the low price of $7, but I'm looking to get through a bit of my backlog first 😬
  4. Yeah I'm not quite sure of the specifications to be honest. Originally I used Smite V on a diamond sword and a Strength II potion on Bedrock version and it didn't pop when trying to kill either skeletons or zombies. However I switched to Editions and used a Sharpness IV d.sword and the Strength II and it worked when I killed a creeper... maybe it's non-specified damage like Smite against undead or Bane of Arthropods against spiders, or perhaps it's just glitchy in Bedrock version. Unsure 🤔
  5. #20: Minecraft Difficulty: 3/10 Fun: 8.5/10 Time: 1 year 4 months Finally decided to go for the plat after casually playing on and off for months. Had trouble with some trophies not popping, but got there in the end.
  6. So my world was made in the Bedrock version, but I found an old world in Editions from a while back which had just enough to make a Sharpness IV sword and another Strength II potion... and it worked 😁 Thank you so much
  7. So I'm one trophy away from the Minecraft PS4 platinum, and the last trophy I need to get is the Overkill trophy, the requirements for which are: "Deal nine hearts of damage in a single hit". The trophy won't pop, even after I critical hit a skeleton/zombie with a Smite V diamond sword with a Strength II potion (in hard mode). Am I doing something wrong? Surely all that adds up to at least 9 hearts, right?
  8. #19: Goat Simulator Difficulty: 2/10 Fun: 4.5/10 Time: 4 hrs 48mins Yeah let's be real, who isn't getting this free plat right now? Relatively quick and easy. Biggest pain was dealing with the quality of the game. I know it's supposed to be a dig towards these multi-million dollar budget games, but that doesn't inherently make this a fun experience. The Flappy Bird clone took some getting used to, but I knew from other people's reactions what to expect and got it out of the way early. Honestly, despite it's negatives, it's a good feeling to knock a quick plat between big games, and it pushes me one step closer toward the 20 milestone. When the DLC goes on sale I might pick it up just to 100% it.
  9. Here They Lie Narrows: Complete the Beginning Marketplace portion of the game Achieved 11:47AM, 1st Jan 2020
  10. Definently Lawless Llama; really enjoy his trophy list reviews and honestly it's kind of modivating me to improve/increase my platinum count. I know it's not really a trophy-hunting youtube account, but Playstation Access is also a go to.
  11. #17: Horizon Zero Dawn Difficulty: 3/10 Fun: 10/10 When I first started HZD in July, I had very high expectations from reviews of how amazing this game would be, and if I'm honest, I was a little let down to begin with. I played for a couple hours, and I moved on... Boy, what a mistake that was. This has to be one of the best games I've ever played. Not only is the story deep and enthralling, but the gameplay is fluid and the visuals are stunning. The Frozen Wilds DLC is equally great, and can't wait to play the New Game+ U.Hard difficulty for that 100%.
  12. Trophies: from 492 to 637 (+145) Trophies: from 180 to 223 (+43) Trophies: from 69 (nice) to 88 (+19) Trophies: from 13 to 16 (+3) PSN Level: From 12 to 13 (+1) (I'm also like 1 trophy away from the HZD plat) This year has been really quiet for me, mainly due to being in the second year of my Uni course and the workload ramping up. I'm looking to get into my backlog of games before the influx of 2020 games. Best Game: Horizon: Zero Dawn Beautiful graphics, seamless gameplay, enthralling story. Up there now with my favourite games of all time. Worst Game: Steep Never really got into it. Only played for a couple days though so...
  13. I've never bought a Collectors Edition for a game, but I'm at a level of hype for Ghost of Tsushima that, if they release a statuette bundle, I'm jumping on that ship immediately
  14. #16: Dream Daddy Difficulty: 3.5/10 Fun: 7/10 Yeah, to be honest you get what you expect. Some of the trophies are a little infuriating (I'm looking at you RNG-based Candy Crush Fishing where every fish is made of 2 colours) and repetitive, but you have to make sacrifices if you're going to date the most eligible bachelor dads in town.
  15. Surgeon Simulator/I am Bread dual Pack: This was before I started really getting into trophies; in hindsight not a great combination to try and complete. Singstar: Downloaded for a nostalgia trip back to Primary School- After School care when we'd play the PS2 version. Unfortunately not much in similar and you need to buy each song seperately. Fortnite: Played the battle royale once, hated it, and can only get rrophies for the full game... I'm never going to play the full game. Apex Legends: Either I don't like Battle Royales, or I'm just not good at them... *EDIT* Just realised I don't have Apex on my trophy list... which I swear I played. I'll put Steep or Trials Fusion in instead, because I'm never going to go for them