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  1. *sigh* I actually thought I was done. I sold my original PS3 many years ago, but later re-bought one. Sold that one too, over a year ago, thinking I was now finally done. But now I’ve got PS Now and I have actually really enjoyed revisiting a few old games and I still find titles I missed back in the day. I am not going to buy another PS3 for the third time but I can’t help but wish once more I still had a way to play the games I bought digitally which aren’t on PS Now. If as rumored the PS5 will not be bc with PS3 and there’s no paid add-on accessory (like a mini-PS3 you can attach to your PS5) that would be a huge shame. With no new PS3 units being produced and PS Now only offering a fraction of the titles, we’d lose a big chunk of PS history. Older PS3 units will die at some point... and then what?
  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome!! Thank you so much, I did this early on in a lowely 2015 Ford Mustang GT. Works like a charm. Thanks again.
  3. I doubt it though. It is one of the deals in the Days of Play. It would make little sense to add it if Plus members just got it for free, I think? As I was reading op on DoP I did see they are going to offer a 30% discount on a year subscription to both Plus and Now... tempting. Very tempting.
  4. Woohoo! A game I haven't actually played for once. I don't buy COD games, but they are a guilty pleasure like Battlefield games. I only do the SP. So cool. Spider-Man obviously is a great choice, but I have already played it. It would still be a great month though.
  5. I’ve been doing this for a long time: pretty much all my games are on there. If there is a difference it is in no way an issue. The HD in the PS4 is a cheap piece of crap, your external one might actually be faster (although you wouldn’t notice that either probably). So go for it!
  6. This right here is why Codemasters makes so much money and keeps screwing us over 🙂 (not a diss, I’ve been doing it far too long myself)
  7. Woohoo! I just 100% Assassin’s Creed: Origins and I am very pleased with myself 😄


    I plat’ed the game and got every trophy last year except 2... one in the Discovery Tour and one from The Hidden Ones: Zip it Off. I couldn’t bother with the tour (Daily Life category was boring) nor could I quickly find suitable spots back then for the zipline thing. I loved the game and I still do, but back then after all those hours I was just done, you know?

    So I did them both now and it felt good! And weird too: I am almost afraid to admit that at first I didn’t remember which were ziplined and which ones were just ropes and I had to adjust to the controls again too... whoops. 

    I am sure I will replay this game at some point. I just love the setting so f’ing much. 

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      I'm a fan of Vikings TV Show so that explains it ! And about the price ... it s best to wait for a review to see if you like it :D ! About the map , all I want it to be is immersive . In my opinion , the odyssey map is too vast and every city/town looks aprox the same ! I want some random events to keep the game going :D

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      Nice work!

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  8. Interesting stuff there guys, thanks! It seems my assumption was wrong, they are still able to get the Cell processor. If only they would consider building a (paid) hardware add-on/accessory to add bc support for PS3 on the PS5... I know there were patents registered for the PS4 to do something like this, I wish they would just do it. Anyone interested in bc could then pay for it and the bc would not add to the base price of the PS5. I doubt it though.
  9. I am really curious how PlayStation Now technically actually works behind-the-scenes, specifically PS3 streaming. Retail PS3 units are no longer manufactured and I have a hard time imagining data centers stacked full with second-hand/refurbished PS3s or anything. As far as I know the Cell-processor is not available anymore anyway so I don't think they use them in some sort of alternatively build PS3 units? Perhaps emulated PS3s on overpowered machines? Do any of you have any insight information on this or links to point me in the right direction?
  10. I haven't seen any added in the last few months. Which is a bummer: seems Sony is not able/willing to add PS3 compatibility to the PS5 and PS3s are no longer manufactured/sold, so if they aren't added to PS Now either we are simply out of luck to ever play them again. And there are sooooo many games from the PS3 era that aren't on PS Now. I'd be happy just to be able to play my previously purchased PS3 games again, even if they weren't in general availability. But no. I've been enjoying quite a few PS3 games lately that I missed back in the day. Really hope there's more coming but I doubt it. Then again I've got quite a few games left to play on PS Now.
  11. Thanks... I never even bothered to look at any game footage after my disappointment with the first game! Will do that now, might have discovered a new game for me to play 😀
  12. How does it compare to the previous game? Similar? Didn’t like that one at all, but Bumperklever peaked my interest when he mentioned Rayman Origins (which I loved).
  13. Haha, that's the spirit! 😄 Right now I am focused mainly on whatever is on PlayStation Now. I've got a year subscription and while it doesn't always have what I'd like there's still plenty to play with. It has really cut down on my spending habits in the PS Store, I don't even check sales much anymore. It also makes me less pissed off with the poor quality that has been PS Plus overall these last 2 years. Sorry, a bit off-topic.
  14. The games on my wish list are back now. Unfortunately only We Happy Few is actually on sale.
  15. Something to look forward to then when it is fixed. I feel bad though for the intern that’s going to get the blame for this f*ckup...