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  1. Just adding another thumbs up for Citizen Sleeper! Played it on Xbox and admittedly, I was a bit out of it due to a nasty flu, but I really enjoyed my time in this game. It’s just so unique! Sadly, that will probably mean not a lot of people will allow themselves to be pleasantly surprised by this one. But if you’re reading this and on the fence: play it. It’s great. What are you still doing here? Go!
  2. Sure, yeah. Sometimes I feel it is also personal circumstances. Sometimes I'm just not in an appreciative mood or whatever. I did like As Dusk Falls and High on Life, incidentally. Oh well, 2023 looks good for GP, so maybe you'll find a few new ones you will love. It's funny, I actually prefer Achievements now. Don't get me wrong, the actual system is worse. But for some reason, on PlayStation I think "I really need to get the platinum", while on Xbox I think "oh, 60-70% of the base game, that'll do". It's healthier for me. Oh well. I love not having to choose. Sure, my XSX is my main console, but it is such a luxury that I don't have to say "Ratchet & Clank? That's too bad, I'll never be able to play it". I've learnt my lesson, just like the Xbox 360/PS3 generation, I'll buy both consoles from now on every generation.
  3. That’s a very good point. Indeed, Extra is much better than I anticipated, but yeah I had already bought & played most of the best games on my PS4, so there’s just a few that were added that hold any value for me (I loved Stray!). I still think Game Pass is much better though. I can imagine wanting to play a game that is leaving soon and you haven’t gotten around to it, it sucks to be ‘forced’ to play it immediately then instead of something from your backlog. But why would you play games on GP you don’t even like though? MS Points?
  4. It's funny to re-read what I wrote just a few months ago. Update: I got myself a PS5 too, within a few weeks of getting the Xbox Series X. But the status quo remains: the XSX is now my main console and my PS5 is my secondary console for occassional use. I mainly used it to play some PS4 games, but to be honest I haven't used it for more than a few hours in total. I haven't used it in weeks now, while my XSX is used every single day. Weird how that happened. The only PS5 game I am interested in right now is Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart.
  5. I also know nothing of game development, but I do know a thing or two about general software development (or really should know, given that I am a software engineer). The technical difficulty is usually not where the layman thinks it is in. I frequently sit with a product owner who wants some small changes in the software and is looking for some generic estimates. He is always baffled when tiny request X turns out to be indeed a tiny change, the next tiny request Y turns out to require a lot of work and tiny request Z would lead to me resignation for having the audacity to ask for the impossible 😂 My point is: we just don't know. It could be so many things. And it is probably not what we think that's made it impossible for them to do 60 fps. Me personally, I think it is arrogant to assume the developers of Gotham Knights are incompetent.
  6. I do remember this being a problem with Xbox 360 games. And DVD & blu-ray movies to this day. But as far as I know, PS3/PS4/PS5 games have never had any region-locking whatsoever?
  7. I wasn’t talking about me specifically. The point I was trying to make, if it happens to me, with no special setup or anything, undoubtedly a percentage of visitors will run into something similar. Not good. Thankfully, it seems to have been taken down again. Phew!
  8. Awesome! Thanks for the confirmation, much appreciated.
  9. So I saw a great deal for Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart on, for just 35 euros. I took it, but to my surprise when I received it, the text on the back is in French. Incredibly misleading, there was no indication of this in the product listing (and we don’t speak French in The Netherlands, definitely not something to be expected) so I really should return it. But… before I do, I’d just like to know if anyone can tell me: is it just the packaging? Is the disc itself identical in every country? Can I play the game in English or am I stuck with a French dubbed POS? Obviously if I take it out of the shrink wrap I can’t return it, so if anyone knows, do let me know. Thanks!
  10. Look, the new DDOS protection completely disallows me to access the website on my iPad through Edge. I think it is pretty silly when I, a regular user, have to switch to a different browser to access a website. If I have these problems, I'm pretty sure I am not the only one. I don't think this is an acceptable side-effect. I mean, site owners worry about milliseconds in loading in terms of user experience, how is it acceptable that it now takes seconds to get redirected OR get stuck in an infinite redirect-loop and having to proof that I am in fact a human countless times, without any effect?
  11. Look, I just watched the video and I notice… barely any difference. Let’s say within a margin of error. I couldn’t tell which is which if it wasn’t labelled, probably. i never have with any similar videos either. I also showed the video to my (non-gaming) girlfriend, ditto. We both can’t imagine anyone claiming 30 fps is unplayable or anything like that. So yeah, can’t we just agree to disagree? I am 41 years old, wear glasses. So does my girlfriend. It’s entirely possible that these older eyes actually can’t see a big difference. I can certainly imagine younger eyes can see the difference clearly. What I really hate is to be called a liar, blind or whatever kind of insult just because we don’t share the same experience. Stop it.
  12. Well, if you bought it before it got delisted you’d be able to redownload it again. Also, in your example, even if you have the game on disc, an update could still remove the songs. So it’s not so black & white unfortunately. The best thing you can do is just cherish the memories playing the game. Those are forever yours.
  13. The most common reasons are licensing fees. It happens a lot with racing games: the licenses for showing the cars in the game are expensive and are negotiated for a few years. Afterwards, the fee for renewing is not worth it for the limited number of expected sales left so the game is delisted. This also applies to music rights and intellectual property (think for example using Marvel characters in your game).
  14. I'll throw my hat in the ring. I thought I was a PlayStation-only guy, but boy was I wrong... I actually started out with multi-console: Xbox 360 and PS3. The few exclusives that interested me (Quantum Break, Forza Horizon series) couldn't convince me enough, so I went PS4 only. And I fully expected to go PS5 only again. In part because the PS5 is hard to buy and the ongoing rumors about the release of a PS5 Pro next year, I was once again tempted (after seeing Forza Horizon 5 footage) and bought a second-hand Xbox One S. And now I am screwed 😂 Forget exclusives. It is just utterly wonderful to have the ability to replay older games that run & look better than ever. Without having to pay again for a remastered version or anything. I mean, Half-Life 2: The Orange Box (Xbox 360), Max Payne 1 & 2 (OG XBOX), I love it. Played Forza Horizon 1, which has been optimized for 4K/60fps and it is gorgeous!! I just... wow. I never expected this. I expected to just play those few games and that's it, stick to PS4 otherwise. But I got Game Pass Ultimate, saw all the goodies and it just... doesn't compute, haha! I returned the second-hand Xbox One S and managed to buy the Xbox Series X. It is just amazing. I also have PlayStation Plus Extra, and I look forward to playing GoT, Miles Morales and stuff, but this is literally a whole other league. I will definitely stay multi-console now and I'll probably grab the PS5 Pro when it is ever released, but given my situation of Xbox Series X + PS3/PS4, I might very well end up making the Xbox my main console and the other two my consoles for exclusives or for my backlog (which is huge). In other words: I am finally looking to get away from my unhealthy trophy hunting addiction and focus on having fun playing, wherever the game is available. EDIT: I love the Series X so much that I’m now really struggling to play things again on my PS4… it just feels so sluggish and whatever game I launch, that thing is like a jet engine roaring (while my Series X is completely silent, no matter what I play). Perhaps it would be different if I also had a PS5, but I don’t. I have a huge backlog on my PS4, but I also have Game Pass Ultimate, which is the equivalent of a never ending backlog. I’m already re-buying some stuff for cheap for the Xbox that was on my PS4 backlog. I think I will actually take a break from PlayStation and just wait to return to my backlog (whatever I haven’t played on Xbox by then) when I can finally buy a PS5 (preferably a Pro) without having to jump through ridiculous hoops. I’ll retire the PS4 then (not the PS3). I’ll let PlayStation Plus Extra lapse. It is nothing compared to Game Pass. Never thought I’d say that 😢
  15. I don't want to hijack the topic and basically tell you to stop looking for one, but this is quite damning: Basically right now the PS5 is a cool way to play your PS4 games better. I wouldn't be surprised if the game publishers are hesitant to go all-in on PS5/Series X right now as these supply problems have been going on a long time now with no end in sight and how are you going to recoup costs if your install base is small? The PS5 may sell well, but if only scrapers get them, they won't buy your games. So those sale numbers mean very little. So you are better off making cross-gen games. And that in turn means there is not a lot for PS5 gamers to look forward to imho, because the PS4 is now holding back the PS5. I guess what I'm saying is... are you sure it is worth it to go above and beyond to get a PS5 *now*, paying far more than the actual price and possibly losing any kind of warranty, when you could also wait for things to settle down and just buy an upgraded PS5 (Pro or Slim) at the end of next year in an actual store? The few games worth playing now will be bargain bin by then and in the mean time you can actually play PS4 games on a... PS4. That you already have. Yeah savings! Just my two cents. But do sign up to PlayStation Direct if you are clamoring to get one with warranty and a normal retail price. You can have 'mine'