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  1. I stopped playing, I can’t be bothered to grind all the way to level 40. The game is fun in short play sessions but the time requirement for level 40? No.
  2. Better get used to it... looks like things are going to get ugly (yes, brexit) ☹️
  3. Wow, unfortunately I am not... because this is a seriously good tip! We do have reBuy in my country (The Netherlands) but they don’t carry games. It doesn’t seem like ships to my country. Good prices though!
  4. Do PS3 games *ever* go on sale though...
  5. Brilliant, turns out we have CeX too and it is indeed dirt cheap. Thanks for the tip! (they are not dumb though: prices for Ratchet & Clank titles are a lot more expensive here too, it is like the whole internet has collectively decided that theseare more rare and we ought to pay 15+ for them) Hihi, always a good one 😆
  6. Ah yes, musicMagpie. I know them well, have ordered there many times. They are also on Amazon, always claim that their games are in “very good” condition even if it is a complete trainwreck... but if you complain you usually get a refund and get to keep the game 🙂 (unfortunately it happened quite a few times) Thanks for the tip though. Any others?
  7. I am disappointed by the prices being asked for used PS3 games in the stores I know. I feel 5 euros with an absolute max of 10 euros really should do, am I wrong? Any webshop recommendations?
  8. I haven’t seen any additional PS3 games added in... well, I have never seen them added. Ever. What an incredible waste!
  9. So... of course the first thing I did when I stumbled upon this thread is check if you got the platinum. Congrats man! A+ for perseverance! I was dumb enough back in the day to get this game (AND the dlc, yep!) and abandoned it almost immediately. Just booted it back up after playing a bunch of WRC 8 to do the online trophy... and my god, what the hell is this handling model?? I cannot figure out how to keep that damn car in a straight line or survive even just a type 4 corner. I am really glad the WRC series is now in more capable hands. WRC 8 is hard for the right reasons IMO. I suck there too, but at least I feel I’ve earned it...
  10. Sooooo... basically from day 1 when trophies became available, I’ve been baffled by their design. I am not color blind, at least not as far as I am aware of, but I do have trouble discerning the difference between bronze and gold trophies. Particularly when they are small and not next to each other for easy comparison. Whenever one pops it is more likely that I know from the easiness of the trophy task that I’ll know it is a bronze then from looking at the icon itself. Is this just me and not a thing at all, or do you guys struggle as well? They could have at least made them different shapes or something...
  11. So... what’s your question? You were lucky, your luck has apparently run out. Buy the dlc if you’d like to have it (back)?
  12. I absolutely loathe hoops. And I am horrible at it too. Sound familiar? Good luck getting the Buzzer Beater trophy... luckily I found an awesomely easy no-effort way to obtain it! It’s not in the Neo Tokyo guide but it should be. Simply start a regular 1v1 hoops exhibition game with an all-star bot. You need him to score at least once. Do nothing, just wait for the 30 second buzzer (5 seconds left works fine). Now... switch teams. Boom, you are now on the winning team and will receive the trophy at the end of the game 😎 Assuming you got the Fast Break trophy out of the way already, that means you NEVER have to do another hoops game again! Good riddance. I know I’m late to the party, but I hope this helps someone.
  13. I love your avatar. Clank is such a cutie. haha

    1. Sifferino


      Haha, thanks! I must admit I 'stole' the image from fan art on the internet... but I prefer to think of it as a homage 😇

      Are you looking forward to the new Ratchet & Clank game??

    2. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      I'm not sure how I feel about the new ones yet, actually. I do plan to platinum the trilogy and all the original spinoffs, though!

    3. Sifferino


      Yikes, good luck with that... the original trilogy imo is hard 😬

  14. Warning: blasphemy! Xbox!! Sooo... I’ve got this crazy idea in my head right now that finances permitting, I’d get both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X. The PS5 would remain my main console, but I must admit the idea of going down memory lane and for example play Freedom Fighters (XBOX) again... that sounds like fun! I’d also love to replay Alan Wake, PGR 4 and try that other Remedy game Quantum Break. 


    I mean it is not like Sony cares about bc... the vast majority of PS3 games aren’t even on PS Now. And it doesn’t seem like the PS5 will add bc apart from PS4. What a terrible waste!

  15. Oh yes. On the PS apps (iPad and iPhone), website, etc. Driving me mad but what can you do? 💩