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  1. I couldn’t justify purchasing a PS4 until Fallout 4 came out... I played Fallout 3 and NV for hundreds of hours, I *had* to get this game! Imagine my disappointment. Fallout 4 is just not a good game. And I would have been perfectly happy with “just another Fallout 3 game”, I didn’t need much. But this game... they managed to ‘innovate’ in all the wrong areas. Kept the things that could have been better, gutted the things that were fine. Added a lame story, forgot all about good side quests. What an utterly boring disappointment! Thinking I must have set my original expectations sky high, I actually went back 5 years later to give it another try. My Fallout days are long gone, I was more ‘neutral’. I played it for a few hours today and I felt... nothing. Absolutely nothing. I just can’t get myself to start it up ever again. Nah. War never changes. But Fallout / Bethesda did. RIP. Do yourself a favor and just skip this one. If you must, try it on PS Now for free. It is not even worth 10 bucks imho.
  2. I agree! Which is funny because I never enjoyed any of the actual Borderlands games... I only played this one because I liked the Walking Dead and it was free on Plus. Very glad I did. I still play the soundtrack often.
  3. Yes. There's also a few new abilities to invest in, but nothing "game changing".
  4. Then why would you even bother playing the dlc? If you hated the base game I can’t see how you would enjoy the dlc. As for me, like op I played the base game on PS Now and I was really excited to hear we got the Ultimate Edition on Plus as I had often contemplated buying the game just to play the dlc (the game had left Now at this point). I started playing at the earliest opportunity... and having just finished both dlc, I am left with very mixed feelings. First of all, I had some trouble getting back ‘into’ the game. I had completely lost any recollection of the controls after just a few months. I remember loving the game and the story, watched quite a few explanation videos on YouTube. All of that was completely erased from my mind though, that didn’t help getting back into the game. Unfortunately I found The Foundation to be rather boring and uninspired. It definitely adds something to the game’s lore, but it couldn’t capture my attention. I was mostly interested in AWE as I loved, *loved* Alan Wake back in the day. Disappointment was almost inevitable... As hard as I tried, linking both games felt gimmicky. I didn’t enjoy it. And the difficulty spike was quite ridiculous. I just wanted it to be over with and I am not ashamed to admit I ‘cheated’ through the accessibility options (one shot kills, inmorality) to get the end fight done. Not my cup of tea I’m afraid. I should have left the game alone and enjoyed the happy memories I had of it.
  5. I finally got around to a re-play. The added "story" and "very easy" difficulty levels made all the difference for me: I didn't care much for the combat in my initial play, I am in this for the story and the mystery. So for my second attempt I opted for "story" and now I am really enjoying myself. I don't care about the trophies, I am just immersing myself in the game and it keeps surprising me with its story direction. I really enjoy the whole "figure out how you'd like to do it" thing. Here's a closed door that requires a key card. Find the key card, use your abilities to slip through a tiny hole, wait for one of those bot thingies to open the door for you, shoot or manipulate the door handle I can see on the inside, etc. And while I must admit I don't read everything in emails, notes and what have you (so some of the time I have no idea why I need to do something), I just... it clicks for me. I find it relaxing to spend an hour or two just wandering around and poking around. Really happy I gave it another go.
  6. Yes.
  7. Weird huh? My scratches weren’t severe either. I have never heard of a situation where scratches resulted in any game completely misinterpreting code (‘this road is made of zero gravity water”) instead of just crashing... weird! But true. This is also one of the few games where a lengthy hard disk installation isn’t required. It might explain why we didn’t see this issue with most other games: the disc scratches would have interfered with the installation already, alerting the gamer much earlier that their copy was faulty.
  8. The console store will also become unusable soon, at least in the EU. Sony sent me an email about, something about a Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) which Sony have decided not to bother with at all. This means EU citizens won’t be able to use any payment method to purchase anything on the PS3 store, hence it becomes unusable. Thanks Sony, so happy you still care.
  9. Thank you. Indeed, this happened to me with Assassin’s Creed for example. I loved the hell out of Origins & Odyssey, which was unexpected as I never liked any AC before those. It also happened to Codemaster’s F1 games. And it happened (negatively) with Fallout: loved 3 and NV, don’t like 4. So yeah, I have learnt not to assume too much or risk missing out on some great gaming memories.
  10. Thanks guys, I am leaning towards giving this a skip then 😄
  11. So, I didn’t like the previous games. I love a good post-apocalyptic game (Days Gone, Fallout 3/4, etc.) with a good story, I like shooters (melee combat is fine too) but I don’t like stealth and/or survival-horror. I am drawn to the Metro series for the story, but I just couldn’t get into the first two games with its dark & gloomy metro corridors, scarcity of ammo, filters and all that. Now with number 3 I find myself drawn to it again. It looks great and I’d love to go explore the world outside. I’d love to get some perspective: can I understand the story without knowing what came before? Is it more of the same or different gameplay? What kind of games would you compare it to? Thanks in advance for your insight.
  12. Glad it helped! Thanks for your feedback.
  13. I think the real problem is us: trying the same thing over and over and still expecting a different outcome. We keep handing over Bethesda money afterall. Then again, that will probably stop now as Microsoft will probably prop up their exclusives.
  14. Hey, I’d just like to say (as there have been no replies yet): thanks! I am playing the game now through PS Now and I think it is meh, so a better guide to speed things up is much appreciated 👍 EDIT: actually, no. This is a brilliant game! It just takes a while to get ‘into’ it I suppose. I love it, look forward to plat it soon (I think I am nearing the end of the story). Really enjoying my stay in Oregon.
  15. TL;DR: Solved! Because the problem is so weird I figured there would be a high chance of me returning the PS3 under warranty and them returning it with "we couldn't find any fault": both times with me paying for shipping costs. So I googled laser rot some more and felt the symptoms I had didn't quite match up. My working theory changed to "could I simply be unlucky with two discs in a row"? Sure enough, that is indeed the case. I ordered another used copy of NFS: Hot Pursuit and what do you know? No problems whatsoever. The tiny scratches I saw on the first used copy apparently were more severe than I thought. I'll find myself another copy of NFS: The Run now too. Annoying, but still a huge relief!