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  1. To be fair... that would make sense. While playing every season and dlc would be fairly time consuming, you’d still get a plat just for showing up for the ride. I have done for more time consuming & difficult things for a plat, it wouldn’t be fair/balanced to get 4 or 5 for this. At least its an easy extra one?
  2. My PS4 thought it would shake things up a bit today and gave me a huge scare by not recognizing my external HD anymore. You know, the one that holds a gazillion games, including the ones I am playing atm. It politely asked me to connect the missing HD... I was NOT looking forward to redownloading 950 GB!


    Disconnecting and reconnecting didn’t work, but a restart luckily did. My PS4 scolded me for not ejecting it properly (ehhh... okay, sure), did a little repair dance and all good. Phewww!


    Probably a little power outage while the PS4 was on standby (which it always is).

  3. Ohhh that would be sweet! It’s weird how relatively few people have played those games, given how the first one was a PS3 launch title if I recall correctly. Fingers crossed for a remaster, but not holding my breath tbh. You know what? Those games are the only ones that I really really miss from the PS3 era (I absolutely *hated* the original trilogy remaster for PS3 though). The PS4 game is great fun, you really should play it. If you have been on Plus for ages like me you even got it for free. I do hope for more Cratchers, I just don’t know if people nowadays still play these type of games... I’d settle for remasters of the PS3 games. Given that the PS4 game was a reboot, zero chance.
  4. I’d say play with a guide but that’s just me. I played the original release, I had to quit because I couldn’t progress anymore. Completely stuck and no internet to help out back then. I am now replaying the game right now with a guide, mostly because I enjoy the story. I finally want to see how it goes 😉 If you do play blind just know (and be okay with) that you will miss most trophies. In fact you’ll lock yourself out of the first one the moment you start playing as you wouldn’t think to turn on the stupid tank controls. EDIT given the age of this thread obviously OP doesn’t care about my reply but perhaps anyone else reading this later will 🙂
  5. Just watched the trailer and had to laugh about "improved lip syncing" as someone mentioned here. Even in the trailer lip syncing is WAY off. Will still be playing this though, I have fond memories of the series. Glad to see Skybound cares enough not to let the series go down with the Telltale ship.
  6. Alright, cool. I’d play it all again then. Haven’t even played the final season yet.
  7. ... but everything is already available (remastered) on PS4. I am not sure this will be anything more than a bundled repack, i.e. I don’t think it will have a new trophy set.
  8. Thanks! Kinda lame 😊
  9. High five! Same 😄
  10. You could also just wait to play the game? I only picked up Origins earlier this year: everything was patched, all DLC was out. Ready for my one huge playthrough. Much cheaper this way too. Something to think about? Anyways, I just finished the trophy. Not great, lacks in any kind of inspiration.
  11. I an going to throw in a few games too: - Burly Men at Sea - Late Shift - Oxenfree None of these is particularly hard, but each is IMHO very original and well worth playing. If I had to choose just one I would pick Oxenfree. Just awesome: story, art style, everything. I also love the art style, humor & origins of Burly Men at Sea. Late Shift is a FMV game that I really enjoyed, so many branching paths.
  12. Discovery Tour was announced at E3. No definite proof that it will have trophies, but Origins had them so it is at least likely?
  13. Good news: Discovery Tour with extra trophies is coming in a few weeks 😂
  14. With the very rare exception I never pay full price. I have enough games in my backlog that I am never out of anything to play. And since I don’t play MP, waiting for a price drop saves me a TON of money. As an added bonus the games have by then been fully patched (thanks day one full price paying beta testers!), I can probably move straight from the base game into all dlc releases, etc. I should also add that every game I did pay full price for, or even bought a new console for, have without exception been disappointments for me. Maybe I expected too much, don’t know. Lower price also means that I find it easier to get my money’s worth even if a game is just okay. Does that make sense?
  15. Interesting points. I played this game for a few hours but like many people here I found the combat such a let down that I wasn’t enjoying myself at all. However having read these glowing reviews I might give it another shot in the future, perhaps on easy difficulty. Thanks!