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  1. I was also disappointed. When I played the first game in the reboot I was like “wow, this is basically Uncharted” (I love Uncharted). Replaying the game on PS4 I must admit I could see its flaws better. Still entertaining enough. Rise & Shadow though... what the hell is the story even about?? Where did all the previous characters go? The games look better and I can appreciate that they tried to improve on the game mechanics, but I personally hated the “somewhat open world” vibe. Graphics are good but I just wasn’t invested in the game, merely plowed through. Didn’t even bother with all the tombs, just wanted to get it over with at some point. I would rate the trilogy overall as 7/10. I won’t replay them ever again.
  2. Have no fear: I am here to revive a really old thread 😁 Just wanted to say that after a couple of years without Ratchet & Clank, I really enjoyed going back to this. The criticism is fair, in fact I skipped this one at first (played it for maybe half an hour) but while this might be the worst of the bunch... I can’t help myself, I am enjoying myself. Almost finished playing it through on PS Now. So yeah, have few expectations and this game might actually surprise you. Based on the first setting I thought this would be a very shallow party game but it is surprisingly deep. Surprisingly Clanky if you will! BTW playing solo, my Clank AI buddy is surprisingly helpful.
  3. Hi guess, so with the recently lowered price I decided to give PlayStation Now a go. To start off with something positive: so far streaming games works just fine. It was a real delight for me to play Ratchet & Clank again, PS3 titles that I had to let go after my PlayStation 3 died. Even better: I can now play it with my PS4 controller and on my PS4 console. I have always hated the PS3 console and especially the controller, so win win. I really didn't experience any problems at all with streaming: it never stuttered, I noticed no input lag. Image quality was great as well. Basically it was just like playing the original game. When I forget I am using PlayStation Now they are doing a good job I think. But... the PlayStation Now app. You know, something that should be so simple. But for some reason it is not. I have a lot of trouble simply launching the app on my PS4. It just sits there saying "please wait" for a long time, usually until I give up. If I reboot my PS4 it might launch instantly. There's no pattern. Once I am in, things seems to work just fine. Sometimes... not. Suddenly game thumbs won't load while I am browsing. Most infuriating: I just want to click and tell it to add the game to my collection. Spinning icon, but it won't do it. It will do it just fine for a few games until it won't. It just won't. No pattern, it is not like it won't add a specific game or anything. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what the problem could be, but I can't. Obviously if I am able to stream a game for hours without any hiccup, it would seem the internet connection is not the problem. So what is? Does anyone else recognise my symptoms and perhaps knows a solution? It must be such a small thing but if I can't get this app to behave then I am going to have to give up on PlayStation Now and that's just stupid. I mean, am I really supposed to play on my Mac because the PS app is misbehaving. Really?
  4. Maybe, but then that’s it: this is the PS4. Devs, deal with it. Get creative. Judging from its success, we don’t care about underpowered consoles and creative developers can do so much given limitations. Devs weren’t allowed when the Pro was launched to make Pro-only games or screw the regular PS4 gamers over in any way with subpar games. So who is it for then? Only a tiny niche. I bet new buyers buy the Pro mostly because they fear the regular PS4 would be a bad buy (‘inferior’), not specifically for its pro features. It made all of us earlier buyers wonder if Sony screwed us over. Its just bad business. And it could have easily happened if the Pro had been more successful and devs started developing primarily for the Pro instead of the regular model. Once console buyers start questioning if the basic premise for a console (plug & play, guaranteed fun for x years) still holds true... it is game over. I don’t want a PC-lite, I want a console. I hope Sony won’t make this gamble. Microsoft seems to want to for some reason.
  5. I never understood the point of introducing that PS4 Pro anyway. A bit of a d*ckmove, to be honest. Everyone should have the same console, that’s the whole point. They handled it reasonably well, I was afraid from the introduction onwards games on the regular PS4 would run like crap and that didn’t happen, but I hope they don’t repeat this again. I can understand (a little bit) different configurations (like a smaller model without a bluray drive or something), although this should be introduced at launch then not as a surprise years down the road, but I don’t like the proposition “this is the ultimate model, but here’s our base model: games won’t run smoothly and won’t look good but it is $100 cheaper!”. That or periodic hardware “incremental upgrades” (=gaming PCs) and I’m out of console gaming. I just don’t understand what’s wrong with the ‘old’ way of simply introducing a brand new generation every 5-7 years. Basically I just want to know that the game runs as advertised. I don’t want to deal with “yes it will run but you have to tinker with the settings, won’t run smoothly” etc.
  6. So I picked up Spyro: Reignited the other day. I was really looking forward to it, it was finally on sale. But... I really don’t like it 😔 The monotony, so incredibly boring. I doubt I will ever get the flying missions done, I hate them. And what’s with the respawning enemies, jesus I was just here...


    Right now it is looking really unlikely that I will finish even the first game (let alone plat), or even try the second and third. I am definitely parking this game for now. 

    *sigh* I guess I am still looking for something Ratchet & Clank-esque to play...

    1. AuroraHistoire


      It is probably the for best the best that you don't play Spyro the Dragon ever again. It would be nice if you earned a trophy in the other two games; to make the other game's platinum a little rarer.  

  7. Ditto, why the remark? What did we miss? Sure would be cool to have PS3 backwards compatibility. Don’t care about PS2 (wait... Freedom Fighters!) or PS1. But PS3 would be welcome. But I don’t think it will happen...
  8. As long as they don’t change the rules, like add different types of trophies or something or make it suddenly a lot quicker to level up. Like in Formula 1, suddenly the point system is different, making comparisons with points before and after impossible. Don’t do that. I didn’t even know there’s a level cap, should be okay to remove that of course. Not that I will ever reach it...
  9. Damn Stedde, just had to say that you were too old huh? So the first thing I do is check your profile and guess what? We’re the same gen but you are slightly younger than me. Of course! So what does that make me huh? That’s right: super old. Thanks! 😂😂😂 Have fun here, welcome!
  10. I was under the impression that you could download *every* PS4 game from Now onto your PS4, is this not the case? That would make it identical to games downloaded from Plus, i.e. you can play until your subscription expires. You can buy DLC for Plus games, surely you can do this for downloaded Now games as well? Can anyone confirm or deny?
  11. “More creative control” 😂 It helps that you don’t actually get tired either huh? 😉 I love the US. I’ve been there quite a few times now on holiday and next time I actually might go to a ball game for the experience! If you are ever in Australia (I’ve been there once) go to an Aussie Rules game. That game is brutal, absolutely savage. Yet the Aussies treat it like the ideal family picknick, take their little kids and everything 😊
  12. The title pretty much says it all. The PlayStation 5 is coming next year, so it makes sense to have a PlayStation 5 section separate from the existing PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 3 sections?
  13. That's just the way it is. It is not a mainstream sport worldwide, you guys simply grow up with it. It is a bit like cricket: probably the only reason it is popular outside the UK at all (India, Australia) is because those were former colonies and the British introduced it. Who in their right mind would pick that up if they didn't grow up with it? The real question is: why do you have sports no one else plays / wants to play? Which brings me to an interesting hypothesis: Americans either don't understand or refuse to follow existing game rules! 😀 America is the only former colony that did not adopt the original games but made their own weird variations. Baseball seems like an (admittedly more interesting) variation on cricket to me, American Football looks like playing rugby while wearing a condom. I mean come on, what's with the silly protection? Look at Aussie Rules Football, now that's a proper game in comparison. Just having some fun here BTW 😜
  14. It is easy to put this game down, it is published by Ratalaika afterall. But this game is certainly not trash, on the contrary. I was actually looking very much forward to this game as it was announced (it’s been out on PC for a while), I think Ratalaika only came into play because the programmer wasn’t comfortable porting the game to consoles him/herself. Anyway, this is a simple game, basically you pick dialog options and investigate a few items (which change the dialog options). Based on your answers you get a different story conclusion. There are nine endings and I had fun trying to figure out the different branches. Basically if you like Late Shift, you will like this. It is not a long game, but it is clearly a (hand-drawn) labor of love for its creator. For once I would have liked hidden trophies as reading the list ruins part of the fun of figuring out what you can do. I am sure many will pick this up just for the trophies, but you are really missing out if you just play with a guide and skip, well, the whole game. Fun fact: for some reason I thought I was playing a girl, I was convinced somehow that part of my surprise of “what the hell happened here” was that I’d ended up with a girl for once. Didn’t even register in the mirror that I was a dude on my first playthrough 😄
  15. I love how you said “paused”, game much? 😂