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  1. Flatout 4 just glitched on me. I was about to finish its campaign with some sweet gold trophies, only for the game to crash… and welcome me back with a message “your save game is corrupted, here why don’t you start again from scratch” *sigh*. Yeah, no thank you. I canceled PS Plus just 2 weeks ago, so no backup. Not the first time this year some stupid game did this to me.


    Why does it always happen so late in the game when I’ve already put in so many hours…


    Deleting this shit.

  2. No worries, I am glad I made this thread when I did, it might help others figure out the cause of their similar problems. Like you, I also bought a better copy of The Run after my experiences with Hot Pursuit and this copy ran just fine. BTW, if you own a PS4/PS5, instead of finding a better copy of Hot Pursuit for PS3 you could also pick up Hot Pursuit: Remastered now instead.
  3. Yes yes yes! The rumors were true, The Last of Us Part II tomorrow on PS Now 😍

  4. 🤣 The impossibility of actually buying a PS5 has got me contemplating to end my ‘gaming career’ with the PS4… *gasp*. No, seriously. But then again, if my PS4 were to die tomorrow and Sony having discontinued the PS4 Pro, I think I’d still buy a PS5 just to play the vast number of PS4 games I’ve left to play. But yeah, no. As far as I’m concerned the PS5 never launched. And while no one can get their hands on one, I doubt game publishers will go full on PS5. Stay alive, my dear PS4! Hoping for many more happy years together 🙃
  5. It almost comes down to memorization. Took me several attempts, by then I kind of knew when what to expect and where I kept messing up. I was about to throw in the towel, cursed the heavens and then… I actually got it. No fun, but it took me maybe 15 minutes tops. If I can do it, you can do it.
  6. High praise, comparing it to Grid: Autosport and *still* being worse… ‘cause Grid: Autosport imho was a huge soul-less grind, boring af. I also bought Grid: Ultimate Edition (Grid: We Totally Didn’t Rip This Out Of The Game First For More Cash Edition) for next to nothing and for that money, I’d say it’s still a tough sell. At least I knew what I got myself into. I’ll do about 2 races tops before calling it quits for the day, it’s that boring.
  7. At first, I didn't give Horizon Chase Turbo a chance. Not my kind of game, I thought. But it kept making those "best racing games for PS4" lists, so I decided to give it a fair go. And it really was game on (pun intended). I always thought to myself: there's going to come a race I won't be able to beat and that's fair enough: at some point the game will beat me and it'll turn into so much frustration that I will give up. Some races are tough, but I made it until the 11th region (Japan?) and thought: "Now I'm going for it!". So I beat Japan. Hawaii, final stop. I jumped straight into the final race, figuring if it is impossible I might as well know now. Didn't win it after a couple of tries, but I felt I could. Eventually. So I played the other races in Hawaii first, beat those. One more remaining. Lost again. And then it happened. The game crashed. That's okay, I thought, it has happened a few times before. Just boot this baby right back up and off I go. Except I couldn't. It would crash during the startup loading screen. Again and again. Game over, through no fault of my own. Deleting and re-downloading the game didn't help. Finally, I decided to overwrite my system save game with the one from the PS cloud: a few hours old, will lose some progress, but I'll be damned if I have to start over from scratch. That helped. I did some endurance first, no problem. So today I decided to once and for all tackle Hawaii. It lost all my progress there, so I started with the Final Challenge. And I beat it! Hell yeah! No crashes, nothing. Better safe than sorry, I exited the game, backed up my system storage save game to the cloud first. Now I'd just need to re-win the remaining races I already knew I could win. But no. Once again the game had corrupted my save game and it would crash during the startup loading screen. Having just uploaded the once again corrupted save game, I am now unable to continue playing this game. I was *this* close to the silver & gold trophies for finishing the World Tour tournament 100% and it won't let me. Dozens of hours, the game made me work hard for it and absolutely no payout in the end. It's just a stupid game and it's just a stupid worthless trophy, but damnit, I feel I *earned* it. I am not impressed. This is the kind of stuff that makes me hate a game I really enjoyed playing. I mean, I could accept if I wasn't good enough... but this sucks. TL;DR: the game corrupted my save game on the very last race in the World Tour, twice. Lost all my progress. Needed to vent. Makes you ponder what is really important in life 😆
  8. That’s just great. Horizon Chase Turbo crashed on me during the very last race of the campaign. Rebooted my PS4, now the game crashed during startup, i.e. any further play is completely impossible. I’ll try delete and reinstall, but I fear it corrupted my game and HOURS of gaming. I’ll be damned if I restart from scratch. Soooo close to finishing… this is really messed up. Literally.

    1. Sifferino


      I was able to restore an earlier save game from the cloud… lost some very hard fought wins, but at least it’s not a complete loss…

  9. I couldn’t justify purchasing a PS4 until Fallout 4 came out... I played Fallout 3 and NV for hundreds of hours, I *had* to get this game! Imagine my disappointment. Fallout 4 is just not a good game. And I would have been perfectly happy with “just another Fallout 3 game”, I didn’t need much. But this game... they managed to ‘innovate’ in all the wrong areas. Kept the things that could have been better, gutted the things that were fine. Added a lame story, forgot all about good side quests. What an utterly boring disappointment! Thinking I must have set my original expectations sky high, I actually went back 5 years later to give it another try. My Fallout days are long gone, I was more ‘neutral’. I played it for a few hours today and I felt... nothing. Absolutely nothing. I just can’t get myself to start it up ever again. Nah. War never changes. But Fallout / Bethesda did. RIP. Do yourself a favor and just skip this one. If you must, try it on PS Now for free. It is not even worth 10 bucks imho.
  10. I agree! Which is funny because I never enjoyed any of the actual Borderlands games... I only played this one because I liked the Walking Dead and it was free on Plus. Very glad I did. I still play the soundtrack often.
  11. Yes. There's also a few new abilities to invest in, but nothing "game changing".
  12. Then why would you even bother playing the dlc? If you hated the base game I can’t see how you would enjoy the dlc. As for me, like op I played the base game on PS Now and I was really excited to hear we got the Ultimate Edition on Plus as I had often contemplated buying the game just to play the dlc (the game had left Now at this point). I started playing at the earliest opportunity... and having just finished both dlc, I am left with very mixed feelings. First of all, I had some trouble getting back ‘into’ the game. I had completely lost any recollection of the controls after just a few months. I remember loving the game and the story, watched quite a few explanation videos on YouTube. All of that was completely erased from my mind though, that didn’t help getting back into the game. Unfortunately I found The Foundation to be rather boring and uninspired. It definitely adds something to the game’s lore, but it couldn’t capture my attention. I was mostly interested in AWE as I loved, *loved* Alan Wake back in the day. Disappointment was almost inevitable... As hard as I tried, linking both games felt gimmicky. I didn’t enjoy it. And the difficulty spike was quite ridiculous. I just wanted it to be over with and I am not ashamed to admit I ‘cheated’ through the accessibility options (one shot kills, inmorality) to get the end fight done. Not my cup of tea I’m afraid. I should have left the game alone and enjoyed the happy memories I had of it.
  13. I finally got around to a re-play. The added "story" and "very easy" difficulty levels made all the difference for me: I didn't care much for the combat in my initial play, I am in this for the story and the mystery. So for my second attempt I opted for "story" and now I am really enjoying myself. I don't care about the trophies, I am just immersing myself in the game and it keeps surprising me with its story direction. I really enjoy the whole "figure out how you'd like to do it" thing. Here's a closed door that requires a key card. Find the key card, use your abilities to slip through a tiny hole, wait for one of those bot thingies to open the door for you, shoot or manipulate the door handle I can see on the inside, etc. And while I must admit I don't read everything in emails, notes and what have you (so some of the time I have no idea why I need to do something), I just... it clicks for me. I find it relaxing to spend an hour or two just wandering around and poking around. Really happy I gave it another go.
  14. Yes.