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  1. If this doesn't scream --> Passion, then I don't know what else it is. Even though I have yet to play this game, I was always interested in hearing about your CTR adventures and the many pushbacks you've had. The videos are also truly an inspiration and it makes me want to do all the dev times when I get to this game in the future. Again kudos to you for reaching such a level of skill in this game 👌
  2. Are you using manual- or auto -gears? For me I have better control over the corners when manual shifting plus you don't have to brake so hard when you can downshift earlier. I also tend to turn the car quite early before a corner (also using the handbrake while turning) - that way I can stay very close to the apex and almost hug it, giving me a faster exit. During 0:52 in my video - during the fast turn (Co-driver says: 4 right over crest), I don't use the brakes here at all, just keep the throttle at a minimum and if it's too hard - lift the throttle slightly for the fast corner and get back on the throttle immediately to push some power.
  3. Bounty claimed - I Am Bread completed It was a decent challenge overall, the Cheese Hunt Garden level was the hardest challenge in the game by a mile, and that level alone it took me around 7-8 hours for A++. The plat is hard but quite doable with a bit of practice, the common barrier for players is to get used to the controls as it can seem confusing at times. I had fun most of the time, despite Cheese Hunt mode being the hardest it was one of the most fun ones to tackle, I'm big into time trails and it was quite satisfying to beat some of those tight times with the Cracker bread. Bagel races were also enjoyable - easier controls and a breathe of fresh air after doing Baguette, which was my least favorite mode. Tier 1 1. Dirt Rally 2.0 2. Need For Speed 2015 3. I Am Bread 4. Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012 - 91% 5. Splasher 6. Mirror's Edge 7. 10 Second Ninja X 8. Trials Fusion 9. Unravel 2 10. Cloudberry Kingdom
  4. For Germany 2002 in general try to hug the corners as much as possible, going too wide will cause you time, maybe you are already aware. If you find it hard to brake late and hard to take the corners smoother, it's also okay to brake a little earlier than usual for some corners, just don't brake for too long - if you are using manual transmission, engine braking also does wonders by downshifting. The time - while not easy to beat, still leaves some leeway for you overall, getting used to the car and stage without assists will make you faster too. You can also watch my run which I will link below: For Scotland 2004, the time is quite lenient compared to most stages, but of course the wet surface can make it hard to handle the car. I don't know how much assist you use, but it's okay to use a little traction- and stability -control if you want - just set them to the lowest so you don't lose too much power as opposed to higher settings. Focus on being fast on the straight roads, Scotland in general requires you to take the high speed sections fast if you want good times. You can also easily lose time through those two consecutive hairpin corners when driving downhill (2:04 in my video below), here you want to turn a little earlier so you don't fall off the road, if you have the clutch on you can also use that to get a faster exit through sharp corners in general. Just some general tips off the top of my head - let me know if you need specific points elaborated or other specific problems with the runs. My Scotland 2004 linked below if needed:
  5. If you liked the Wolfenstein games, I think Doom 2016 or Doom Eternal could be right up your alley. They have some similarities and both Wolf and Doom excels from a pure gameplay aspect. Doom is pure carnage and satisfying with even faster paced gameplay.
  6. I'll snatch Warface, that is a nice plat
  7. Yea the online portion for the DLC’s will take a while to get through I’d imagine. Probably why some of the trophies are UR due to the time investment?🤔
  8. I want to do a few swaps for my tier 1 list. In: Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012 Cloudberry Kingdom Out: Shadow Warrior Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Since there are some UR trophies I have yet to earn in the DLC packs in NFS Most Wanted, I want to do them now before moving on to I Am Bread (Sorry for leaving you hanging again Bread). I also have Cloudberry Kingdom in my backlog which I wanted to do later on, but I have decided to do it sooner hence why I'm swapping it in, whether I can come out of the lion's den alive after playing this game is another story 😅 It has been fun following up on everyones progress - amazing work! I am impressed with the amount of games folks have completed so far, keep it up 👍 Tier 1 1. Dirt Rally 2.0 2. Need For Speed 2015 3. I Am Bread 4. Splasher 5. Mirror's Edge 6. 10 Second Ninja X 7. Shadow Warrior Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012 - 51% 8. Trials Fusion 9. Unravel 2 10. Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Cloudberry Kingdom
  9. Need for Speed 2015 completed. Pretty challenging DLC might I say. Prestige mode is no joke, it has 41 events you need to gold consisting of drift- and race/time trail -events. The drift series were the toughest for me, some of the events had some very tight score requirements and many times I felt like mastering this game was not enough - there is a lot of RNG involved thanks to the traffic, cops (sometimes) and horrendous AI racers trying to sabotage your run. The races and TT's were a decent challenge but not as hard as the drift events in general, I enjoyed some of the races, where you ned to put emphasis on controlling your high speed, managing your racing line and take corners effectively. The next UR game I'll do is I Am Bread, a game I have postponed so many times by now 😅 Tier 1 1. Dirt Rally 2.0 ✅ 2. Need For Speed 2015 ✅ 3. I Am Bread 4. Splasher 5. Mirror's Edge 6. 10 Second Ninja X 7. Shadow Warrior 8. Trials Fusion 9. Unravel 2 10. Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time
  10. Need for Speed 2015 100% completion



    Enjoyment: 7/10

    Difficulty of the 100%: 9/10


    Managed to complete this game and its DLC. The plat was pretty easy but the Prestige DLC was a big contrast in difficulty, the experience was quite frustrating - mainly the drift events which was the hardest part of the DLC  for me. The Prestige races were not as bad as the drift events, while a few races took a while to gold it didn’t take me as long as the harder drifts. I actually enjoyed many of the races/time trails granted I am more of a time trail person to begin with 😄


    Overall a pretty challenging game to conquer, very happy to have been able to complete this. As for the games quality I definitely miss the old NFS titles from the PS2 like Most Wanted, Carbon etc. and 2015 NFS is inferior to those in my opinion, the PS2 NFS games were some of the best in the series. 



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    2. Honor_Hand


      @Don_carlito94 My issues with the connection have been mostly related to a delayed response from the game in registering my time whenever I cross the finish line. Like, it normally takes an extra second or two for it to count. And it's totally noticeable because whenever my connection is in the shit, I've crossed the finish line and no joke waited like 6-7 seconds for the clock to stop with my time. xxD

      Haven't booted up the game in months. I remember I had beaten all of Spike's events and all of the races I had available at the time. Mostly started struggling with the drift on Manu's series too and then went on to play something else to vent out. xD

    3. Don_carlito94


      @Honor_Hand Oh shit, 6-7 seconds is a lot of time to get robbed for 😳.. The highest time delay I’ve experienced was maybe 2 seconds which is already absurd. 

      As for Manu’s events, I personally found those the hardest, so if you can get through those you can pretty much get through the rest of the other series, again good luck 🤞

    4. xxEliteCDxx


      Congratulations once again !! 🙂

  11. I didn't know about this either. Quite excited for this from the looks of it, I liked the first one a lot so will definitely be keeping my eye on this sequel.
  12. I don't blame you for picking Finland as your favorite, it's very satisfying to nail those jumps in Finland. I also didn't struggle too much with Finland, probably because of the experience from Dirt Rally 1, also personally I tend to find shorter stages easier in the Flatout DLC. While the times on the shorter stages are tighter, you don't have to memorize that much - stage wise. I reckon you'll find the later Wales scenarios fun to tackle, I had such a blast with Wales, I was so pumped each time one of the scenarios showed up - the final Wales event was the best one in my opinion. That's nice to hear, if you have the skill to gold Clear Ahead without exploit, you can pretty much conquer the plat with time. That is not to say some of the others will be easy, I personally struggled with some of the Nordschleife ones the most (both hotlaps and alien race), but yea you'll get through this no doubt about that. I see you've been playing Elden Ring a lot lately, hopefully this will open the door for other Souls games for you in the future, there are some great games as you will maybe soon find out. If you are getting Sekiro I recommend treating the game as its own identity as opposed to comparing it with Elden Ring or Souls games. Sekiro is very different from Souls and the genre is more toward action/adventure with a bit of rhythm to it - having to perfectly time parry's, counters and jumps etc. I personally enjoyed Sekiro a lot and it was a game I continued playing even after getting the plat such as creating my own challenges and perfecting boss fights.
  13. Nice review of the game and tracks - congrats on obtaining the platinum .. I'm glad that I'm not the only one who struggled with 170, thought I was the only one (those loops in 169 and 170 were my personal kryptonites) 😅 .. I haven't played CTR but my gut tells me that beating the dev times might be a harder task than golding the 200 tracks in TMT for most people - like you mentioned, TMT's gold times don't require absolute perfection as opposed to the Dev times in CTR. Hats off for getting both done 👍
  14. Good progress dude 👍 .. I feel the same way about Wales, it is a very fun location in general. Don't worry too much about the later Wales events, while 93 is not the hardest in that location, you will revisit many of the same stages repeatedly in Wales - from my experience it got easier and easier after the first multi stage event. The times are also quite lenient in general from what I remember. You had some pretty good entries and exits through some of the sharp corners in Argentina 1994 such as the one in 0:33 - a tricky one. You are definitely right about being able to gain time if you push it during the straights, you can also lose time if being slow through the sharp corners though. Nice job with this one 👌 .. Good luck with the next set of scenarios, the multi stages starts getting longer pretty soon, and again I look forward to read about your thoughts on the upcoming scenarios
  15. Many open world games on your list such as Assassin's Creed games. Ghost of Tsushima could be worth looking into.