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  1. Horizon plat, so I can reunite it with my Killzone plats as they are relatives if you know what I mean
  2. #55 Metro Exodus Platinum Trophy Been a while since I've played a good single player FPS. I had a lot of fun with this game and I did 3 playthroughs for it. 1st play: Easy difficulty + collectibles + combat trophies 2nd play: NG+ on Easy difficulty + Iron mode + DLC collectibles 3rd play: NG+ on Ranger Hardcore difficulty (No exploit) This game wasn't that hard on Ranger Hardcore imo, aslong as you stealth for most parts and manage your ammo + equipments saving them for the tougher fights. Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 4/10
  3. Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction. I still remember it like it was yesterday, with only a few games released when the PS3 first came out. I wanted to get GTA IV aswell to begin with.
  4. Seeing this thread brings back good memories from the PS3 days. Here are a few of my favorites of the top: Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time Killzone 2 Demons Souls Dragon Age Origins
  5. I don't think it's cheating, but if the trophy collection mostly contains easy and very fast platinums then you can tell that the person just cherrypicks the games to rank up fast and that is not an impressive collection. At the end of the day, people who cares about being on the leaderboard need those easy/fast games to remain on top, so I'm not judging them because the competition is what drives them. I'm not really competitive regarding trophies, so I go for plats and trophies from games I enjoy and think are worth my time whether they're easy, time consuming or hard. But I do like having atleast a few difficult plats in my collection, I like to play some harder games once in a while.
  6. Wow no one was around to rate your plats, well then I’ll rate 8/10. Very nice collection, everything from time consuming to hard plats. Love the GTA IV and Disgaea 3 plat
  7. I honestly haven’t experienced any terrible PS4 games from my list, but my least favorite one I’ve played would probably be Killzone Shadowfall. The game doesn’t hold a candle to Killzone 2 which is my favorite FPS from the PS3. Overall SF is good but not great.
  8. Street Fighter V. It’s a nice plat to have
  9. # 54 You Did Rally GoodUnlock every Trophy in DiRT Rally. 1.84% Amazing sim racer that gives you a great rally experience throughout the whole game. This platinum takes time and practice to achieve especielly if you have little experience with rally/motorsport games. It's a tough plat and the game rewards patience with trial and error giving you that feeling of accomplishment when you see the results. Imo the trophylist is great, because there are no grindy and boring trophies, but alot of them are tough like: winning a championship in each class, winning a championship in masters difficulty, FIA championship and getting in the top tier of some of the online events especially wager events (this is harder than a few years ago= less players online, more pros playing nowadays). The game has definitely opened the door for other rally games for me in the future and I'm looking forward to it. Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 8/10
  10. Yea I remember this game, I was just a kid but I remember it being somewhat challenging and the graphics were amazing for it’s time. Had a blast with Black, a remaster would be fantastic. Anyways if they remastered Demons Souls I would die happy
  11. Others have already made some good points, we all have different motivations when it comes to trophies, whether it’s being a completionist or getting as many plats as possible etc. To give you a bit of perspective, I used to get as many plats as I could, even just aiming for easy plats. After a while it got tiresome and this was on an old account, but nowadays I treasure the quality of the plat or 100%, that is what satisfy me the most with trophies. My definition of quality is going for 100%/plat for games I really like and enjoy regardless of the time required because I’m already motivated enough to go through the journey. And difficult games. Getting a plat in a challenging games can be so rewarding and is sometimes worth several plats just for the satisfaction.
  12. Could go both ways, but both rallycross and hillclimb are easier than rally for certain. I won Masters in hillclimb and it was challenging indeed but because you’re doing the same track over and over, you really start memorizing every corner and road after a while even though the surface and weather can vary from event to event. I can see how doing 9 mins of near perfect runs on Masters can be intimidating. So with enough muscle memory and practice you will get through hillclimb. I found Rallycross to be frustrating because of the aggressiveness of the AI.
  13. COD 4 Remastered. Miss this game and never had the chance to plat it back then...... well back when it didn't have a plat
  14. Born to Run (3.59%)Become Champion at Masters level in Championships. This trophy was tough, winning all championships from Open to Masters was no joke. I did the Hillclimb events and I remember having the toughest time with Pikes Peak full course in rainy asphalt on Masters. This game may be tough especially for newcomers like me who haven't played Rally games before, but the reward is worth it. I'm far from getting the plat, but this is a good start by mastering the Hillclimb events. Next up the Rallycross events!
  15. Batman Arkham Knight. Great game, am working on that game too.