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  1. Cloudberry Kingdom 100% completion (PS3)


    Review: Cloudberry Kingdom – Destructoid


    Enjoyment: 8/10

    Difficulty: 10/10


    Very happy to have completed this game and earning all of its trophies. I quite enjoyed the game despite its extreme difficulty towards the end, it is in my opinion a fun platformer to play casually alone or in couch co-op or trying to beat your personal score in some of the different game modes with different characters. Controls are responsive enough and there are some fun characters to play as. 


    The game is very doable to complete until you get to chapter 7 in story mode - more specifically the last two levels. From my understanding once you've beat chapter 6 you've beaten the story, but chapter 7 is like a bonus chapter for people who'd like to push it even further difficulty wise. The reason why I give this a 10 in difficulty is for last two levels = 319 and 320. Probably the biggest difficulty spike I've come across in any game I've played, because everything before level 319 is like only a very very tiny fraction of level- 319 and 320 in terms of difficulty. 


    The hardest level to complete for me was 319 and this level requires you to control a character named Wheelie Bob where you are strapped to some sort of wheel. Very hard character to control, where you have lots of momentum you need to handle by decreasing- and increasing your speed/jumps at the right time with the right amount of inputs. The level itself is extremely crazy and I'll show my run of it so you can see just how crazy it looks 😅 :


    (change the quality of the video to 720p or 1080p, because it might be low by default)


    Took me a lot of effort to get through 319, I needed to study every jump, evaluate many mistakes and built good muscle memory to the point where I could remember every small detail even in my sleep. Had to take a small break from this game after I beat level 319, yet I still had one dreadful level after this -> the final level 320


    Level 320 was definitely more fun to attempt compared to 319 due to controlling a better character - Classic Bob: much more agile and fast, not relying on the momentum and weight like Wheelie Bob. 320 was easier than 319 but it was still a very demanding level.


    320 was a tiny bit less crazy somehow level-wise with more breathing room. One thing I needed to adjust to was being able to execute crouch jumps (which I never used before 320), and this took a little bit of time before it felt natural. Sometimes it would feel uncomfortable to crouch and jump/move simultaneously, and sometimes you would slide too far when landing on a platform when crouching. 


    Again I'll show you my run of level 320 and getting the final trophy in the game "Shenanigans!" for completing chapter 7. Enjoy this video of me completing the final challenge and bagging the 100%:



    This has been an experience, but before I leave this I would again like to thank my friend @item112z for offering some good tips for some of the jumps on level 319 and @ThanatosNinja2 for his written guide for the last two levels. Thank you so much! :) 

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    2. Destructor-8


      Yeah that's exactly what I want to do so I'm just gonna do everything else then come back to finish it off.

    3. KindaSabbath


      Absolutely smashed it! Let’s gooooo!!!! Well done my dude! It’s good to see that Cloudberry fell to the mighty Don!! 🔥❤️

    4. Kozukishima


      Congrats man ! 

      The sensation when this trophy pop is awesome 🔥

  2. Cloudberry Kingdom completed! What a journey this has been. To say that this was an extreme challenge is an understatement, anyone who knows a little bit about this game has probably heard of the brutal level- 319 and 320. Despite the insane difficulty of those two levels, CK is actually a fun platformer in general. You could argue that chapter 7 especially the last two levels are a bit too extreme to be fun, but if you play the game casually or maybe play co-op with family or with friends, it's actually a blast in my opinion. Here's a video of me conquering level 320 and earning the "Shenanigans!" trophy (change the quality of the video to 720p or 1080p if it's low by default): Out of the two levels 319 was the hardest to complete, but make no mistake 320 was still very difficult. I'd say 320 is on par with Impossible Boy in SMB. If you want to see my run for 319 as well I'll have it here: Now I need a little rest from very tough games, I think I'll probably play KZ Shadowfall soon (got all MP trophies luckily). Tier 1 1. Dirt Rally 2.0 2. Need For Speed 2015 3. I Am Bread 4. Cloudberry Kingdom 5. Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012 - 91% 6. Killzone Shadowfall - 93% 7. Splasher 8. Mirror's Edge 9. 10 Second Ninja X 10. Trials Fusion
  3. Update: It’s been a while since I’ve updated anything regarding my progress. Swapping out Unravel 2 for Killzone Shadowfall. I already have all the online trophies in Shadowfall and what I need now is the Elite difficulty trophy which is UR. Will go for this after Cloudberry Kingdom. Speaking of Cloudberry Kingdom I’ve made progress: I’m so happy to say that I’ve finally beaten level 319 after many and many hours of practice! 😄 All that’s left now is 320 which is still going to be very tough so I’m not letting my guard down. Here is my 319 run: Tier 1 1. Dirt Rally 2.0 2. Need For Speed 2015 3. I Am Bread 4. Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012 - 91% 5. Cloudberry Kingdom - 90% 6. Killzone Shadowfall - 93% 7. Splasher 8. Mirror's Edge 9. 10 Second Ninja X 10. Trials Fusion Continue the good UR hunt everyone!
  4. I finally completed level 319 in Cloudberry Kingdom! So happy to have been able to clear it at last 😄


    I would like to thank @item112z for his helpful tips and @ThanatosNinja2 for his written guide. I will start level 320 soon to complete the game and get the last trophy.



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    2. Don_carlito94


      @Destructor-8 Thanks for sticking around when I was tackling this level. Can’t wait to see you crush Green Hell in Assetto again! 

      @KindaSabbath Thanks dude. The struggle was real with this one, but man was it satisfying to finally nail this level. I’m glad I could replicate it again for the replay, it’s nice to have 

    3. Destructor-8


      That's cool dude. It's good that you got it even having to do it multiple times lol. Yeah cheers man.

    4. Don_carlito94


      Re-uploaded the video of my 319 run in slightly better quality. I noticed the previous was quite blurry 😅

  5. Your determination to get this project done is admirable, always a pleasure to read about your progress!
  6. Nice to see you post on here again bro! You might've taken your time with certain games but the satisfaction and enjoyment you get out of those games is what counts mate. You've come far in CTR and it has been fun following your progress - it's incredible to see how much you've improved over time and how much joy this Kart racer has given you. I would also like to say that it has been such a pleasure to team up with you in Remnant, it has been one of the best co-op experiences for me so far for a couple of reasons: The game is great, good as a solo game but even better as a co-op experience Cool bosses! Having a very chill and great co-op buddy - TheMightyStash who's Kinda cool Playing the game at our own pace and not worrying too much about getting it done as fast as possible We might be in the minority here but: Survival was one of the best parts of the journey - 'Dominator' trophy Like you've mentioned, we did every trophy (expect one solo trophy) together which made it a full co-op experience. Bull Tamer and The Stash burning down all of Remnant until there's only Ashes! Can't wait to team up with you again on the next journey 👌 And last, congrats on becoming a certified Master Shinobi. You've pretty much become the boss of the game the way you've been crushing it.
  7. Remnant: From the Ashes - Plat #89 + 100% 


    Remnant: From the Ashes: Einblicke in die Geschichte des kooperativen  Survival-Horrors


    Enjoyment: 9.5/10

    Difficulty (100%): 5/10


    I did all the trophies with @KindaSabbath and it has been one of the best Co-Op experiences. This game is in my opinion at its best in Co-Op and anyone who likes Souls/Souls like games will feel at home with this one. We did 2 playthroughs for the normal campaign - once on normal and the next one on hard. Then we did some Adventure re-rolls to clean up the rest of the trophies.


    The DLC's were also fun to tackle and we saved Survival mode for very last. Survival mode is the hardest part of the 100% - what helped us a lot was having the right gear from the very beginning, if it was shit then we would restart Survival. Sabbath would focus on a hybrid Summoner/Healer build and I would focus on pure Summoner with emphasis on Summon/Mod Damage and Mod Regen. A very satisfying experience overall with many joyful moments and laughs with @KindaSabbath, I'm looking forward to the next adventure 😄

  8. If this doesn't scream --> Passion, then I don't know what else it is. Even though I have yet to play this game, I was always interested in hearing about your CTR adventures and the many pushbacks you've had. The videos are also truly an inspiration and it makes me want to do all the dev times when I get to this game in the future. Again kudos to you for reaching such a level of skill in this game 👌
  9. Are you using manual- or auto -gears? For me I have better control over the corners when manual shifting plus you don't have to brake so hard when you can downshift earlier. I also tend to turn the car quite early before a corner (also using the handbrake while turning) - that way I can stay very close to the apex and almost hug it, giving me a faster exit. During 0:52 in my video - during the fast turn (Co-driver says: 4 right over crest), I don't use the brakes here at all, just keep the throttle at a minimum and if it's too hard - lift the throttle slightly for the fast corner and get back on the throttle immediately to push some power.
  10. Bounty claimed - I Am Bread completed It was a decent challenge overall, the Cheese Hunt Garden level was the hardest challenge in the game by a mile, and that level alone it took me around 7-8 hours for A++. The plat is hard but quite doable with a bit of practice, the common barrier for players is to get used to the controls as it can seem confusing at times. I had fun most of the time, despite Cheese Hunt mode being the hardest it was one of the most fun ones to tackle, I'm big into time trails and it was quite satisfying to beat some of those tight times with the Cracker bread. Bagel races were also enjoyable - easier controls and a breathe of fresh air after doing Baguette, which was my least favorite mode. Tier 1 1. Dirt Rally 2.0 2. Need For Speed 2015 3. I Am Bread 4. Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012 - 91% 5. Splasher 6. Mirror's Edge 7. 10 Second Ninja X 8. Trials Fusion 9. Unravel 2 10. Cloudberry Kingdom
  11. For Germany 2002 in general try to hug the corners as much as possible, going too wide will cause you time, maybe you are already aware. If you find it hard to brake late and hard to take the corners smoother, it's also okay to brake a little earlier than usual for some corners, just don't brake for too long - if you are using manual transmission, engine braking also does wonders by downshifting. The time - while not easy to beat, still leaves some leeway for you overall, getting used to the car and stage without assists will make you faster too. You can also watch my run which I will link below: For Scotland 2004, the time is quite lenient compared to most stages, but of course the wet surface can make it hard to handle the car. I don't know how much assist you use, but it's okay to use a little traction- and stability -control if you want - just set them to the lowest so you don't lose too much power as opposed to higher settings. Focus on being fast on the straight roads, Scotland in general requires you to take the high speed sections fast if you want good times. You can also easily lose time through those two consecutive hairpin corners when driving downhill (2:04 in my video below), here you want to turn a little earlier so you don't fall off the road, if you have the clutch on you can also use that to get a faster exit through sharp corners in general. Just some general tips off the top of my head - let me know if you need specific points elaborated or other specific problems with the runs. My Scotland 2004 linked below if needed:
  12. If you liked the Wolfenstein games, I think Doom 2016 or Doom Eternal could be right up your alley. They have some similarities and both Wolf and Doom excels from a pure gameplay aspect. Doom is pure carnage and satisfying with even faster paced gameplay.
  13. I'll snatch Warface, that is a nice plat
  14. Yea the online portion for the DLC’s will take a while to get through I’d imagine. Probably why some of the trophies are UR due to the time investment?🤔
  15. I want to do a few swaps for my tier 1 list. In: Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012 Cloudberry Kingdom Out: Shadow Warrior Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Since there are some UR trophies I have yet to earn in the DLC packs in NFS Most Wanted, I want to do them now before moving on to I Am Bread (Sorry for leaving you hanging again Bread). I also have Cloudberry Kingdom in my backlog which I wanted to do later on, but I have decided to do it sooner hence why I'm swapping it in, whether I can come out of the lion's den alive after playing this game is another story 😅 It has been fun following up on everyones progress - amazing work! I am impressed with the amount of games folks have completed so far, keep it up 👍 Tier 1 1. Dirt Rally 2.0 2. Need For Speed 2015 3. I Am Bread 4. Splasher 5. Mirror's Edge 6. 10 Second Ninja X 7. Shadow Warrior Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2012 - 51% 8. Trials Fusion 9. Unravel 2 10. Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time Cloudberry Kingdom