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  1. Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s time consuming but rewarding once done
  2. Trine 2: Complete Story. Nice one
  3. Nice to see you play some other non-racing games as well. GT5 is a beast of a challenge, Suzuka will definitely take some practice, but I’m sure you’re capable of it golding it with enough attempts👌
  4. Online is still available. There is an online trophy that requires you to win an online match, and you only need one boosting partner to earn it. When I went for the trophies nobody was racing online so I doubt you’ll find anyone playing it now (I’m guessing) if you were to do it without boosting. The difficulty of the plat is really not that bad, someone mentioned the times for platinum medals (hardest trophy in the game) being tighter with the latest updates - true but if you can find an easy event for a platinum medal it’s more than doable even with the latest patch, since you only need one plat medal you are free to choose which event you want to go for.
  5. Gran Turismo 7 mainly. There are other titles as well such as Elden Ring, God of War Ragnarok, Marvels Spider-Man 2, Wolverine etc.
  6. Will definitely be using this thread once I get to “Flat Out”, excellent post! Game is a blast so far, I’ve played the first Dirt Rally as well and spend countless hours enjoying it - even after earning the plat. One thing I really miss in 2.0 is Hillclimb though, I wish they didn’t leave that out 😢
  7. Congrats on the SMBF plat, although I’m sorry to hear about your horrible experience with the game. The good thing is that your review is very detailed and I appreciate it, since I was planning on getting the game at some point in the later future. I’ll have to think about it.. I do however have Splasher in my backlog so that is a platformer I’m looking forward to play once I’m done with my racing games-spree 😂 Again great job in finishing SMBF, I know it’s not the game you were hoping for but atleast you’ve nailed another hard ass game 👌
  8. Congrats on this accomplishment! I’m glad I could help a little bit 😅 It’s been fun following your progress and I look forward to read more about the other games like SMBF. Since you know how to drive manual gear in a racing game now, perhaps you might consider choosing that option when you approach your next sim/simcade such as Dirt Rally 2.0 or the upcoming GT7? You can see that you have far more control over the car with manual over automatic from all those hours in Assetto Corsa - and admit it, it is a little more fun with manual in a racing sim 😉 Respect for going this route. Some of the hotlaps are significantly harder without TCS. For example -> “Demon on Wheels” I personally consider as one of the harder hotlaps in the base game without TCS. Imola is a complex circuit, but with a high TCS setting you can turn this very hard hotlap into a medium difficulty hotlap because with TCS on high, you can drive over the high curbs without consequences 9/10 times as opposed to having TCS off where it requires much more precise angle of entry and throttle control - this example is just to give you a picture of the contrast. I personally never tried any of the skips and tricks for some of the hotlaps but from my observation you save quite some time with some of them, so if you don’t use any of those, you will also need to push it a notch. Examples - GRA Challenge, with skip= save around half a sec. Nordschleife hotlaps, with wall bounce and Karussell trick = save around 2 secs or maybe a little more if executed right. It will still be a tough experience regardless of these tricks. I look forward to see you write about this game once you get back to it 👍
  9. Ah the memories I have with WaW back in the days 😄 Voted Blowtorch and Corkscrew. Didn’t struggle too much with Heart of the Reich tbh. Relentless is also another one I struggled with beside the one I voted. This game on veteran is more annoying than hard, the key is to keep your cool. I will admit the nade spamming can be pretty ridiculous at times.
  10. WRC 7 and tier 1 completed 1. Assetto Corsa (0.22%UR) - 100% 2. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (0.85%) - 100% 3. Project Cars 2 (3.93%UR) - 100% 4. Super Meat Boy (0.24%UR) - 100% 5. WRC7 (4.19%UR) - 100% I don’t think I’ll complete more than one game before the end of the year if I were to start a 2nd tier. I’ll probably list one if I feel like it, but if I don’t I would just like to say thanks for creating this event. It has been a lot of fun facing some of these challenges 😄
  11. @ExistentialSolid Amazing progress so far mate, you’ve come a long way. You have written the best explanations and showcased some great videos for tackling some of these events for trophy hunters, there is really not a lot of info, apart from maybe some other videos on YouTube. Only Nordschleife left, so good luck! I know that you asked Existential about that question but I would just like to chime in on this subject as well. Obviously having TCS completely off gives you more power than having it on, and some hotlaps are easier when you turn off TCS. There are also hotlaps that are harder to gold without TCS let’s say some of those you’ve mentioned like “Free the Beast”, “Whole New Toy” and “Clear Ahead”(hence why you’ve spend so long on this one) in my personal opinion. You gain more power but at the same time you increase the risk of losing control and it requires very precise throttle+brake management and knowing how to straighten the car to be able to go fast. You will be able to gold the rest of the events with enough practice, and “Clear Ahead” has shown us that you have the patience and skills to get through this. If you choose to do all the hotlaps without TCS off, it will be a hard task depending on which hotlap but in the long run, you will see your driving skills improve a lot more without TCS. As for the difficulty of the hotlaps, which ones you’ll struggle with the most depends on which order you do the events, which setups and settings you use, how much assist you use and if you exploit certain events.
  12. Late congrats on completing Trials Fusion, what a nice achievement! Since you’ve been talking about Soulsborne and Sekiro, my best advice would be that if you decide to play Souls games before Sekiro, forget about Sekiro being even related to those games afterwards because they play so differently gameplay-wise. You will appreciate Sekiro much more if you treat it as it’s own identity. I don’t want to go into detail about how great the Soulsborne series are, since many people have already covered that, but Sekiro is also a phenomenal game in my personal opinion. I absolutely love the combat in that game and once you’ve mastered let’s say a boss fight, it almost feels like a dance more than a fight 😄
  13. Nice explanation to AC, you’re doing well so far 👌 Since there aren’t any trophy guides for the game (not what I know of), there isn’t too much information on how to approach it. I know you are driving with manual transmission at the moment, so it’ll only be a matter of time before it becomes second nature to you - it’s practically (near) impossible to gold some of the harder hotlaps later on with automatic. Good luck and I look forward to read more of your updates 👍
  14. Was waiting for that checklist resurrection by the minute, and as always - another great write up as usual 👌 so don’t put too much pressure on yourself 😉 Wasn’t aware that you’ve already put so many hours into AC, regardless I wish you the best of luck! I am also quite interested in reading about your thoughts on SMBF in the coming updates, this is another platformer I want to try and conquer at some point.
  15. GTA IV. An OG plat I have yet to earn, and I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to it, so the easy route is to take yours 😊