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  1. This sounds promising. Wouldn’t mind some kind of challenge whether it’s in-game or trophies. I love this game and the boss fights made me replay the game after getting platinum, I already did a no damage run against all bosses except for the final boss and DOH, so this might make me want to revisit the game once again
  2. I can see why people struggled so much with 180, I did too lol. Just need 192-200 for the plat. The hardest tracks for me so far: 170, 180, 169 and 190. Valley and Canyon were equally challenging imo and Lagoon was no pushover because of 190 and 184 (the other tracks weren’t too bad).
  3. Trackmania Turbo which I’m still playing. Heard from a few people that this game becomes boring after a while and even though a lot of folks from my friends list has played it, I never saw anyone get through even 50% of the game. So my expectations were not too high but I wanted to try it out because the gameplay actually seemed kind of fun from looking at reviews and other videos Yet here I am actually having a blast with this game and still enjoying it. Just have to know when to take breaks once you reach the black series.
  4. This is art to the eyes. My first and favorite Souls game gets a full blown remake. When I heard the music from the trailer it was all nostalgia aswell as seeing Tower Knight, Flamelurker etc. yea it’s a wrap. I’m just so happy to see and hear this news. And saw some comments in this thread about pure bladestone. A toast to all who spend hours trying to farm it on black phantoms. I spend hours trying to get it the first time lol.
  5. On the contrary I'd say you have the advantage to enjoy the game for what it is and without having the muscle memory from the Souls games. It's a different genre than Souls (Sekiro = action over RPG) and playing Sekiro with the expectation of it being like Souls, well the expectation will not always be met. Since you haven't played any Souls games you don't have that expectation, so you can judge the game for what it is if you decide to play it. I think it's worth it!
  6. I'll take MW1 Remastered
  7. Strategy games, action games involving historic events, hack and slash games such as Dynasty Warriors and God of War
  8. #60 - Doom Eternal Heavy Metal Earn all Trophies Enjoyment = 9/10 Difficulty = 4/10 A highly anticipated game for me and it didn't dissapoint. The gameplay and mechanics improved from 2016 and the singleplayer provided alot of fun. The limited ammo can be frustating for some and I can't deny that it was the case in the beginning, but it didn't bother me too much later on after I adapted to the game. The multiplayer although not perfect was still fun overall and gave me a good player experience through out my 60+ online matches. I miss some of the old online modes from 2016s which I kraved for in Eternal like TDM and DM. In terms of the difficulty of the plat, well it's generally not too difficult unless you make it harder for yourself like upping the SP difficulty mode and earning the online trophies without boosting. For me I didn't play the SP on the harder difficulties and stuck with normal difficulty (can't remember the exact title) which is a difficulty above the easiest. Only the last two bosses gave me somewhat of a minor pushback. I didn't boost any of the online trophies as I genuinely wanted to experience the online aspect of the game aswell and the trophies didn't seem to be hard to obtain without boosting. The better players definitely gave me some trouble in the beginning starting my journey as the slayer, but after a while I started learn patterns and weapons choices, the game suddently turned in my favor and it didn't seem so impossible to win as slayer like in the beginning. Playing as the demon I stuck with Marauder for the most. It takes longer to earn the online trophies without boosting but I had a great time, so I can't complain.
  9. Damn that sucks man, especially when the hillclimb takes alot of time to finish. That’s how I felt back when I tried to top tier the wager events lol they’re the hardest events imo. Had to lose some money a few times because of that. Though I always found the hillclimb events to be easy since I did Masters Championship in that category beforehand, so I ended up in the top tier in Hillclimbs every time (still play the game every now and then). Although winning the the hill climb championship on Master was not easy at all. Before attempting wager events, I recommend you save a bit of money and do some offline championships to get familiar with the tracks if you haven’t already that is
  10. GTA 3, I still have this game in my backlog unplatted so I figured might aswell take yours.
  11. RPGs and JRPGs I would guess.
  12. PSN: Don_carlito94 Feel free to add me, just remember to mention that you are from the site
  13. I have played alot of daily events in the past and I'm certain that the delta daily's are only Rally events, so no Hillclimbs or Rallycross I'm afraid
  14. I can totally understand peoples frustration with the game and things like the limited ammo. I felt like in 2016 had a great multiplayer, I wish eternal had a TDM with slayers again but regardless I really enjoy Eternal. I personally enjoyed the singleplayer, they improved the gameplay and the combat is so smooth. You do need to focus a bit more in this game than 2016 especially with limited ammo compared to 2016 so you have to up your "ammo-management game". I was frustrated with constantly running out of ammo with my shotguns and heavy cannon since those were my to go weapons in the beginning. I was a bit dissapointed with battlemode when I first heard that they removed TDM and only provided the slayer vs 2 demons mode. I started playing as the slayer to get my 200 kills and thought I was at a disadvantage (constantly losing against better players) but after I got better at it and started to learn which weapons to use against different demons it just clicked and the game totally did a 360 degree turn in my favor. The ballista and heavy cannon (with scope) was my to go for long range with a rotation between super shotgun and rocket launcher. Now I'm playing as the demon side just trying to get the 50.000 healing trophy. I'm still having fun with online but I can see it becoming repititive in the long run unless they implement other modes. Like mentioned before I miss the TDM slayers v slayers, they could also create a demon v demons and I wouldn't mind.
  15. # 58 DiRT 4 Took me awhile to get this platinum as it's a real time-eater. Dirt Rally was my first Dirt game before this, so I'm still new to the series. What I do know from playing the two games was Codemasters focus on real driving simulation with Dirt Rally instead of the more arcade approach like Dirt 4 and some of the past Dirt games I suppose. I enjoyed both games but I prefer Dirt Rally, and I still see myself going back to play Rally every now and then. The difficulty of the platinum is for the player to decide as there aren't any difficulty required trophies in this game for the championships, so you can technically play on the easiest difficulty and even on gamer mode. I chose to play on simulation mode and demanding difficulty (about two difficulties above easy/competent). Higher difficulty + no assists = higher rewards when winning. Dirt 4 is alot easier to get into unlike Dirt Rally, so even if you're less experienced with this genre, you can quickly pick it up by choosing gamer mode with alot of assists and aid. I have been on a somewhat Rally spree lately and it's actually not stopping just yet. I have WRC7 in my library and I'm tempted to start it pretty soon Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty 3/10