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  1. MKvDC Universe. Don’t see too many ppl with this plat anymore, then again it’s no longer obtainable.
  2. UFC 2009 Undisputed. Classic platinum
  3. Nioh 1’s DLC contents trophies are fun. Way of the Demon difficulty can be a bit tough without a good build but with a solid one it’s much more manageable. As for Nioh 2, it’s like Nioh 1 but just better, they didn’t change everything up and abandoned what made Nioh good but rather just keep the same formula and improved upon it. DIRT is a good series, DIRT Rally 1 is another gem I think you’ll enjoy. The trophies are also nice unlike other racing games it doesn’t require insane amount of grinding but rather offer some skill based trophies. Assetto Corsa is really hard whether you use a pad or a wheel, there’s no way around but it’s manageable with a DS4 with enough practice. Also one thing that makes a huge difference is adjusting the setup, DS4 settings and turning stability control on for pad users, there are YouTube guides for that to make it much easier nowadays. While I personally used a wheel I’ve seen other ppl do the special events with a pad, I also did some of the harder ones with a pad myself after getting the plat just for fun, surprisingly they were easier the second time around with a pad since I knew every braking point and throttle+braking management plus having a good setup. Setup is everything in Assetto but very hard nevertheless. I am Bread will be another challenging one I’d imagine, I guess once we’ve played it we start hallucinating about the sandwich we are eating flying out of our plates. Might just stick to rice and potatoes after that! I am having lots of fun with SMB. Those no death runs will kick my ass but I’m improving thankfully.
  4. Nice to hear that you’re enjoying Yakuza 0. Your backlog - while huge, contains some serious gems imo. Nioh 2, that has to be one of my favorite games of all time, if you enjoyed Nioh 1 you will definitely like the second one! Ghost of Tsushima is also fantastic. Also cool to see that you’re not shying away from racing games. Like you I’ll also do I am Bread at some point - I’ve always dreamed of being a flying sandwich.
  5. I’ll pick GTA V
  6. 1. Nioh 2 2. Bloodborne 3. Dirt Rally 4. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice 5. Nioh 6. Red Dead Redemption 2 7. Doom 2016 8. Doom Eternal 9. Wolfenstein 2 10. Dark Souls 3
  7. Just when I wished you luck on SFV you went ahead and snatched the plat within a blink of an eye, so congrats on that. A fine one to the collection indeed.
  8. I thought your checklist was thrown in the bin for good, but it’s nice to see it’s back on again. Looking forward to follow your future progress, good luck with SFV as well!
  9. Not at all mate, I was just too stubborn to give up 😅 but thanks! Just curious, I noticed that you’ve listed all the Crash games except Crash 4, was there a reason why you left it out or would it not add up with the number of games you had planned? Regardless, I like that you are going for series, as I mentioned before - some great games you have planned, some that I might play in the future myself 👍
  10. Some nice and ambitious goals you’ve set for yourself. Also nice choice of games and series, some of them are quite time consuming and some of them have a few ultra rares and challenges, I guess a bit of everything. Looking forward to seeing more of your progress.
  11. Hollow Knight - I need more platformers added to my list
  12. Good game indeed, at least hard mode can make you a bit familiar with the levels since you will be repeating them again on the speed runs and time trails. Once you get there is where the real fun begins, quite addictive actually 😄
  13. I might borrow that idea and add Mirror’s Edge to my next tier once I get there. Come to think of it, I haven’t done the Pure time trails yet - I’ve left them for years haha
  14. This. Saying that ppl can’t do these challenges is the wrong attitude. Anyone can beat the challenges if they put the time into practicing plus there are multiple guides out there on YouTube, that are very helpful. This is an amazing game and one of my favorite TFS games, so I think it deserves to be played by more ppl. So to anyone who’s hesitant to try this game out because of the difficulty - know that I’m a very average gamer in general and I managed to plat it
  15. Ether
  16. SMB is fun and I welcome the upcoming ass kicking I’m going to receive.
  17. Driveclub. One game I missed out on as a racing fan
  18. Didn’t have any bugs, at least not from what I remember. If there were any bugs I didn’t notice any major ones, so nothing affected my experience through out my 3-4 playthroughs.
  19. It’s nice to see some in depth explanation for SMBF. I’m currently playing the first SMB so I’m not even going to think about attempting Forever before I’m done with first one. Really curious to see what you think about the difficulty of SMBF once you’ve become the Ultimate God (just quoting the title). I’m confident that you’ll eventually get there with the amount of platformers you’ve done. Good luck
  20. Plat #78 Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

    Enjoyment: 9/10

    Difficulty: 3/10


    I have completed 3 Wolfenstein games now: The New Order, The Old Blood and The New Colossus. This has been a really fun experience. All three games are great single player FPS’s imo and the combat and gameplay is where they shine the most. Old Blood was nothing but nonstop action where you get to kill as many Nazis as you can - bottom line: fun and intense. If you like shooters and you haven’t tried the Wolfenstein series I’d say go and play them, they are lots of fun!


    As for the difficulty, I might be in the minority but I thought the story mode on Uber difficulty was harder than the challenges. I think it’s due to the challenges being set on I am Death Incarnate which is a difficulty lower than Uber. Most challenges took me 1-3 tries except for the Workshop challenge which was the hardest. Uber just had more difficult sections imo. With that being said nothing in this game is really that difficult.

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      Congrats on the trifecta of Wolfenstein plats!

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      Congratulations !!! :)

  21. #77 - Wolfenstein: The New Order Wolfenstein master Collect all trophies Enjoyment: 9/10 Difficulty: 2-3/10 One of the best FPS games I've played in a long time. My first Wolfenstein game was New Colossus and after beating + platting it, I decided that I wanted to play the other titles as well. I can't believe that I've overlooked this series for so long, the gameplay is the best part of it and can be really addictive. I can't even decide which one I enjoyed more, but I would say I liked the story more in New Order, but in terms of gameplay both games exceeded my expectations. New Colossus gave you the choice of dual wielding any combination of weapons which I am a big fan of - so plus points there! The platinum for New Order was pretty easy, I would say Uber difficulty was easier than Wolf 2's "I am Death Incarnate" difficulty. First of all your character takes much more damage in New Order than in New Colossus where the enemies can kill you with only a couple of shots especially the first half of the game. Only part that gave me a bit of trouble on Uber in New Orders was chapter 6's hangar level near the end, other than that I breezed through the game (the lean mechanic does wonders) - I also picked Fergus timeline which makes it even easier with the health upgrades. Now that New Colossus and New Order is completed, time to move on to Old Blood!
  22. If you feel like a glitch is too hard to perform then maybe it’s not worth doing on Mein Leben since one fuck up during the glitch can cause you to die or get stuck, then you’ll have to start the game over again. With that being said not all of them are hard to execute imo. The Section F glitches are the most commonly used ones and if you practice enough and get it down you can pull them off consistently during Mein Leben. I personally don’t think the first Ausmerzer level is worth doing the glitch - it’s an easy level to do if you utilized the right strats and I’ve never died on that level in any of my Mein Leben runs. There are also skips for Manhattan Revisit and Venus. I did both skips on my runs but I would say they are a bit risky. I had to practice them a lot to get it down, but then again most of my deaths happened in the first half of the game so maybe I was lucky that nothing went wrong. You could practice them on IADI and see if you can do them consistently, but like I said earlier, if it’s too hard then perhaps don’t do these. Just my two cents, good luck!
  23. Project Cars 2 completed from tier 1. Really surprised of how easy this one was especially for an UR plat, but it was a lot of fun nonetheless. That is 3 games completed and all 3 have been fun, while the first 2 have been challenging. I'd also like to swap I Am Bread out for Super Meat Boy. Tier 1 1. Assetto Corsa (0.23%UR) - 100% 2. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (0.80%UR) - 100% 3. Project Cars 2 (4.11%UR) - 100% 4. I Am Bread (0.34%UR) Super Meat Boy (0.23%UR) - 7% 5. WRC7 (4.14%UR) - 80%
  24. Plat #75 Project Cars 2 as my new milestone


    Enjoyment: 8/10

    Difficulty: 2/10


    A good sim racer for any racing fans out there. The career is pretty decent and if you’re into online racing it has some fun events and races going on. Still very active at the moment. You can also test your skills against ppl or friends on the leaderboards for individual tracks if you feel like it. 


    Platinum was pretty easy for an Ultra Rare plat. Not even that time consuming for a racing game to be honest. I’d like to thank @v_IcEZz for helping out with the online trophies.



  25. There are some games I would like from your profile plus you have a pretty high completion rate where as mine sucks ass. So I wouldn’t mind a switch.. to a degree. Not so many racing games as I am a fan of that genre but at least you have Driveclub which is a game I missed out on.