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  1. I managed to get my ps3 back to life, and I want to try a few things to this game, I try today to search online and I didn't find anyone (no surprise) but no error, then 5 minutes lates I get the error of servers not online. I read somewhere that this game on Xbox has a problem with the wifi, so I want to try to search with and without cable, in wifi and using the phone as wifi. and last, anyone knows if the game has a LAN mode? cause nowadays there are programs to play LAN via online. so anyone has 1 hour to spare to try those things? (primary language, not English so maybe I have some typos)
  2. the problem is that i unlock all the secrets except goodhead but i kill all the bosses on hard with the lost but the secret didn't unlock so i can't get the goodhead object cause is not on the basement. i'm only missing 4 objects and 1 of them is the the goodhead
  3. I beat everything on hard with the 1.0 EU version on ps4. Now i update the game and i only need goodhead and 2 more items but the in game achievement didn't unlock. Any ideas? idk what more to do.
  4. amazing! just a quick note, for metal slug if you want to be sure I pres start when the other player has the last life so when I'm selecting the new player I kill myself with the other. this way you don't need any timing. hope it helps
  5. got the trophy, yesterday and this morning the wins didn't count. now every win death or alive count idk why.
  6. I have 3 wins but I won 2 times today with the 50vs50 but I keep seeing 3 wins
  7. hablas español? en teoria se puede entrar al online, pero cuando intentas hacer algo se desconecta.
  8. ohhh, i see. Right now i don;t have my ps3 because i'm in another country studying. I want to try to connect via LAN or something but until easter or summer i can't try. (wow so coincidence i'm right now in wales uk )
  9. So, you can connect online? Maybe with custom and it would be possible to finish the online, I only miss 1 trophy
  10. Seriously bro, I'm quite good on living dead speed but you and the pros are always 1 2 or even 3 seconds ahead that's amazing.
  11. gracias!!!
  12. i'm looking on the ps3 and i didn't have the saves anymore, sorry for not having more information. anyway we can close the dispute i have no problem with having a flagged and i don't have to much time for playing these days so i'm gonna take a break fro trophies. thanks for the oportunity to discus everything.
  13. i hidden the full list yesterday at night, i'm gona search the save in my ps3 but i dont know if i have the save cause i change my hdd 3 o 4 years ago. i hidden the list cause i don't like te "new" rules, i'm flagged of 2 games from 6 years ago, the first one i have a problem but i dont have nothing to prove but some people jump and say cheater un just seconds (i don't care but i expect more to debate) and the other one is this game this game i dont know if i have the save but if i havn't i have all to lose,. for example one friend has been flagged for red dead because something with the online trophies, but the online is buggy as hell and you can complete some trophies in minutes but in this site this is cheating. sorry if i explained something wrong and thanks for the discusion
  14. maybe i have explained rong. i have start the game when i buy the ps3, then when the game have the trophies update i played again and gain all the trophies the problem is that i have more tahn one save slot in the game so i use both to gain trophies one for the main run and the other for other trophies. for that reason i have the headshots in reverse order because i gain the 100 with the main slot and then the 30 with the 2 slot (yes it make no sense, but i i thought that was faster than star again) and for the 10 start again