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  1. EDIT: Thanks to coldhardcrash_ for the clarification! if you activate TNT near the bonus level and then quickly enter the bonus level before the TNT explodes, it ends up messing with the count of the bonus level and adds an extra box to your count(or 2 if you activate both TNTS)
  2. just FYI, my last cypher was in biome 5, the one in the blue locked room! if you didn't get it the first time try checking one last time just in case! AND one of the scouts appears before the yellow door, so my runs always were opening first the right path checking for the scout and if not going to the other 2 paths.
  3. I have never seen this one, is at the top of the mountain right?
  4. wich one was the last one? i need 1 to for the trophy and i have look everywhere i even have the one that has the hand in the middle of the room and the one with the hook and visor
  5. I'm only missing one more, I have done more than 100 runs but oddly enough I found one in the laser room near the beginning and I'm 99% sure that the first time it wasn't there. It was the room with the lasers and a teleport that move you to the top of the room, not the one that teleports you back to the entrance. Just in case check this room is fairy common in the beggining,
  6. I'm trying to find all Xenoglyph Ciphers in biome 2 and I'm starting to become crazy there are always the same rooms if at least the icon in the map would be different color or something...
  7. yes! the moment I download the save on the vita the in-game achievement pop.
  8. i got it with the ps vita version, upload it with in game cloud, and download on vita.
  9. has anyone tried to disable cloud save? I don't have ps5 yet (EU) but if you press options and then go to network and account, there's a setting below cross-play that says something like cloud save settings, maybe trying to disable this and by one upgrade in one console and check the other?
  10. ohh my bad! Thanks for the answer!
  11. i read this on the first link to the reddit post: "Not recently, no. However, there's currently a bug that let's you earn achievements in seeded mode if you Quick Restart that seed." so maybe there's something idk
  12. around 90+ wins, still no legendary pattern
  13. soo you can use seeds for getting torphies?
  14. restart the game until you get the crowns.