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  1. N7 Elite Mass Effect 3 My third consecutive ME platinum via the Legendary Edition. Probably my favourite of the three games. The ending was a little chaotic, and had some big plot holes, but everything leading up to it was great. The longest game too but it past pretty quick and kept me invested.
  2. "N7 Elite" Mass Effect 2 Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 My second consecutive Mass Effect platinum. So many call ME2 their favourite of the series so I was expecting something amazing. It was great, but I feel ME1 might be my favourite so far. Doubling the cast made a lot of crew mates forgettable. I forgot Kasumi existed until she appeared (briefly) in an end game cut scene. I was far happier to see Garrus and Wrex than getting to know the new cast. And leaning closer to linear shooter (with loot to boost stats) and less RPG (character customisation was halved) further added to the action game feel.
  3. I don't think main/story missions qualify. I was almost exactly 50 side missions when it popped. Please note, do all and turn in all Citadel missions BEFORE Virmire. For story reasons you can't return to the Citadel to turn them in. The guide I read said do them all before Ilios but I had 3 completed but unable to be turned in Citadel missions because I couldn't get back after the events on Virmire.
  4. N7 Elite Mass Effect (via Legendary Edition) Great game. It didn't effect me in 2021 as much as it did people in 2007 but it was still pretty great. In particular I loved the story telling. Usually with story heavy games I forget big portions over the 30 hours or so, but this kept my attention and I'm pretty sure I could tell you the story beats from memory after a single playthrough. The world building was great and I liked the characters a lot. I was disappointed there was no relationship option for Garrus. I've already started on Mass Effect 2. At about 25 hours for the platinum (I finished the story around 21-22 but needed extra side missions for the completionist trophy) that flew by I expect to be done with my next ME plat pretty quick.
  5. "Viking Legend" Assassin's Creed Valhalla What a slog! 135 hours! More than 700 collectibles and mini-sidequests. The game is... fine. I like the modern direction of AC games and open world action RPGS are my favourite genre. But the method of telling the story isn't optimal. There were times when I'd greet allies later in the game and think "who is that again?". In part it's my fault as I'd spend the time to clear a region as I go, but even steam rolling the story there could be 50 hours between first meeting a character and their return, filled with lots of other characters and locations (even dimensions) in between. There's no new AC on the horizon for a while yet and that's a good thing. After that long on the base game I need a break from it for a while. As this is my 9th platinum from an AC game I won't even pretend I won't devour whatever the next release will be though.
  6. For future readers it's not tied to stunning, it's tied to their health. Get their bar down to 15% and you'll have a chance for the prompt.
  7. Hey guys. Don't panic. I had the same glitch with two items AND missed an item in Chapter 9 but trophy still popped in chapter 11. The 65% collection goal is pretty generous.
  8. Hey guys, I got the platinum. This glitch was super frustrating. How I solved in the end is pointing the joystick in the direction of the crate (you'll keep moving on the ledge as if you are pressing forward) and dashing towards it in the window you get control of Star Lord. It's tight timing and took a few attempts, but you can break out of the gravitational pull dragging you back to the ledge.
  9. "This is what we do" Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Such a relief this turned out to be good. I took a chance on a pre-order even though I thought the trailers made it look ugly, and knowing Eidos Montreal didn't do an amazing job on Marvel's Avengers. The trailers didn't do it justice as it was beautiful. And fun. And had a huge number of deep cuts for Marvel comic fans that constantly had me being Captain America "I understood that reference" throughout. Besides the look and fan references I thought the writing was pretty good. I could do with a few less rousing speeches from Star Lord, but I genuinely felt the characters were getting closer to each other as the story went on. I really hope for a sequel. As for the platinum it's pretty good. There's a collectibles trophy, which I usually bungle. You only need 65% of collectibles, so there's room to miss a few (there's a brief alternate story path locking you out of some items. And a few aren't able to be purchased as you need the funds to pay a fine in later chapter. So you're guaranteed to miss some, hence the 65% But it's still generous and gives you a few lore notes or Guardian artificacts you can miss without stress). The exception is uniforms. You must get all them and one was glitched. I spent about 15 minutes resetting and wrangling to force it. To reach it you must shimmy along a ledge, but as you come off the ledge you're pulled back like a magnet. The solution (in lieu of a patch) was to dodge in the direction of the box in the brief window you get control of Star Lord again between exiting the ledge and being pulled back to it. Expect a bit of frustration. Combat trophies were mostly fine. A lot you'll likely unlock automatically without trying. The only one I had to focus on was to kill 15 enemies with a charged shot while they're stunned. The charged shot takes a few seconds to build up, and it's really weak. It was quite hard to drain enough damage to be able to take it out with the charged shot AND stagger them AND avoid having someone else kill them in that small timing window. This might be my game of the year. There was/is quite a bit of DLC for Avenger's, so I hope we get some of that for GotG because I want more.
  10. "Chernobylite Communion" Chernobylite I don't recommend playing this. The trailer made it look far more action and horror than it was. It was actually quite repetitive. But mostly because of the horrible bugs I had. A day of progress was lost when autosaves had (unbeknownst to me) stopped, manual saves couldn't be made (it crashed when I tried) and I couldn't load a game of any kind. I had to download my cloud saves but it was from the night before and forced me to replay about 8 missions (a third of the game). That was one of five crashes I had including the VERY FIRST time I started the game. if you're prepared to risk it than its a super easy platinum. 25 chapter trophies and a few basics such as recruit the five companions and unlock the two types of base building gear. No collectibles, no replay, no hard mode needed. I popped the plat when finishing the story.
  11. This has been out for a while on PC so lots of guides out there. The common description is an easy plat with nothing missable due to replaying any day/mission.
  12. "Platinum Trophy" (Creative name!) Fallout 4 I'm super late to the serie. This was my very first Fallout game. I see what all the fuss was about because I was hooked. I was googling a lot of the lore around vaults, creatures and the world to learn more. Even better that it was a free inclusion for PS5 owners. For the platinum, it got really old towards the end having to grind to the lv 50 trophy. Please note that if you purchase all the DLC I'm sure you'd inevitably hit lv 50 without trying. Every other trophy came naturally over time. The exception are the story trophies. It has three possible endings that all lock you out of each other, so check a guide to know where to make manual saves allowing you to come back and get those story trophies. I loved everything about the game except the story. Only because, being an RPG with flexibility of how you navigate, there were a lot of contradictory moments. I'll avoid spoilers in case you're yet to play it but once you join SPOILER FACTION and are put in charge there's absolutely no need to continue. You can make every group happy. You can hand over tech to the Brotherhood, release all the synths and aid the Minutemen/Commonwealth. But because the game needs a climax you have to target a group to attack. I usually prefer turn based RPGs but really enjoyed this style of western, open world RPG and am keen to tackle other Bathesda titles. Okay you've sold me on this. Usually I'm turned off by multiple playthroughs. But to see you refer to it as fun then I'm keen to try.
  13. I did lose, and around the same amount. Don't stress though. I finished the story, maxed out abilities, with about 800 left.
  14. It's surprisingly difficult on normal in the early stages, before you unlock all your rot abilities. I just don't think I'd find it fun dying in 2-3 hits. Each hit on master costs you your rot abilities so unless you nail the dodge/parry it will be such a slog.
  15. 6. I played slowly to search for collectibles, and repeated some fights to farm kills. But all up I finished it over two play sessions of about 3 hours each.